AppStore and Reader Apps: External account management now allowed

Apple announced more changes to its AppStore rules tonight. So-called reader apps can now also use external account management.

This is Apple’s response to numerous complaints in many countries, including the judgment from the Netherlands. Apple had already had to pay a total of 50 million euros in fines there, and now there are further concessions. The group announced this overnight on the developer portal. But let’s start at the beginning…

Reader apps and external account management

Reader apps are applications that allow access to media content. examples? Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Spotify and so on. With the new conditions, providers are allowed to refer to external account management. This allows providers to set links outside the app, where external payment interfaces can also be offered. One thing does not change: If subscriptions are taken out in the app, a 30% revenue share is still due. Apple announced the project back in September, and it’s now being implemented. At that time mainly due to pressure from Japanese competition officials.

3.1.3(a) “Reader” Apps: Apps may enable a user to access previously purchased content or subscriptions (including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and video). Reader Apps may offer free subscription account creation and account management for existing customers. Reader app developers may request permission to create an account through an external link to provide an informational link in their app to a website owned or controlled by the developer to create or manage an account. Learn more about External Link Account Entitlement.

More exceptions for dating apps in the Netherlands

Probably the most prominent case is that of dating apps against Apple in the Netherlands. We already reported this week that Apple had to pay a total of 50 million euros in fines. Providers should be able to integrate their own payment systems more easily in the future. There may also be external links to the websites of the providers. The group thus states that it meets the requirements of the ACM (the competent authority) and is appealing against the previous judgments. We can’t wait to see how the process continues here.

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