How Spotify Duo works

In your home, there are two of you who have a great passion for music. Unfortunately, however, you also have diametrically opposite tastes (or almost), and in addition you happen to want to listen to your favorite artists at the same time: ultimately, the “coexistence” under the same account Spotify it is basically impractical. In this regard, however, lately you have heard of a solution, called Spotify Duosthanks to which you could share the same subscription, still benefiting from a personalization of the respective profiles and simultaneous listening, and also realizing significant savings.

Now, therefore, you are seriously considering the possibility of activating the plan in question, but before doing so, you would like some further clarification on how Spotify Duo works, to be absolutely certain that the latter actually meets your (or rather, your) needs. Well, if that’s the case, I’m happy to give you a hand by providing you with all the information you need.

All you need to do is dedicate no more than a few minutes of your precious time to reading the next chapters, and you’ll soon see that you won’t have any more doubts about what to do. Also, consider that I will follow you step by step in activating and configuring the service, if you decide to do so. So, are you ready? Perfect, in that case I just have to wish you good continuation!


Spotify Duo: features and requirements

two smartphones with Spotify app

To begin with, let’s take a look at characteristics and ai requirements Of Spotify Duosthe Premium plan that the famous music streaming platform has provided for two people living under the same roof: in fact, an essential condition for it to be possible to proceed with its activation is that both interested parties declare that they live together.

In this regard, you should know that during the subscription by the main account and the subsequent addition of the secondary one, it will be necessary to fill in a module in order to communicate the respective residential addresses, which of course must coincide. Spotify will then perform a check using the coordinates provided by Google Mapsbut without tracking the location in any way.

As for i coststhe plan in question provides for a disbursement of 12.99 euros per monthwith 30 day free trial valid for both accounts, provided that the main account has not previously used them. The payment of the fee takes place through the payment method associated with the latter, which, as floor manageralso has the right to remove or change the sub-account if it deems it necessary.

Spotify Duo, therefore, extends all the benefits of a plan individual (whose price, to make due comparisons, is 9.99 euros/month) to two usersallowing a contemporary listening And without ads through their respective Premium accounts. Each, therefore, has its own password (which must not be shared), and has unlimited skipsas well as the ability to reproduce offline music.

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Of course, also the playback settings can be managed individually, and the playlists created with the respective profiles are personal; however, there is, in addition, the possibility of sharing them with the other member to make some joint libraries.

If you already have a Premium account, you can switch directly to Spotify Duo in a very simple and intuitive way (as I’ll explain in the next chapter), but if the latter was subscribed via a external suppliersuch as how additional service offered by your internet provider, you need to cancel your Spotify subscription with that company first and wait for it to expire. The same goes for the sub account as well.

Spotify Duo: Activation

Spotify Duo subscription webpage

If, after carefully reading the previous chapter and having made your own assessments regarding the opportunity to use the subscription in question, you decide to subscribe Spotify Duos together with your partner, I advise you to proceed first from Web. In fact, as you will soon see, the subsequent configuration and management operations of the plan can be carried out exclusively through this channel.

If you do not yet have an account for the service in question, connect to this page of the official Spotify website dedicated to the plan in question with your favorite browser and press the button Start present there.

Next, press the button Sign up for Spotify and choose whether to associate your Google or Facebook account, or fill in the module below to register via email addressthen accepting i terms of service and pressing the button subscribe.

On the next step, define the payment method by selecting the appropriate box and entering the information necessary for the purpose: in the case of credit/debit cardtherefore, you will have to enter the relative numberthe Expiration date and the security codewhile for PayPal you will be asked to access your account with the appropriate credentials and confirm the operation on the site of the online payment service in question. After a short check, Spotify Duo will be activated and you will typically enjoy one month free trial.

The registration procedure, of course, can also be performed bySpotify appscompatible with Android smartphones and tablets (it is also available on alternative stores for devices without Google services) and iOS/iPadOS devices, but, as previously mentioned, the configuration procedure it will still have to be completed from Web.

In any case, if you still intend to register from the application, once you have started it, choose whether to use your social account (on iPhones And iPads you also have Apple available as an option), or press option sign up for free if you prefer to register via email addressthen filling in the following fields with the various personal information requested.

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Once the account has been created, press the symbol ofgear located at the top right of the main screen and tap the button Upgrade to Premiumthen scroll through the subscription options that are offered to you and select Spotify Duos.

Finally, choose if pay with Spotifythen enter your information credit/debit card or to your account PayPal (exactly as seen above), or whether to use, where present, the reference payment system of your device, ie Google Play or Apple Pay.

Switching from Premium Individual to Duo account

How do you say? You already have a premium accounts and would you like to use the latter to activate Spotify Duo? Well, in this case you can easily perform the step with a few clicks or taps, depending on the device you intend to use to perform the operation. If you’re using a PC, connect to web player of the service and possibly log in as you usually do, then press on profile located at the top right and select the item from the context menu Accounts.

Now, locate the section Your plan and press the button Change plan below, then click on the button Select related to the option Spotify Duos and confirm your intention on the next summary screen by pressing the button Change plan.

If you’re using the mobile app, tap the symbolgear located at the top right of the main screen and touch the item Premium planthen hit the function Show Premium Plans and select the option Premium Duos. You will thus be sent, via the browser integrated in the application, to the same web page illustrated in the previous paragraph, where you can easily change the current plan by selecting Premium Duos as a preference.

If, on the other hand, you have activated the plan Freefollowing the steps above you will find the function Please upgrade or Upgrade to Premium. Once pressed, you will have to select Spotify Duos and then define a payment method valid. The possibility of using the free month is usually granted only to those who have never used the trial before.

Spotify Duo: How to add accounts

Duo account setup

Now that you have subscribed to Spotify Duo, as a floor manager are you ready for configure the service And add the second account. First, consider that these operations can only be performed from Web.

Usually, following the purchase, a screen is automatically shown informing you of the need to complete two more steps, which are essential to be able to use the plan in question correctly. If for some reason you don’t see it, you can easily recover the procedure by clicking on the symbol profile placed at the top right and selecting the option Set up your Duo plan from the context menu.

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The first step, therefore, concerns theentering the home address: to do this, just click on the appropriate box and enter the information in question in the field on the next screen, then select the relevant one from the results that are offered. Once this is done, press the button Find address and provide for confirm the data in the new notification opened.

Proceed, now, to complete also the last step, which consists into invite the person who lives with you to participate in the use of Spotify Duo. This is an optional operation, which you can postpone to another time if necessary by pressing on the appropriate item.

invite Spotify Duo second account

The invitation can be sent via messengers or Whatsapp by clicking on the respective button and using the relative web version of the service (read the dedicated guides that I just linked to you if you don’t know how to proceed).

Alternatively, you can also send it via e-mail by pressing the button below (your computer’s default mail client will be opened), or again to copy with one click the links present there and forward it autonomously with the messaging tool you deem most appropriate, pasting it in the body of the message.

The recipient just has to click on the link in question: he will thus be redirected to a special web page for the acceptance of the invitation after which it will have to execute the access (if you already have an account) or the registration to the service (if it is the first time you use it), essentially following the same steps described in the previous chapter.

After that, a window will open allowing him to communicate his own residential address, quite similar to the one shown above. In order for the procedure to be successful, this information must obviously coincide with that provided by the main account. Once it’s done, you’ll both enjoy all the benefits the Premium plan offers.

As manager of the service you can eventually remove the secondary account from the plan and add a different one by accessing the function Set up your Duo planthen selecting the user in question and pressing the button in the next step Remove. This will free up a slot and allow you to resend the invitation to another household. However, this opportunity is allowed only once a year.

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