AI Music – Apple acquires startup

Apple is still on a shopping spree. As announced earlier this week, the group has taken over the startup AI Music.

Apple is expanding its commitment to services, AI and music and is taking over AI Music. The startup specializes in the development of algorithms for personalized music. This is based on the “Infinite Music Engine”, which should be able to create tailor-made audio solutions for various target groups.

AI Music for which service?

The service description sounds like a feature that Spotify already offered some time ago. The algorithm should be able to adapt music to various user interactions. For example the heartbeat. This would make the AI ​​not only interesting for Apple Music itself, but also for Fitness+.

Website already unavailable

Bloomberg, among others, reports on the takeover, but the startup’s website is no longer available. The startup was founded in 2016 and is said to have employed around 25 people. Also the last known takeover of Apple dealt with music – Primephonic in August last year. Here we expect Apple Classics as a new offering.

Via Bloomberg

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