How to Add Songs to Spotify

How to Add Songs to Spotify-To your amazement, you discovered that a friend managed to upload songs to Spotify that are not normally present in the service’s library and would you like to know how to do the same thing too? Have you just signed up for Spotify and would like some tips on how to enrich and manage your music library? Are you an artist, are you thinking of uploading your songs to Spotify but would you like to understand a little better what the requirements of the famous streaming platform are in this sense? Don’t worry, I can help you if you want.

In fact, with today’s guide, I will explain how to add songs to Spotify in all the circumstances listed above, so in case you want to add songs from the PC memory to the service library; enrich your library with songs, albums and playlists from Spotify’s vast catalog or publish your artistic creations on the famous streaming platform. I assure you that these are very simple operations, within everyone’s reach.

Having said that, I just have to invite you to carve out five minutes of time for yourself, devote yourself to reading the indications that you find below and I wish you (and I wish) that these can best meet your needs. Happy reading and have fun!

How to Add Songs to Spotify


Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining to you, in detail, how to add songs to Spotify , it seems necessary to me to make a distinction between the various procedures that we are going to analyze, each of which refers to a different function of the famous music streaming service .

  • Placing Local Files in Spotify Library– Spotify boasts a massive library of over 40 million songs, however you may need to listen to a song or album that isn’t included in your library. In this case, you can take advantage of the “Local files” function, which allows you to add songs in mp3, m4p (unless they contain videos) and mp4 (if QuickTime Player is installed on your computer) to your personal library. by taking them from the local archive, then from the computer’s hard disk. The songs imported in this way into Spotify are not synchronized on the other devices, but can be easily transferred to smartphones and tablets using the app’s download function (for which a Spotify Premium subscription is required, starting from 9.99 euro/month after 1 month free trial). More info here.
  • Adding Songs to Spotify Library – The Spotify library is where all the songs, albums and playlists that you add to your account are catalogued. It includes the songs present on the platform plus the local ones added by the user (which, however, are playable only when actually saved on the local memory). If you are new to Spotify and want to know how to populate your library with the music you like, read this chapter of the tutorial.
  • Adding songs to a playlist – as just mentioned, customizable playlists can be included in the Spotify library by adding new songs to them. In this chapter of the tutorial you will find out how to do it.
  • Publishing songs on Spotify – are you an artist and want to get your music out to Spotify’s huge audience? In this case, try to follow the instructions you find in the dedicated section of this guide.
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How to put songs on Spotify

If you want to add songs to your personal library that are not in the Spotify catalog, you must activate the Local Files function in the service client for Windows or macOS and you must indicate to the latter the folders from which to take the songs . As mentioned above, Spotify supports files in mp3, m4p (unless they contain video) and mp4 (if QuickTime Player is installed on your computer).

If you also want to synchronize local songs with smartphones and tablets, you need to take some additional steps: first of all you need to activate a Spotify Premium subscription (starting from 9.99 euros/month after a 1-month free trial), then you need to create a playlist in place to add local files (or add them to an existing playlist), connect your smartphone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC and download the playlist with local files to your mobile device. For all the details, read on.

Preliminary operations

Spotify Premium

Before adding songs to Spotify, you need to do a couple of very important things. First of all, since Spotify picks up local files by working with folders, I suggest you sort the songs you want to import into the program within well-organized paths. If you are new to the PC world and you don’t know how to create a folder or how to move files to your computer, read the guides I have dedicated to these topics.

Secondly, if you also intend to synchronize local songs with your smartphone and/or tablet, activate a Spotify Premium subscription which, in addition to removing advertising and forced random mode on smartphones, allows you to download offline content (required for saving local files in the Spotify app).

The Spotify Premium subscription costs  9.99 euros/month  (which becomes 4.99 euros/month for students, 12.99 euros/month for couples and 15.99 euros/month for those subscribing to the family plan, with support up to 6 users) but includes a  free 30-day trial period . In some promotional periods, then, offers can be offered with 3 months of Spotify Premium for 0.99 euros (or 9.99 euros, for those who have already activated Spotify Premium in the past).

If you do not yet have an active Spotify Premium subscription, you can easily fix it by opening the browser you usually use to browse the Internet from your PC, smartphone or tablet, connecting to the Spotify website and pressing the Login item  ( for to see this option on smartphones, you must first press the ☰ button, top right). 

Once logged into your account, press the  Switch to Premium button, enter your credit/debit card details   and press the  Activate my Spotify Premium button . For more information on this, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to have Spotify Premium.

Add local songs to Spotify library

Spotify local files

The first step you need to take to add local songs to the Spotify library is to start the official service client on your PC and access its preferences by selecting the appropriate item from the top menu.

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At this point, scroll through the Spotify settings page until you find the Show local files toggle : if necessary, move the latter to ON . Then choose whether to automatically import songs from iTunes , Downloads and My Music into Spotify , using the appropriate levers. To add a custom folder, instead, click on the Add a source button and select the path of your interest.

Now, if you want to synchronize local files also on smartphones and tablets, you have to create a playlist that contains them, or add them to an existing playlist. To do this, select the Local files item from the Spotify sidebar, locate the songs of your interest, right-click on them and select the items Add to playlist> New playlist , if you want to add them to a new playlist, or the items Add to playlist >  , to add them to an existing playlist.

If you don’t know how to select multiple songs at once, hold down the Ctrl/cmd key on your keyboard and click on their titles. Alternatively, to select a series of consecutive songs, click on the first one, hold down Shift on the keyboard and click on the last one.

Sync local songs with the Spotify app

Spotify apps

You are now ready to transfer local files from computer to Spotify app for Android or iOS. First, make sure that your PC and smartphone (or tablet) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network: if you don’t know how to do it, consult my guides on how to connect your PC to Wi-Fi and how to connect your mobile phone to the network Wifi. Then launch the Spotify app and log in to your account if necessary.

Now you just have to go to the My Library tab (below), select the Playlist item from the next screen, press on the title of the playlist that contains the local files and move the Download lever to ON .

All songs included in the playlist, including local songs on your computer, will be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet memory for offline listening. Convenient, right?

How to Add Songs to Spotify Library

Are you very new to Spotify and would like to know how to add songs from the service catalog to your personal library? Don’t worry, it really is child’s play.

How to Add Songs to Spotify from PC

Added song to Spotify library

If you use the Spotify client for Windows or macOS, you can add a song to your library simply by locating it via the program’s Search field or by locating it in one of the playlists available in the Home and Navigate sections (in the left sidebar).

Once you have found the song you are interested in, press the + symbol next to its title to immediately add it to your personal library. Alternatively, to obtain the same result, click on the  button located on the right and select the item Save in Your library . The latter procedure can also be implemented on the Web version of Spotify accessible from a browser (compatible with Chrome and a few other selected software).

The songs saved in the Spotify library are available in the Songs section of the client, accessible from the left sidebar (in the Artists section , however, you can consult them based on the artists of reference). As can be easily understood, you can also implement the same procedure for albums and playlists .

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In case of second thoughts, to retrace your steps and delete a song from your library, right-click on it again and select the item Delete from Your library from the context menu.

How to Add Songs to Spotify Android and iOS

Added Spotify app songs

If you use Spotify mainly from your smartphone or tablet, you can add songs to your library by locating them via the Home section of the Android or iOS app or by searching for them via the Search section of the same.

Once you have found the song of your interest, tap the button with the three dots present in its correspondence and select the item I like from the menu that opens. If you have done this by mistake, tap the button with the three dots again and select the item Liked , to remove the song from your library.

Songs added to your library are available in the Spotify Your Library tab, more precisely in the Songs and Artists sections . As can be easily understood, you can also follow the same procedure for albums and playlists .

How to Add Songs to Spotify Playlist

Spotify playlists

Want to add a song to a playlist on Spotify ? No problem: it is an extremely simple operation to perform. Furthermore, the steps to be performed are practically the same both on a computer (using the Spotify client for Windows and macOS or from the web version of the service) and on smartphones and tablets (using the Spotify app for Android and iOS).

To proceed, locate the song you are interested in, press the button with the three dots corresponding to it (in the Spotify client for PC you must pass the mouse cursor over the title of the song to make it appear) and choose the Add to playlists from the menu that opens. Next, indicate the playlist to save it to or choose the option to create a new playlist .

In case of second thoughts, you can remove a song from a playlist by opening the latter in Spotify, pressing the button with the three dots located in its correspondence and selecting the item Remove from this playlist from the menu that opens.

How to Publish Songs on Spotify (Artists)

Spotify for Artists

Are you an artist and would you like to publish your songs on Spotify? In this case, you must have an agreement with a record company or, in any case, with a company capable of contracting with Spotify to manage your royalties.

Spotify recommends companies like Awal, CD Baby, Distrokid, Emu Bands, Record Union, Spinnup and Tunecore, but there are many others. To find out more, visit the Spotify for Artists official page.

Furthermore, I point out the availability of the Spotify for Artists app for Android and iOS, through which you can manage your profile, monitor your statistics in real time and find out all the details about your audience.

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