Spotify Family Plan: How much is spotify premium family Plan For Friends

How much is spotify premium family plan-You love music and appreciate being able to listen to it from any device, which is why you signed up for a Spotify Premium subscription some time ago to take advantage of all its advantages. You’ve been thinking for a few days about extending the same possibility to your family members, but you really don’t like the idea of ​​subscribing to many different Premium subscriptions: the expense would be excessive!

It is precisely here that Spotify Premium for Family can help you, the tariff plan that the music streaming giant has designed for families and, in general, for those who live under the same roof: paying a single monthly subscription, is economically more convenient than when subscribing to several different subscriptions, it is possible to extend the benefits of Spotify Premium up to 6 members of the same family or of the same community, provided that they reside in the same house.

How to use spotify premium Family Plan

How do you say? Have I really intrigued you and you can’t wait to find out how Spotify Family works to see if it could be right for you? Then all you have to do is make yourself comfortable, carve out a few minutes of free time and read everything I have to explain to you about this type of subscription: I’m sure that, after reading, you will be able to decide whether or not to subscribe to the plan concerned and to do so independently. Having said that, all that remains is for me to wish you happy reading and have fun!

how much is spotify premium family

Spotify premium family features: cost and how many people

Spotify Family

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining in detail how Spotify Family works , it might be useful for you to know what the cost of this subscription is and how many people have the opportunity to take advantage of its advantages.

Spotify Premium for Family is the solution Spotify has designed for families and small communities. At a fixed cost of 15.99 euros/month with a one-month free trial , it allows access to Spotify Premium to multiple users: in fact, the subscription in question can be shared between 6 people in total (5 family members and the season ticket holder), provided that they all live in the same house .

Therefore, if you are wondering if it is possible to make Spotify Family with friends , the answer is yes, provided that they are residents of the same address as you.

As for the payment, which can be made by credit/debit card (prepaid cards are also supported, for example HYPE, Revolut and Flowe) and PayPal , it is made in a single solution by the subscription holder, i.e. the one who activates Spotify Premium and who will have the possibility to manually invite other family members.

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In this regard, you should know that Spotify Family allows you to share the subscription among several people without having to use the same account and, consequently, without having to share the access password. In fact, each family member invited to Premium Family gets their own Premium account , keeping their musical preferences separate and thus obtaining personalized music recommendations.

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Finally, I point out that the Spotify Family features are the same as the Spotify Premium individual plan. In addition, the parental control option is available which allows the subscription holder to set filters to block explicit Spotify content.

How to activate Spotify Family Plan

Spotify Family

To activate Spotify Family and thus become the holder of the subscription, connect to the main page of the service, select the View plans option and click on the Start button for the Spotify Family plan .

In the new screen displayed, if you already have an account, select one of the available access methods ( Continue with Facebook , Continue with Apple or Continue with Google ) or enter your login credentials in the Email address or username and Password fields and press the Login button .

If, on the other hand, you have not registered yet, click on the Subscribe to Spotify option, fill out the registration form by entering all the required data, put the check marks next to the options I accept the terms and conditions of use of Spotify and Don’t I’m a robot , to accept the terms of use of the service and verify your identity, and press the Sign up button . You can also register using your Facebook profile or a Google account, by selecting the option of your interest between Sign up with Facebook or Sign up with Google .

At this point, on the Your plan screen , put the check mark next to the payment option you intend to use to subscribe to Spotify Premium between credit or debit card and PayPal . In the first case, enter your payment card details in the appropriate fields and click on the Buy Premium Family button to activate Spotify Premium.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen to pay with PayPal , press the Continue with purchase button to access your PayPal account and complete Spotify Premium activation. I would like to point out that, subsequently, you can change the Spotify payment method by accessing your account settings.

How do you say? Would you like to proceed from a smartphone or tablet ? In this case, you should know that you can activate Spotify Family through the service app for Android devices (also available on alternative stores, for devices without Google services). The app in question for iPhone / iPad, however, does not allow you to subscribe to Spotify.

To proceed, therefore, take your Android device , start Spotify and log into your account (or select the option Sign up for free if you don’t have one). Once this is done, press the Premium item located in the menu at the bottom, tap the Try free for 1 month button for the Premium Family subscription and proceed with activation by credit / debit card or PayPal .

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Spotify Family

If you have an iPhone / iPad , however, start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg Safari ), connect to the Spotify main page and follow the instructions I gave you above to activate Spotify Family from your computer.

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From now on, regardless of the device you used to activate Spotify Family, you become the holder and manager of the subscription and you can immediately add users to Spotify Family or do it later from your account settings.

How to add users to Spotify Family


After activating Spotify Family it is necessary to configure the plan in question and proceed to add new users with whom to share the subscription.

If, therefore, you see the Complete the configuration of your plan screen , press the item Enter your home address , specify your residential address in the Your home address field , select it from the search results that appear on the screen and click on the buttons Find Address and Confirm .

Once this is done, press the item Invite your family members and, in the new screen that appears, click on the item Copy link , to copy the invitation link and send it manually to the people with whom you intend to share Spotify. Alternatively, you can send the link in question via email , Messenger or WhatsApp by clicking on the relevant option.

By selecting the Maybe later option instead , you can complete the Spotify setup by postponing the addition of new users to a later time. In this case, I would like to point out that you can copy the invitation link and send it to the people of your interest from your account settings but only by proceeding via the browser.

To do this, connect to the Spotify official website and, after logging into your account, press on the items Profile and Account . On the new page that has opened, select the Premium Family option in the left sidebar and click on the Add to Spotify Premium Family plan button , in order to manually copy and send the invitation link or send it via email, Messenger or WhatsApp.

In the Premium Family section , you can view all the users who have accepted your invitation and with whom you are sharing Spotify Family. As the subscription holder, you can also activate the explicit content filter and remove a user from the share.

To do this, press on the name of the person of your interest among those listed in the Users section in this plan and, in the new screen that appears, move the lever next to the option Remove explicit content from OFF to ON , to remove the music marked as explicit from the selected user’s account.


If, on the other hand, you want to remove the user in question from Spotify Family, click on the Remove from plan button and, on the page that has opened, press the Remove item .

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The user in question will no longer have access to your subscription and will receive an email about your deletion. Your account will remain active and you will be able to continue using Spotify in its free version.

How to join/invite Spotify Family Plan with friends


Those who have received an invitation to join Spotify Family , simply open the link received and log in with an existing Spotify account or create a new one.

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If this is your case, then open the link that was sent to you and press the Accept invitation button . In the new screen that appears, if you already have an account, select one of the available access methods between Continue with Facebook , Continue with Google or Continue with Apple or enter your login credentials in the fields E-mail address or username and Password and press the Login button .

If, on the other hand, you don’t have a Spotify account yet, select the Subscribe to Spotify option , choose one of the available registration methods and follow the instructions shown on the screen to create a new account and access Spotify.

At this point, on the Continue with this account screen , press the Yes, continue button , enter your home address in the Your home address field , select it from the results that appear on the screen and press the Find address and Confirm buttons .

If the address entered is the same as the one specified by the subscriber, you will see the message Welcome to the Premium Family plan and you can start using Spotify.

How to deactivate Spotify Premium Family subscription


As with all Spotify subscription plans, Spotify Family can also be deactivated at any time from your account settings.

To deactivate Spotify Family, both from a computer and from smartphones and tablets, connect to the official Spotify website and log into your account. Once this is done, press the Profile item , at the top right, select the Account option from the menu that opens and, in the new screen that appears, access the Available plans section .

At this point, you can choose to switch to another Spotify subscription plan by pressing the Select item relating to the one of your interest. If, on the other hand, you want to deactivate your subscription, locate the Spotify Free section and press the Cancel Premium subscription button .

On the new page that has opened, select the Continue option to cancel and press the Yes, cancel button , in order to deactivate the automatic renewal of Spotify Family and return to the free version of the service from the date indicated on the screen. For the detailed procedure, you can check out my guide on how to turn off Spotify Premium.

As you can well imagine, the cancellation of Spotify Family affects not only the subscription holder but also all the users who are part of the sharing who, consequently, will no longer have access to the Spotify Premium features.

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