How to cancel spotify premium Subscription

How to cancel spotify premium Subscription –Have you activated the trial version of Spotify Premium, which is now about to expire, and would like a hand to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription before any money is deducted from your credit card? Have you subscribed to Spotify by subscribing to a telephone offer and now you don’t know how to cancel Spotify only? Don’t worry, I can help you if you want.

Give me five minutes, just five minutes of your time, and I’ll explain how to deactivate Spotify in order to avoid the automatic renewal of the subscription. In this way no further charges will be made to your credit card (or your PayPal account) and you will return to the free version of the service, the one that includes listening to commercials and does not allow you to download music offline.

How to cancel spotify premium Subscription

The procedure to follow is always the same: whether you have just activated the Spotify free trial or have already been paying for the service for several months, the steps to take are the same. The only exceptions concern users who have subscribed to a Spotify Premium subscription through a telephone operator or iTunes, in those cases completely different procedures must be followed. And today I’ll tell you about those too, don’t worry. So tell me, are you ready to begin? Perfect. Read on, find all the information you need right below.

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How to cancel a spotify subscription on spotify from your computer

How to deactivate Spotify

The first step you need to take to deactivate Spotify from the computer is to click on arrow located at the top right, next to your personal profile picture, and choose the item account from the menu that appears.

On the web page that opens, log in to your Spotify account (if necessary) and select the icon cancelling spotify membership from the left sidebar. Then click on the item Do you want to cancel your subscription? and select one of the possible reasons why you are canceling your subscription, for example I prefer to switch to Free because the features it offers are enough.

To finish, click on the button Keep on located at the bottom right, scroll down the page that opens to the bottom and press the button Cancel my subscription to confirm the deactivation of your Premium account. Your Spotify Premium subscription will remain active until it expires and will no longer be automatically renewed unless you reactivate it.

You no longer have the Spotify client installed on your PC? No problem. You can manage your account, and therefore deactivate your subscription, directly from your browser. All you have to do is connect to the Spotify website, click on the button Log in located at the top right and log into your Spotify account. If you signed up for Spotify via Facebook you will need to click on the button for the latter. When complete, select the item Subscription from the left sidebar and continue with the deactivation of your Premium subscription as seen above.

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Caution: if you have activated your Spotify subscription through a telephone offer – and therefore pay for the service using telephone credit instead of by credit card or PayPal – you do not have to follow the procedure I have just illustrated. To deactivate your Spotify subscription, you need to connect to your operator’s website and cancel your subscription from there. For example, if you have subscribed to a Vodafone offer including Spotify Premium, you must connect to the operator’s website, access your personal area and select the item relating to digital services from the box on the right. A page will open with a list of all the services active on your line (including, precisely, Spotify) and the options for deactivating them.

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription from a Smartphone (or Tablet)

How to deactivate Spotify

If you prefer deactivate Spotify directly from your smartphone, connected to this web page and access your account by entering your username and password or authenticating via Facebook. Then “tap” on the item Do you want to cancel your subscription?select one of the possible reasons why you are canceling your subscription (eg. I prefer to switch to Free because the features it offers are enough) and press the button first Keep on and then up Cancel my subscription (bottom of page) to complete the operation.

You’re using an iPhone and you’re paying for Spotify via iTunes? In this case, you have to go to the menu Settings > iTunes Store and App Store of iOS, select your Apple ID and choose the item View Apple IDs from the menu that appears. Then you have to log in to your Apple ID, you have to press the button Manage and you must select the item relating to your subscription Spotify. Finally, move up OFF the lever relative to the option of Automatic Renewal and the Spotify subscription will be deactivated instantly (although you can continue to use the Premium account until the natural expiry of the current month).

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Did you subscribe to your Spotify subscription via an offer from Vodafone or another telephone operator? In this case, you need to access your phone account management panel and deactivate Spotify from there. For example, as regards Vodafone, you must connect to this web page from the smartphone on which the offer is active and confirm the deactivation of Spotify Premium by following the on-screen instructions.

At the end of the procedure, to verify that everything went right, you can contact your telephone operator and ask for confirmation that the Spotify option is no longer active on your line.

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