Apple rejects Spotify update for iOS

According to the tech magazine Recode, Apple has been refusing an update of Spotify’s iOS app for several weeks – the last update is dated May 26th – so that the Swedish streaming service has now felt compelled to take legal action against the Cupertino group. In the brief, a copy of which was also sent to members of Congress, the lawyer accuses Apple of holding back the update for competitive reasons in order to have an advantage for its own Apple Music service.

According to Spotify, however, Apple justified its rejection by saying that Spotify should get users to complete their subscriptions directly in the App Store. Spotify wanted to remove this option via an app update. However, since the subscriptions via the app are more expensive – Spotify adds the 30 percent commission that goes to Apple for app purchases – most users conclude their subscriptions on the Spotify website, especially since there are significant discounts for promotions.

Via Recode, article written by @Mikael Blomkvist

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