How to download songs to iPhone

You recently bought your first iPhone, you were very fascinated by all the innumerable features offered by the famous device with the bitten apple but, even if you were concerned about studying its characteristics in depth, it is still not very clear to you how to download songs music so that you can also use the iPhone as a multimedia player? If the answer is “yes” and if you are looking for a little help, know that I have good, indeed excellent news to give you: you can count on me. In fact, in the following lines I will illustrate, step by step, everything that can be done to download songs on the iPhone .

How do you say? Are you afraid of not succeeding in the enterprise because it is too complicated? But no, you are very wrong! Although apparently it may seem the opposite, downloading songs to iPhone is actually very simple, you just need to know where to put your hands.

So if you’re actually interested in finding out what you need to do in order to download songs to the iPhone, I invite you to take a few minutes of free time, grab your iPhone and carefully read all the information I’m about to give you. I am sure that in the end you will be ready to say that downloading songs on iPhone was actually a real piece of cake and that in case of need you will then be very willing to explain to your friends in need of a similar tip how to proceed.

In order to download songs to iPhone you can take advantage of various solutions. I personally suggest that you download songs to iPhone using  iTunes , iTunes Store , Music app or Spotify app . You choose the system that you think might be more suited to your needs and preferences, in all cases you will be able to listen to the music you prefer directly from your Apple-branded device.

Download songs to iPhone with iTunes

If you want to download songs to your iPhone and you have a Windows PC or a Mac at your disposal, I suggest you use iTunes, the Apple player that allows you to play and download multimedia content, manage the bitten apple devices and access the iTunes Store and App Store. In order to download songs to iPhone via iTunes in most cases, however, it is necessary to purchase the selected content. So make sure you have a credit card, a prepaid card with available credit or an iTunes Card at your disposal. To find out more about it, I suggest you read my guides on how to buy on iTunes and how to use iTunes Card.

To download songs to iPhone with iTunes, the first thing you need to do is check that the famous player is installed on your computer. In the event that the computer you are using is a Mac, iTunes is installed “standard” and therefore for the moment you do not have to do anything. If, on the other hand, your computer is based on Windows, you can check if iTunes is already installed by pressing the  Start  button and typing  itunes  in the appropriate search field. If iTunes appears among the available programs then the player is already installed and you can skip directly to the next step. If, on the other hand, iTunes does not appear among the available programs, I invite you to read and follow the instructions contained in my guide on how to download iTunes to deal with the matter.

After making sure that iTunes is present on your computer, start the player by clicking on its icon, wait for the software window to appear, then press the button depicting a musical note located at the top left and then click on the iTunes Store  item  in top right. At this point you should see the home page of the iTunes Store with the list of the most interested albums of the moment.

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Screenshot of iTunes on Mac

To browse the sales charts or the list of albums based on the musical genres they belong to, use the buttons and items located at the top of the window, while to search for artists and songs directly, use the Search field located at the  top  . To the right.

Screenshot of iTunes on Mac

To download a song or an entire album, just click on the button located next to the title of the same and indicating the purchase price. After clicking on the button, enter any password referring to your Apple account and then wait for the procedure by which to download songs to be first started and then completed.

If you wish, before downloading a song or an album, you can listen to a short preview by pressing the play button which you can display by moving the mouse cursor over the title of the same.

Screenshot of iTunes on Mac

Once the download is complete, you won’t have to do anything to download songs to iPhone. In order to listen to what has been downloaded directly to your iPhone, you just need to access the  Music app  on your device by logging into your Apple account. You will find all your songs right there. Clearly, in order to add music to the iPhone as I have just indicated, your iDevice must be connected to the Internet and that the connection in use is active and fully functional.

If you prefer instead of waiting for the songs to automatically download to your iPhone, you can also transfer the songs on your computer to the device. To do this, connect the iPhone to the PC or Mac using the supplied cable and wait a few moments for iTunes to start automatically. Subsequently, to add music to the device, select the telephone icon from the top bar of the program and click on the  Music item  in the left sidebar. Then put the check mark next to the item  Synchronize music  and click on the  Apply  buttonlocated at the bottom right to start transferring your music to your smartphone. If you want, you can also filter the songs to be synchronized on the iPhone based on artist, genre, playlist or album by placing a check mark next to the item  Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres , selecting artists, musical genres, playlists and albums to synchronize on the mobile phone by placing the check marks next to the appropriate items and clicking on the  Apply button  to start the synchronization (if you want to avoid synchronizing video clips and voice memos, remove the check marks from the items that concern them).

If you don’t feel like physically connecting the iPhone to the computer, you can activate wireless synchronization between the two devices by selecting the  Summary item  from the iTunes sidebar, locating the Options section attached to the screen that is shown to you and placing the check mark next to the item  Synchronize with iPhone via Wi-Fi  (this option can only be enabled after connecting the phone to the computer via cable for the first time).

Screenshot of iTunes on Mac

Download songs to iPhone with iTunes Store

If you don’t have a computer at hand but still want to use iTunes to download songs to iPhone, I suggest you access the iTunes Store directly from your iPhone.

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In order to download songs to iPhone with the iTunes Store, the first steps you need to carry out are to access the home screen of your iPhone, look for the icon for the  iTunes Store app  and click on it.

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Once this is done, press the  Music item  located at the bottom left and then start looking for your favorite music across the various categories of the store ( Genres , New Music ,  Current Songs  , etc.) or by carrying out a targeted search for content to download by pressing the  Search button  which it is at the bottom.

Wait a moment for the iTunes Store screen to appear. At this point, to browse the sales charts or the list of albums based on the musical genres they belong to, use the buttons located at the top of the screen, instead to search for artists and songs directly, use the Search button  located  in Bass.

Screenshot of iTunes Store on iPhone

To download a content, you just need to first press the button with the price of the album/song and then the  Buy item . Then enter your Apple ID password.

Once this is done, the download of the chosen content will start.  Once the download is complete, the songs can be played freely through the iOS Music application  and will also be available on iTunes for PC and Mac without having to purchase the same content again (the purchase is associated with your account).

Download songs to iPhone with the Music app

In addition to iTunes and the iTunes Store, Apple offers its users the ability to download songs to iPhone using the Music app. Thanks to the Music app present by default on all Apple devices, it is in fact possible to get your hands on a catalog made up of millions of songs and albums after subscribing to a paid subscription. The subscription price is  9.99 euros/month  for the Standard plan and  14.99 euros/month  for the Family plan . However, if this is the first time you find yourself dealing with the Music app, I have good news for you: Apple allows you to try the service for free for three months and then download free iPhone music for a substantial period of time.

Therefore, if you intend to download songs to the iPhone using the Music app, the first thing you need to do is access the home screen of your device, look for the  Music app icon  and press it.

Once the application has started, select the option to start the free trial of the service and wait a few moments to allow Apple to validate your request. If you’ve already applied for a free trial of Apple’s music service bundled with the Music app, you can skip this step.

Once subscribed, press the item  For you  or the item  News  present in the lower left part of the screen displayed, then start looking for your favorite music by browsing the various sections available or by carrying out a targeted search for content to download by pressing the button depicting a magnifying glass at the top and typing the name of the artist, group or song of your interest.

Image showing how to download free music for iPhone

Then tap on the icon depicting three points located in correspondence with the selected content and then press the item in red  Make it available offline  attached to the menu that is shown to you so that you can download songs to the iPhone.

You can then play the content you downloaded to your iPhone by simply accessing the Music section of the Music app, without incurring additional costs and without even having to use an Internet connection.

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Download songs to iPhone with Spotify

The solutions to download songs on iPhone that I have already proposed are not interesting to you? If the answer is yes, before throwing in the towel, try taking a look at Spotify. If you’ve never heard of it (strange!) know that Spotify is the most famous music streaming service in the world and probably also the one with the largest and most varied catalogue. Its basic plan is free but, it should be specified, it is not enough to put music on the iPhone as it has no download functions and can only be used in shuffle mode (only by listening to songs randomly selected by the application). In order to activate the download function and therefore to be able to download songs to iPhone without iTunes with Spotify, you must subscribe to a  Spotify Premium subscription  which costs9.99 euros/month with a free 30-day trial for new subscribers (it is often also possible to subscribe to Spotify Premium by taking advantage of advantageous offers that allow you to save on the basic price). Once you’ve signed up for the Premium version of the service, downloading an album or playlist offline is really very easy.

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If you are therefore interested in this solution for downloading songs to the iPhone, the first thing you need to do is download the Spotify app to your iPhone. To do this, access the home screen of the device, press the App Store icon  , tap  Search  and then type  spotify  in the search field located at the top. Then tap on the first search result. If you want to speed up the execution of these steps you can also press here directly from your iPhone.

Screenshot di Spotify su iPhone

Now press the  Get button  which is located in correspondence with the Spotify Music app that is shown to you on the screen, then wait for the application download and installation procedure to be started first and then completed.

At this point, go back to the home screen of your iPhone, press the Spotify app icon and wait for the application screen to be visible. Alternatively, you can access Spotify by tapping the Open button which you now see in the App Store instead of the Get button .

Once the main screen of the app is displayed, press the icon with the three horizontal lines located at the top left and then choose the  Settings item  from the menu that appears. Then press on  Account  and then tap on  Buy Spotify Premium  to proceed with the purchase of the Premium version of the service.

Screenshot di Spotify su iPhone

After purchasing the Premium version of Spotify, you can download music to your iPhone by selecting the song or album you wish to act on directly from the application screen, by pressing the (…) icon located next to its  title  and selecting the  Save item  from the menu that appears. Then choose the item  Your music  from the Spotify sidebar, select the album or playlist to be made available offline and move   the lever for the  Available offline option to ON . To make the individual songs you’ve added to your library available offline, select the  Songs item instead  and switch it to  ON the switch for the  Available offline option .

If you want to get more information about how Spotify works, I suggest you read my tutorials on how Spotify works and how to download songs from Spotify.

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