How to cancel spotify premium on phone {Updated 2023}

How to cancel spotify premium on phone-You have subscribed to Spotify Premium to be able to listen to music in high quality and without skip limitations, through the app for android of the well-known streaming music service but, after trying it for a long time, you realized that it’s not for you? Would you like to go back to the free version of Spotify but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you solve this tech problem of yours.

If you wonder how to turn off spotify premium on android you will be happy to know that, in the next chapters of this tutorial of mine, I will provide you with all the useful information to be able to carry out the operation in question correctly, indicating how to proceed, step by step, both using your smartphone and from a PC, by connecting to the Spotify official website.

How to cancel spotify premium on Android app phone

That said, if you can’t wait to find out more, make yourself comfortable and take just a few minutes of free time. Carefully follow the instructions that I am about to give you in the next few lines and you will quickly and easily achieve your goal. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read!

How to Deactivate Spotify Premium on Android from app

Spotify premium android

Before seeing how to deactivate spotify premium androidit is good to clarify that, at least at the time of writing this guide, the subscription to Spotify Premium it cannot be deactivated either by using the application of the famous streaming service for Android or by going to the section Subscriptions of the play store.

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Therefore, if you want to succeed directly from your smartphone, you need to access the Spotify official website via your browser (for example Google Chrome) that you use on your device.

That said, to get started, pick up your smartphone (or tablet) and start the app for the browser you usually use to browse the Internet. After that, in the address bar, type, to connect to the official website of the company.

On the page that is shown to you, first of all press the ☰ icon that you can see located in the upper right corner. Then, in the menu that appears to you, tap on the item Log in.

Then enter the spotify premium login details for your account Spotify with which you have previously subscribed to Spotify Premium and confirm the login operation by pressing the button Log in. If you signed up for Spotify with Facebookpress the button instead Continue with Facebook.

At this point, in the screen relating to your profile that will be shown to you, locate the card that refers to the plan Spotify Premiumpress the button Change plan and then tap the button Cancel your Premium subscription. Finally, to confirm the operation, press the button Yes, cancel. Easy, right?

how to cancel spotify premium on iphone

Spotify Premium Web

In case you want to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium but you don’t want to or can’t use your smartphone/tablet, don’t worry: you can connect to the official Spotify website and switch plans, returning to the free version of Spotify Spotify, even from PC. All you need to do this, in fact, is any browser to surf the Internet, such as for example Chrome or Safari.

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To proceed, therefore, start the browser you usually use and connect to the Spotify site. Once you see the site’s home page, click on the entry Log in located in the upper right corner.

Then, in the access menu that appears, enter the login data relating to your account in the text fields that appear and press the button Log in, to log in. Alternatively, if you have previously signed up for Spotify through your account Facebookpress the button Continue with Facebookto carry out the login procedure.

Once logged in, you will be shown the screen of account summary and you will be shown the card relating to the plan Spotify Premium which you have previously subscribed.

At this point, to cancel your subscription and return to the free version of Spotifypress the button Change plan. Then confirm your wish to deactivate the subscription by first clicking on the button Cancel your Premium subscription and then on the voice Yes, cancel. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

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