Amazon Prime: Access to 100 million songs

Two pieces of news are hidden in this message. On the one hand, Amazon has now broken the 100 million song mark, on the other hand there is an update for Amazon Prime customers.

In addition to Spotify and Apple, Amazon also operates its own music streaming service. The company is now announcing, like Apple, that it has 100 million songs in its catalogue. Apple announced this last month. In addition, Amazon is massively expanding access to the catalogue.

“When Amazon Music first launched for Prime members, we offered an ad-free catalog of 2 million songs, which was completely unique for music streaming at the time,” said Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music. “We continue to innovate for our customers to offer Prime members even more entertainment on top of the convenience and value they already enjoy. We can’t wait for our members to experience not only a massively expanded catalog of songs, but also the largest selection of top podcasts, ad-free – all at no additional cost to their membership.”

New Mac Pro behind schedule - For good reasons

New Mac Pro behind schedule – For good reasons

Amazon Prime with 100 million songs – and a catch

Amazon Prime customers now also have access to the entire catalogue. Amazon Music is offered as a separate subscription at the usual prices. So far, Prime customers have had access to around two million songs. In the future there will be access to all songs – but only with random playback.

Amazon and the podcasts

Amazon also wants to expand its commitment to podcasts – there should be “the largest selection of podcasts without advertising”. The app is also to be turned inside out and one would like to invest in exclusive podcasts. Amazon has already done this in a roundabout way in the past – via the Audible sub-brand.

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