Best Music App to Download songs

Are you looking for a system to renew the playlists saved on your smartphone but you don’t have the possibility to download songs from your PC and reorganize your music library? I don’t see the problem, you can do everything by resorting to the use of some special applications. You ask me which ones? Well, if you dedicate a few minutes of your precious time to reading this guide focused precisely on song download app you will be able to dispel all your doubts about it in no time.

In fact, in the following lines I will show you those that in my opinion represent some of the best resources in the category for android, iOS And Windows 10 Mobile thanks to which you can download songs and musical pieces of various genres on your smartphone (but also on your tablet) in an extremely simple and rapid way. As for prices, some of the apps to download songs that you find listed below allow you to do everything at no cost (in exchange, however, for displaying banner ads) while others require the payment of a monthly subscription (at decidedly low prices). Choosing which solution to adopt is obviously up to you, based on your needs and preferences.

Caution: Illegal downloading of copyrighted music from the Internet is illegal. This guide was written for illustrative purposes only, it is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy and therefore I do not assume any responsibility for the use you will make of the information in the article.

Best Music App to Download songs

Having clarified this, therefore, say not to waste further precious time, to ban the chatter and to start immediately to get busy. You’ll see, in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with the discoveries made! Furthermore, I am sure that in case of need you will be ready and available to provide all the necessary information to your friends who are eager to receive some similar advice. How about we bet?

Spotify (Android, iOS and Windows Phone)

Let’s start this guide dedicated to the best apps to download songs from Spotify. If you have never heard of it, Spotify is a music streaming service which, for 9.99 euros/month (or even less if you subscribe to a family account and share the cost with 4 other people) allows you to listen to and download songs offline , albums and playlists of all kinds. Its database is practically infinite: there are albums from all the major record labels, such as Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, Universal and many independent labels. Considering then the extreme simplicity with which it is possible to trace the playlists created by other users and the availability of ad hoc algorithms that suggest the music to listen to based on the previous listenings made by the user, the possibilities to discover new music every day are not lacking. never.

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Spotify is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as for computers, game consoles, Chromecast and is even integrated into the audio systems of many major international manufacturers. It should be noted that the songs downloaded on Spotify cannot be listened to outside the official app of the service

New users are offered a free 30-day trial period (which in some promo periods can even become 90, in exchange for a symbolic contribution of 90 cents) which does not include restrictions or obligations. In fact, at the end of the trial period, if you don’t want to renew your Premium account, you can cancel it in a few simple clicks.

By canceling, you return to the free version of Spotify, which is also accessible from mobile devices, but does not allow offline playback of songs and, on smartphones, limits listening to shuffle (ie random) mode. If you are interested in learning more, read my guides on how Spotify works and how to download songs from Spotify through which I have provided you with all the relevant details.

Apple Music (iOS and Android)

Do you have an iPhone or an iPad and are you looking for a solution to download songs and maybe even listen to music in streaming? Then take a look at now Apple Music and you will see that you will not regret it. It is in fact the app of the music streaming service of the Cupertino company which can boast an excellent degree of integration with Siri, Apple TV Apple Watch, AirPods and the other components of the Apple ecosystem and the one with the iCloud Music Library which allows you to upload your songs to the cloud and find them synchronized on all devices and the ability to view the lyrics of the songs.

Apple Music is integrated into the application Music on iOS and is available for Android as well as for computers, on which it is accessible via iTunes. It costs €10.99/month for the single plan and €16.99/month for the family plan (which can be used by a maximum of 5 people) with a 3-month free trial. Downloaded songs can only be played within apps that support the service. For more details, please see my post on how to listen to music offline.

YouTube Music (Android and iOS)

Another song downloader app that I suggest you consider is YouTube Music. To be more precise, it is the application made available by big G to allow listening to its music streaming service. Its catalog is at least as large as that of the competition and the prices are no less: 9.99 euros / month for the single plan. It is obviously possible to activate a free trial period of the service which can be of 30 or more days depending on the current promos.

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The YouTube Music app is available for Android and iOS but the service can also be used from a browser via computer.

Jamendo Music (Android and iOS)

If you like discovering new bands or artists from all over the world and you are looking for an app to download music I suggest you try it now Jamendo Music. The application references what is one of the world’s leading independent music websites and hosts thousands of songs from all genres. The songs can be listened to for free, downloaded and even reused in personal projects (only when they are distributed under the Creative Commons license). It is available for Android and also for iPhone even if unfortunately in the second case it is not yet possible to download content.

To use Jamendo Music, start the application, press the ad icon Hamburger located at the top left and browse the list of content available on the service. By accessing the section Leaderboards you can discover the most listened songs on Jamendo, in the section You discover find a series of songs, albums and playlists among the most interesting of the moment while pressing on Near (or on the icon of magnifying glass at the top right) you can freely search for songs and albums to download.

When you find a song you might like, tap its title to stream it. To download it, press the player bar that appears at the bottom of the screen and select the icon arrow on the screen that opens.

Audiko (Android and iOS)

App to download songs

The apps for scans that I have suggested in the previous lines have not been able to attract your attention in a particular way because you are looking for some resource that rather than allowing you to obtain music tracks allows you to find new ringtones? Then you can contact Audiko. The application is available for Android (free) and for iPhone (1.09 euros).

To use Audiko on your device, launch the app accept its terms of use and then tap the icon magnifying glass located at the top right to find the ringtones of your interest. Once you have found the song you want to set as a ringtone, press its title and press play to listen to a streaming preview. Then tap on the icon arrow (on Android) or the button add to favourites (on iPhone) and the ringtone will download to your device.

Once the download procedure is complete, if you use Android, you can set the ringtone as default by pressing the button Default ringtone that appears on the screenor on that Contact ringtone, to assign it to calls from an individual contact. If, on the other hand, you use an iPhone, you must connect the device to the computer and use iTunes file sharing to transfer the ringtone downloaded with Audiko to the iOS ringtone menu. For more details on what to do, read my tutorial on how to set ringtones on iPhone.

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Phildo (Android)

If you are not planning on subscribing to music streaming services and if you are not looking for new ringtones, I highly recommend you to try Fildo. It is one of the best song download apps available on Android. In fact, it allows you to search, and then download, music tracks from various online sources in an extremely simple and fast way.

Unfortunately Fildo is not available on the Google Play Store but is only available from external sources. To install it, you must therefore activate support for unknown sources in the Android settings and you must download the app “manually” from its official website. If you don’t know how to activate support for unknown sources on Android, go to settings of your smartphone (the gear icon found on the screen with the icons of all the apps installed on the device), go to Safetyactivate the function Origins unknown and answer Okay to the warning that appears on the screen.

When done, open Chrome or any other web browser for Android, connect to the app’s website and start the download of Fildo by pressing the button Downloads and then tapping on the link Tap Here To Download vx.xx located on the newly opened page. If you are asked which application you want to download with, choose your browser (eg. Chrome) or a download manager like ES File Manager. If a security warning appears in Chrome, press the button Okay located in the lower right. Then remember to reactivate the protection against unknown sources in the Android settings (don’t worry, the application will continue to work normally).

After downloading Fildo, expand the Android notifications menu or open the download folder, launch the file .apk obtained and tap on the buttons Come on And Install to install the application on your smartphone. Afterwards, press the icon magnifying glass located at the bottom and search for the songs of your interest.

Once the search results are displayed, select the song of your interest, press on three vertical dots located at the same and start the downloads by pressing on the appropriate wording located in the menu that has opened. At the end of the download you will find your songs in the folder Download/FildoDownloads of the smartphone and in the tab library by Fildo (to listen to them directly from the app).

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