Download Spotify APK Free on Android [2023]

Download Spotify APK Free-Spotify is a music streaming platform that brings together in one place; new music, podcasts, playlists, and personalized recommendations. Very simple and easy to use, the platform is available as a mobile application for free download. The service can also be consulted directly on the Internet from all web browsers.

Download Spotify APK Free


Spotify is an online streaming platform developed in 2006 and released on October 7, 2008, by the Spotify AB team, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The service offers a wide range of audio content ranging from music to music videos to podcasts. The platform is best known for its systematically updated playlist according to new music releases, making it the first and most up-to-date audio music platform compared to its competitors.

Continuing to develop since its inception, Spotify has tried to vary its multimedia content by entering the field of video streaming to compete with YouTube. A successful bet, the platform has extended its clientele by partnering with Disney to create Disney Hub, a portal for Disney film and series music, but also Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel, available in English-speaking countries including the United States. , England, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This expansion is recently strengthened by the creation of a Kids version playlist accompanied by a parental control option.

Spotify’s premium service allows users to view and download audio and video content offered by the platform in exchange for a non-binding monthly subscription. This service is accessible from any device with a web browser and a good internet connection allowing instant loading of the platform’s an audio and video stream. Spotify Premium is also available on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and smart TVs.

How to Download Spotify APK Free


There are several advantages to using Download Spotify APK Free. Music and podcast enthusiasts will be satisfied with the various services offered by the platform: an impressive catalog of audio and video content, accessible anywhere at any time and on any connected device.

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Spotify’s main interface is simple, ergonomic, and well-organized to allow its users to quickly access the multimedia content offered by the platform. Thus, when you launch the application, it already guides you through the most listened-to music or podcasts, recently added music, or currently trending music genres.

Download Spotify APK Free

There is a vast universe of content; trending, most streamed and of course recent music videos. Depending on your viewing habits, the service saves your choices and also offers you a playlist with content that may interest you and you can even create a personalized list of music or podcasts by selecting the content you have enjoyed or want to listen to.

If you want to quickly find a song that is not offered as a recommendation, just use the Download Spotify APK engine located at the top of the main window. This engine allows you to search by artist, by album, by genre, or simply by entering the title of the song you want to listen to.


The strong point of Spotify is the richness of its music catalog. The user, after downloading and installing the application, will be able to listen to any title, artist, or album from his smartphone or computer. He can create his playlist, and switch it from one device to another just by entering his username and password. He can also share it on the platform or social networks to generate his music collection.

The user will be able to create a whole new playlist inspired by personalized recommendations adapted to his musical preferences and thereby discover new artists. On certain content, the user will be entitled to bonuses, EPs, and titles that have not yet been released in stores.


Spotify allows podcast creators to stream their shows on the platform. It also allows podcasters to view data and collect the information they may need to grow their audience.

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Users can easily listen to their favorite podcasts and discover others, including music shows. They can also save their favorite podcasts and shows, subscribe to podcasters’ pages, and why not, download shows to listen to later (Premium version only).


Spotify’s free service allows anyone to subscribe to the platform and listen to podcasts and free music. You can launch the song, music album, or playlist of your choice in random mode, discover songs thanks to Spotify playlists or personalized recommendations, and finally, create and share a playlist.

To take full advantage of an interrupted stream, users can upgrade to Spotify Premium: a paid service of the platform where music is played without interruption by advertisements. One can also enjoy a more refined sound quality compared to the free service even while streaming. Above all, it is possible to download all the songs and podcasts that you want to listen to later even when you are offline.



One of the latest innovations brought by Download Spotify APK Free concerns it’s new, more streamlined, and easier-to-use interface. The app’s home page has been updated to make it easier to access the library. The playlist creation tool has been improved, now making it easier to add new songs thanks to the integration of a search module. Another novelty concerning the playlists, it is now possible to add a piece being played, simply by a click-drag-drop action.


The latest Spotify update also offers an innovative feature: analyzing the mood of its user to offer him a suitable playlist. The voice and audio recognition algorithm embedded in the source code of the application allows an accurate analysis of their voices. The user’s emotional state, age, gender, and even accent are thoroughly dissected. Spotify will thus generate relevant music suggestions for the user.

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Spotify is available to stream as a free online service from internet browsers on PC and Mac.

Spotify is also available in a mobile version. For devices running Android, you can go to the Play Store and download the Spotify app for free. This one requires Android 5.0 or later.

For iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store. The latest version of Spotify is available for download for all devices running iOS 12.0 or later.

Spotify is also available on smart TVs, Android TV, Apple TV, and on PlayStation and Xbox video game consoles.



Deezer tops the list in terms of a serious alternative to Spotify. It is a digital distribution platform dedicated to streaming music in the form of a website and mobile applications. Like Spotify, Deezer offers two plans: a free plan allowing unlimited listening with ads and a paid subscription offering unlimited listening, of good quality and without ads. The platform is available on all devices with an internet browser, on Android or iOS mobile devices, on smart TVs, and of course on PC and Mac.


Offered by the Apple brand, Apple Music is a serious competitor to Spotify. The platform provides access to unlimited streaming content such as music, podcasts, and little more, and a radio system available 24/7. Apple Music is available on all Apple devices, but also Android, web browsers, Windows, Siri, and Alexa.


YouTube Music, commonly abbreviated as YT Music, is another alternative to Spotify. It is an audio-specific streaming service platform developed by YouTube. The service provides a bespoke interface for the music streaming-oriented service. This allows users to browse music videos on YouTube based on genre, playlists, new music, and friend recommendations. YT Music is available on desktops and smartphones via the YouTube Music app.

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