Download Spotify to listen to all music online for free

With the program, the app and the Spotify website, you can listen to any song you want, in streaming, from your computer or smartphone, for free

The most important and popular online music service in the United States, Spotify, has also been “opened” in Italy, made available today, in conjunction with the Sanremo Festival 2013.

For those unfamiliar with it, Spotify is a program that, using the internet connection, allows you to listen to streaming music for freesince 2014 without limits via web, on PC, Tablet, iPhone and Android.

So you don’t need to download anything and can potentially listen to every song that has ever been released on an album.

Music can also be purchased as is done in iTunes or time subscriptions can be purchased to enjoy the service without limitations.

Download Spotify to listen to all music online for free

To sign up and take advantage Spotifyjust go to the Italian site and register your account or connect via Facebook account (Spotify and Facebook are closely connected).
soon after, download the Spotify program which serves to listen to music on the computer.

It is also possible to install Spotify Music how Windows 10 appsmuch more convenient than the traditional program.
the links to download the various Spotify apps on all supported platforms.

Spotify is also accessible with the Sportify web playerfreely accessible from any PC without installing anything and allows you to search for songs to listen to, albums, singers and playlists without limitations.

Yes you can download Spotify also on Android and iPhone, although the app is more limited than the program or web version. You need to use the app for free download the latest version of Spotify for iPhone and iPad and for Android.

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There are also versions of for Playstation And for XBox.

What you can’t do is listen to specific songs, i.e. you can’t search for a title and listen to that song as you would on Youtube. What can be done instead is listen to music without interruption using playlists saved from the site or the Spotify program, both those created by us and those shared by other users. Playlists must have at least 20 songs and consist of at least three albums, and not contain the same tracks multiple times. They can then search for music by specific artists and hear randomly chosen songs for that singer or you can choose a music genre and let Spotify automatically select the music. Of course there will be advertisements that disappear only in the case of a premium subscription.

There are two types of accounts:

Free: allows a free and unlimited streaming music listening (Since 2014), from your computer, connected to the internet, with commercials

Premium instead it makes it possible to listen to unlimited music even without an internet connection and from any device, mobile phone (with applications for Android and iPhone) or computer; it costs 10 Euros per month, but you can try it for free for 30 days.

The benefits of Spotify Premiumcompared to the simple free account, they are:- Maximum audio quality: The audio files provided with the Premium account offer a bitrate of 320 kbps, the highest possible quality (with the basic account it offers a bitrate of only 128 kbps).

Absence of advertising: We will no longer be interrupted by music-themed or self-promotional commercials, being able to listen to music without interruptions.

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Standard mobile playback: we can select any song or album in the desired order, being able to skip songs without any limit (with the free account we will only have random playback and a limited number of song skips).

Song and album downloads: if we are without an Internet connection or we are planning a trip and we do not know if we will have a constant connection we can download all albums and tracks to memory we want, so that we can listen to them without limits offline (the files are encrypted and playable only with Spotify).

As you can understand Spotify is a kind of music radio that you can personalize, where you can choose which genre of music and which artists to listen to.

The program or app is easy to use, you can search for songs, scroll through rankings of the top in Italy and in the worldsee the last news and create your own custom playlists.

Thanks to the Radio function, you can listen to randomly selected songs from the genre you like best.

At the top left, if you use your Faceobok account to use Spotify, you will see the Friends section to send them a favorite song.

The songs listened to with Spotify are even easy to share on Twitter And on other websites via the code which is made available by the site.

The Spotify interface it is similar to that of iTunes, but the music can be listened to in its entirety, via the internet.

From the Spotify program on Windows, you can scroll down the left menu to find the “My Music” section which is where you will find the mp3 files of the music folder. On each song, whether searched online or locally, you can right-click to add it to an existing or new playlist. If you want to add an entire album to a playlist, you can click it from the song list (in the album column) and click the Save button next to Play. In the menu on the left, scrolling further down, you will find the created playlists. Right-clicking on a playlist name lets you share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also copy the link or get an html code to paste on your blog or site to let all visitors listen to your favorite music. The ability to save your favorite songs and selected albums in an easy-to-navigate collection lets you build a full-fledged music library in Spotify.

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The Songs, Albums and Artists sections are clearly inspired by the structure of iTunes and many other PC media players, so they remain familiar to everyone. The structure of the lists is very similar to that of iTunes where it is possible to sort the list alphabetically by title, artist and album or by song length.

Finally, to replace iTunes in a complete or almost complete way, the section will then be found in the left menu Deviceswhere it will appear the iPod connected with the USB cable or the iPhone and the Android mobile phone on which the Spotify app is installed so as to synchronize and transfer songs to the memory of the portable MP3 player.

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