Findaway: Spotify buys audiobook providers

Spotify is still on a shopping spree and apparently plans to expand its offering. The group has now taken over the audio book provider Findaway.

Spotify continues to try to defend its shrinking lead in the streaming market. For several months, the provider has been increasingly focusing on podcasts and has also taken over Anchor and Gimlet. Now it’s the turn of audiobooks – Spotify has acquired Finadaway.

Findaway as a platform for audio books

Findaway is a platform for audiobooks that not only serves buyers, it also rewards authors, publishers and speakers directly. According to the platform itself, the market should be “democratized”. Together, both companies only want to revolutionize and accelerate the audio book sector. The biggest competitor in audio books is without question Audible. Apple also offers audio books with Apple Music, but has secretly reduced its range in recent weeks.

Via Spotify

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