How to Download Spotify Premium Apk 2023 {Latest Version} For Free

How to Download Spotify Premium Apk-Have you tried the free version of Spotify and now you can’t do without it anymore? Are you thinking of subscribing to a Premium subscription but don’t know how to access the service? Would you like to know how to have Spotify on all your devices? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain to you how to download Spotify Premium in the easiest and fastest way possible.

If you take some of your time, I can explain how to install the Spotify software on your computer and download the service application on your mobile devices. In addition, you will find instructions for activating the Spotify Premium free trial which allows you to try the music streaming service without limitations, with the possibility of deactivating the automatic renewal at any time and without constraints.

How to download spotify premium apk

Are you ready to delve into the topic? Well, then all you have to do is make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and read this tutorial, through which you will discover how to listen to your favorite music and access a vast catalog that has millions of songs of all genres and eras. I wish you a good reading and… a good listening!

Spotify Premium Pricing

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Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and discovering how to download Spotify Premium together , let me show you the subscription costs for the service.

  • Premium (9.99 euros/month): allows you to have access to all Spotify features, without advertising interludes. You can listen to music in offline mode, freely choose the songs to listen to on all devices (including your smartphone) and offers streaming quality up to 320 kbps.
  • Premium for Family (15.99/month): it is the ideal plan to get the most and reduce costs. In fact, with the family subscription, access is guaranteed for up to six people (resident at the same address as you) at the same time and each with their own account.
  • Premium for Students (4.99/month): All students are eligible for the 50% discounted Premium Membership. After verifying identity and university enrollment, students can take advantage of the discount for the entire period of study via the SheerID platform.

Spotify is also available in a free version with some limitations: obligation to listen in shuffle mode (therefore in random mode, without the freedom to choose individual songs to play) on smartphones, commercial breaks and standard audio quality (160 kbps on desktop and 96 kbps on portable devices) and allows you to try the Premium plan through a free 30-day trial, with no obligation to renew.

As mentioned, with Premium for Family you can lower the cost of the monthly subscription by sharing expenses with relatives and friends of up to 6 people, thus bringing the cost down to 2.5 euros/month. Alternatively, if you can’t find acquaintances interested in Spotify, you can rely on Together Price , the online platform that allows you to lower the cost of subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Spotify and more, thanks to account sharing.

How to Download Spotify Premium to computer Pc

How to Download Spotify Premium

Spotify is available for Windows and macOS computers, through software that can be downloaded for free from the official website of the service. Also, there is a web version of Spotify that can be used from Chrome and other browsers, but it’s more limited than the desktop version (e.g. it doesn’t allow you to control media playback with keyboard keys when the browser window isn’t in focus). floor).

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Whatever “tool” you choose to use Spotify, to access the contents of the service you need to create a free account on it. So connect to the Spotify official website, click on the Sign up item (top right) and choose whether to create a new account via Facebook, by pressing the blue Sign up with Facebook button , or whether to proceed with the “normal” registration via email by entering the your data in the Email , Confirm Email , Password , Username , Date of Birth and Gender fields .

Therefore, put the check marks on the items relating to the acceptance of the conditions of use and click on the Sign up button to complete the registration. Then remember to confirm the activation of your account by pressing the Confirm account button contained in the e-mail message you will receive from Spotify.

How to Download Spotify Premium

You can now download the official Spotify client, which is compatible with Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.9 or later. Then connect to the Spotify site and click on the item Download (present at the top) and the download for the device in use will automatically start. If it doesn’t start, press the try again button .

When the download is complete, if you’re using a Windows PC , double-click the downloaded file ( SpotifySetup.exe ), then press Run to start the Spotify download and wait for the program download and installation procedure to complete. If you use Mac, however, go to the download folder and extract the contents of the ZIP file you just downloaded. Then launch the Install Spotify executable , click on the Open item and wait for the Spotify download to complete.

How to Download Spotify Premium

Once the installation is complete, the service program will start automatically. Then enter your Username and Password in the appropriate fields and press the green Login button to authenticate.

In order not to repeat the operation every time, you can move the lever next to the item Remember me from OFF to ON in order to memorize the access data. At this point you are able to use Spotify in the free version or, if you want, in the Premium version by activating your 30-day free trial.

How to Download Spotify Premium

How to Activate Spotify Premium Free Trial

To activate the Spotify Premium free trial , click on the Upgrade button at the top right of the official service client. On the web page that opens, choose a payment method between credit or debit card and PayPal . In the first case, enter your card details in the Card number , Expiration date and Security code fields , then press the Buy Spotify Premium button to activate the one-month free trial.

If you prefer payment with PayPal , click on the button with the service logo, press the item Buy Spotify Premium , enter your email address and password and click on the Login button to link your PayPal account to that of Spotify. Do not use the Paysafecard payment method as it provides for immediate debit of the subscription.

How to Download Spotify Premium

At the end of the trial, if you deactivate the automatic renewal of the subscription and then change your mind, you can follow the same procedure to activate your Spotify Premium subscription.

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Deactivate your Spotify Premium subscription

You can turn off the automatic renewal of your Spotify Premium subscription at any time without any strings attached. Also this operation, as well as the registration and activation of the free trial, can only be done through the browser.

Then connect to the Spotify website, press the item Log in at the top and enter your data to log in . Click on your name (top right), select the Account item and click on the Subscription item in the left menu. The summary of your subscription is available on the proposed screen, with the date of the next renewal and the payment method.

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To cancel the automatic renewal, press the green Modify or cancel button , click the Cancel Premium subscription button and confirm by pressing the item Yes, cancel . You can continue to use the remaining trial or subscription days.

How to Download Spotify Premium on smartphones and tablets

How to Download Spotify Premium

Spotify is also available for mobile devices in the form of an application, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices. The service in the free version has numerous limitations: in addition to advertising breaks, only listening in shuffle mode is available on smartphones. New users have the opportunity to try the service for 7 days by activating the free trial directly from the app, with no automatic renewal and no restrictions.

If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet , you can download Spotify directly from the Play Store . Then tap the colored ▶︎ icon on your device’s home screen, type Spotify in the search field at the top and confirm by pressing the Search button . In the search results, locate the app identified by a green circle with three black lines , press the Install and Accept buttons and wait for the installation to complete.

If you have an iPhone or iPad , the process is a little different. To download and install Spotify, open the App Store (the letter “A” on a blue background on your device’s home screen), press the Search button (in the menu below) and in the Search field located at the top, type Spotify . So press the items Get and Install positioned next to the Spotify icon in the search results and that’s it. You may be asked to verify your identity using Touch ID or by typing your Apple ID password.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

How to Activate Spotify Premium Free Trial

As already mentioned above, the Spotify app allows you to activate a free trial of the Premium plan for 7 days without automatic renewal (therefore without having to provide a valid payment method). To activate the trial on an Android terminal , open the Spotify app and log in: if you already have an account, press the Login button and enter your Username and Password , otherwise choose to connect your Facebook account to that of Spotify by pressing the entry Use Facebook .

If it’s your first time on the music streaming service, you need to create an account by pressing the green Join Free button . Then enter your email address and a password in the appropriate text fields, press the Next button and, in the following screens, indicate your date of birth , your gender and press the green button Accept to accept the terms and conditions of use of the service. As a last step, confirm the activation of the account by clicking on the green Confirm account button contained in the message received via email.

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When you first start Spotify, enter your name in the What’s your name field and press the Save button , while on the next screen press the Continue button to start creating a playlist and set your favorite genres or click on the Skip item to avoid this step. Now, to activate your Spotify Premium free trial for 7 days with no obligation to renew, press the item Your library at the bottom right and press the gear symbol to access Spotify settings . Now, press the Switch to Premium button , tap the Start the free trial buttonAnd that’s it.

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If you’re using an iPhone or iPad , launch the Spotify app and hit Sign In to authenticate. If you don’t already have an account, you need to create one. Then press the Create account button to sign up for the service and choose whether to create a new account via Facebook, by pressing the blue button Sign up with Facebook , or whether to proceed with the “normal” registration via email by entering your data in the fields Email , Choose a password , Choose username , date of birth and gender . Complete the registration by pressing the Sign up buttonand accepting the terms of service by tapping on the item Accept .

To activate the 7-day trial, press the Your library button located at the bottom right and press the gear symbol to access the Spotify settings . Select the Account option and press on the Buy Spotify Premium item . As a last step, tap the green Start Free Trial button and you can start your free trial of the service with no obligation to renew.

spotify ios

The 30-day trial period can only be activated via the browser on your device and the procedure is the same for Android and iOS. So connect to the Spotify website, press the Choose Spotify Premium button , then tap on the item Start your free trial and access your account by entering the data to log in .

Choose a payment method between credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PostePay are accepted) and PayPal . Then proceed to enter your card details or your PayPal account details and you’re done. The message You have upgraded to Premium , in fact, confirms the activation of the free trial.

How to Deactivate your Spotify Premium subscription

spotify cancel premium

If you have activated the 7-day free trial through the Spotify app, you do not need to deactivate the automatic renewal as the trial does not include it. If, on the other hand, you have activated the 30-day free trial from your browser and want to cancel your subscription to avoid incurring additional costs, connect to the Spotify website. Then press the item Login , located at the top right, and enter the data to log into your account.

Press on your name at the top right, select the Account item and select the Subscription option on the left. Tap the green Change or cancel button and, on the next screen, press the Cancel Premium subscription option found in the Change plans section . Confirm by tapping the Yes, cancel button . Auto-renewal is disabled but you will be able to use the remaining trial or subscription days.

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