Apple Music – Higher per-song payments than Spotify

Music streaming is an increasingly interesting revenue stream for record labels and artists. The two top dogs are Spotify and Apple Music. Now there is a new report about the payments per song.

Some of our readers will still remember – when Apple Music was introduced, there was great media interest in Apple’s payments to the artists. Taylor Swift even commented publicly on this, with the focus being on the payments during the three trial months – which, according to Apple, should not occur during this period.

An unspecified indie label has now published data about payments per song. 115 million streamed songs are used as a database. Accordingly, Apple should shell out $0.00735 per song, Spotify only $0.00437. In 2014, Spotify still paid $0.00521 per stream.

According to these statistics, Apple Music currently holds 7.18 percent of all streamed titles, Spotify 62.97 percent.

Via Apple Insider

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