How to Download Spotify Music to MP3? (Updated 2023)

Download Spotify Music to MP3-Do you have a free or paid Spotify account and would you like to be able to save MP3 audio files on your smartphone or computer so you can listen to them anytime? Even when you don’t have internet access? Here is a technique that will allow you to download any Spotify music to mp3 in minutes.

Download Spotify Music to MP3

Disclaimer: the use of the software that we are going to present to you must not be diverted to circumvent the copyrights as well as the paid version of Spotify. All music available on this application is subject to copyright.

In this article, we will show you how you can download Spotify music to your Windows or Mac computer with software so that you can then listen to it both on your computer and on your smartphone once the saved Spotify music has been moved to your phone. .

How to Download Spotify Music to MP3

For this guide, we will use the TuneFab software, a tool to install on your computer that allows you to record Spotify music, Apple Music and Audible audiobooks.

TuneFab Spotify Converter in a Nutshell

Spotify Music to MP3

TuneFab Spotify Converter is free software that allows anyone to download music hosted on the Spotify on-demand music platform to their computer.

Concretely, this Windows and Macbook compatible software can convert music from this platform into different formats such as MP3 / AAC / WAV to FLAC. Please note, the software is only compatible with computers, so it is not possible to install it on an iPhone or an Android smartphone to hope to be able to record music directly on your smartphone from these devices.

Some features about TuneFab:

  • Batch conversion of music possible
  • Recording and possible conversion of complete playlists
  • Support for 4 audio formats (MP3, M4A, FLAC and WAV)
  • Save metadata associated with music with conversion

How to download Spotify music in MP3 format? 5 steps

1- Download and install TuneFab Spotify converter on your Window or Mac computer

You probably suspect it, but the first step is to have a Windows or Mac computer nearby on which you will have to download and install the TuneFab software.

2- Access your Spotify account

Once the software is launched (in its free or full version), you will have to connect to your Spotify account from the software to allow it to access the music to download.

3- Select the music to record

Spotify Music to MP3

Once logged in, you will have access to the Spotify interface. The latter will however have an additional addition: a “conversion” window and a floating button ” Please open a playlist » which will list all the music you want to convert.

At this point, all you have to do is list all the music you want to convert to MP3 format.

You can either add the music to download one by one or you can decide to save a whole playlist at once, which is much faster of course.

4- Select your recording format

Spotify Music to MP3

Once the music is pre-selected, all you have to do is set your preferred output format. For more compatibility, we strongly recommend the .MP3 format which is the most supported.

5- Launch the conversion of Spotify music and wait while they are recorded

Spotify Music to MP3

At this point, you can either decide to convert some Spotify music in your list (by clicking the individual “Convert” button) or you can decide to convert them all at once by clicking the “Convert All” button at the bottom on the right of the user interface.

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If you want, you can customize where the downloaded and converted music will be available on your computer. To do this, simply click on the “Choose” button to change the output path and the folder in which your converted music will be accessible.

Important: Be careful not to turn off your computer during the process otherwise it will not work. It will also be necessary to ensure that your computer remains well connected to the Internet throughout the conversion process since the music is at this stage still hosted online on Spotify’s servers.

What are the limitations of the free version of TuneFab?

With the free version of the software, you will be able to convert any music for free as long as they are up to 3 minutes long.

If you want to download and save complete songs over 3 minutes long, you will have to opt for the paid version of the tool to unlock all the limits.

The premium version of the software costs only €9.99 and will allow you to record as many Spotify music as you want, it’s up to you to decide if the game is worth the candle…

As you can see, with this software you can not only get music from Spotify for free without cracking it, but also download the same music to save it on a USB key that you can use to listen to your music offline.

Spotify lets you find a song with just a few lyrics

What could be more painful than looking for the title of a song while knowing only certain lyrics. For example, what if you want to know the piece in which we hear “and that makes zumba, caféw, caféw, carnival”. Either you ask your entourage, or you ask Google, in both cases, the result is not guaranteed. Rest assured, Spotify can now be of great help to you in this kind of situation.

Spotify Music to MP3

How to Download Spotify Music to MP3 ?

The Swedish giant has just updated its iOS and Android application. Now you can type song lyrics in the search bar to find the corresponding song. To take our example, Spotify is now able to tell us that the lyrics belong to the hit track “Organized gang”. It may be that several songs can match, in this case, Spotify shows you a list with the mention “Match Lyrics”. On Twitter, Spotify design team member @linafab noticed the update-related changes.

For once, this new feature should not inspire Apple Music. Indeed, the service developed by the Cupertino company has been allowing you to search for songs using lyrics since 2018. Spotify has recently added many other options, such as displaying lyrics live thanks to Musixmatch. To stay in comparison, Apple Music integrated this feature with iOS 13, last year.

Spotify seems to be focused on developing its podcasts. On this subject, nothing to say, the Swedish giant remains the leader. Soon, Spotify podcasts could even be adapted into films and series. Fiction podcasts are increasingly present on Spotify.

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Spotify lets creators embed entire songs into their podcasts

Spotify relies heavily on podcasts and this is confirmed day by day. The latest proof is the arrival of this new feature offered to creators. The latter can now incorporate entire songs into their broadcasts without running the risk of infringing copyright. Previously, listeners could only hear a brief sample of a track.

Spotify Music to MP3

New options for podcasters

Concretely, this new option will be accessible via the Anchor creation platform, which belongs to Spotify. For now, only the most established creators in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland can use it. In addition, this format will be exclusive to Spotify, which can prove to be a hindrance for podcasts broadcast on several services.

It should also be noted that only Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to hear the songs in full. Free users will be limited to a 30-second clip.

To accompany this new feature, Spotify has also announced the launch of seven new exclusive series that will be based on this new format. As pointed out The Vergethis could be a real boon for music-centric podcasts who will now be able to illustrate their shows through full tracks.

Recently, Spotify has multiplied initiatives aimed at creators and to improve interactivity. This is the case with the implementation of a “polls” tool. Podcasters can place polls in their shows. This gives the host a way to better understand their audience and also allows users to express their opinions. One can for example imagine questioning the public to find out who should be the guest of the next podcast or asking for their opinion on a debate during the broadcast.

Sonos takes on Spotify and Apple Music with its new Sonos Radio offer

A new Sonos Radio service (only on Sonos)

The American group Sonos today announced the launch of its brand new streaming radio service, simply called: Sonos Radio. Like a Beats1 on Apple Music, Sonos Radio is obviously exclusive to the Sonos ecosystem, and is intended to be free (and financed by advertising) for the brand’s more than 10 million customers.

Sonos Radio thus brings together more than 60,000 stations from several partners, and promises to program “originally made by Sonos“. Sonos Stations thus allow users to discover various musical selections covering several genres, via around thirty stations (much like on Spotify), while Artist Stations allow them to discover the influences and inspirations of a particular artist. , starting with Thom Yorke, the singer of the band Radiohead, who collaborated on the project.

Original radio shows with Sonos Sound System

For its part, Sonos Sound System is responsible for presenting new artists and other information about the latest releases. A station curated and hosted by the Sonos team, and recorded in a newly built radio studio in the Sonos flagship store in New York

Obviously, Sonos Radio also allows you to explore radio stations from around the world, to listen to American stations for example, or on the contrary, to allow anyone who wants to listen to RTL from the edge of their pool in California, via TuneIn .

For Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos: “Sonos Radio brings together in a simple and elegant way, streaming radio services and a set of carefully selected radio stations. This is just the beginning: we strive to provide our customers with services that enrich their experience, and our streaming partners with an opportunity to showcase their best content.

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On the availability side, local and international radio will soon be available to all Sonos users worldwide. Sonos Original Programs are available starting today in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. The other countries, including France, will be served “shortly“. Everything is integrated into the new Sonos application, via the menu Browse.

On Spotify music to mp3, soon a new way to discover podcasts.

Spotify has been trying to promote podcasts on its music streaming platform for a few years. However, users of the service tend to listen to podcasts they already listen to rather than turning to new ones.

To appeal to users of its service, Spotify has announced the launch of three new weekly podcast playlists. Playlists are respectively named “ Top podcasts of the week », « Brain snacks ” and ” Crime scene “. They will be adapted to the six countries in which they are currently available and then supplemented regularly by the company’s team dedicated to content.

Currently, this novelty concerns six countries: Germany, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Sweden. However, we can already hope that this will soon concern new European countries, including France. In its press release, Spotify has not yet mentioned this subject.

Discover new podcasts with Spotify

For Courtney Holt, vice president and global head of studios and video, this novelty is part of a test carried out by Spotify last year. At the time, the service had already launched podcast playlists in order to analyze how users used them.

Now, the objective is twofold: it is to convince people who listen to podcasts to do so on Spotify but also to attract a new audience. This could help users to turn to new features that they would not necessarily discover without these new playlists dedicated to this particular format.

This novelty comes in a context where the health situation is unprecedented in the world, which has the effect of changing the habits of Spotify users. In this regard, Holt says: I think a lot of people are changing their behavior for a limited time, but we also have signals – we’re looking at our platform globally – and we’re seeing different sets of data in different markets that are at different stages of the pandemic response “.

In any case, Spotify was planning to launch this novelty now. The vice president expects a return to normal as the health situation improves around the world.

The novelty of Spotify could have the effect of accelerating the development of the podcast, which is widely known by word of mouth, promotion on other platforms (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or others. In this way, the world’s number one in streaming is changing its strategy in order to make new features known to its users. If the results are conclusive, other countries should undeniably benefit from these playlists.


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