How to Download Spotify to Smart TV

While on the move, you love listening to good music through the Spotify app installed on your smartphone. When you’re at home, however, you want to play your favorite playlists through the TV, in order to take advantage of the powerful speakers of the Smart TV you recently bought (or, why not, a soundbar). If that’s the case and you’re reading this tutorial of mine, you don’t have to worry: I’ll explain how to proceed shortly.

In fact, this guide is designed to go into detail on the procedure for how to download Spotify on Smart TV . In case you were wondering, I’m going to look at all the solutions on the market, so it doesn’t matter which brand your TV belongs to: you’ll see that, in the end, you’ll somehow manage to achieve your goal. Among other things, not even a Premium subscription to the famous streaming platform is required to use the TV app.

In the main cases, just press a few buttons on the remote control, while in others it may be necessary to go through an external device (but nothing complex or too expensive). So, what do you think? Are you ready to start? Perfect, then I suggest you make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and carefully read the quick steps below. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good listening!

How to Download Spotify to Smart TV


The procedure related to how to download Spotify on Smart TV varies depending on the TV model at your disposal. In any case, it is nothing too complex.

To be clear, generally it is enough to open the official digital app store on the TV, type “spotify” , select the app box and press the Install / Download (or similar) button, in order to then find Spotify in the main system menu operational and launch the app from there. Before that, of course, you need to connect the TV to the Internet via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi network (obviously from now on I’ll assume you’ve already done it).

In short, it is an extremely simple procedure to follow, so much so that if you have a supported TV (whether it is, for example, an Android TV , a Smart TV from LG or a Smart TV from Samsung ), probably you will already understand what you have to do.

If you have any doubts, no problem: below are two practical examples of the procedure to follow for some of the most popular TV models.

How to Download Spotify on Android TV

How to Download Spotify on Android TV

Whether you’re wondering, for example, how to download Spotify to Panasonic Smart TVs , how to download Spotify to Philips Smart TVs or how to download Spotify to Hisense Smart TVs , you need to know that the procedure to follow for Android TVs is essentially always the same. For completeness of information, you must also know that the procedure I am about to show you usually also applies to Android TV boxes .

In fact, Spotify in this case is available on the Play Store , i.e. Google’s official digital store which clearly doesn’t need too many introductions (of course access to a Google account is required, but the latter is generally configured when first turned on, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble). To proceed, therefore, you just need to pick up the remote control and go to the Home screen of the TV (usually there is a special button). Here you will probably find the Play Store (look for the presence of the shopping bag icon, if you don’t find it use the search function): you just have to open it, use the search function and type“spotify” .

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Then select the box dedicated to the application and press the Install button . By doing so, the download and installation of the app will automatically start : once the latter are finished, you will find the Spotify icon in the main menu of the TV. You just have to press on the latter to start the app and be able to proceed with its configuration .

Since this is the first time I’m referring to installing the app in this guide, I also want to give you some details about what happens after opening Spotify on Smart TV, so that you are aware knowledge of everything (I won’t repeat these steps later, as they are essentially always the same, but at least this way you will know how to link the Spotify account to the Smart TV app ).

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How to Install Spotify on Android Smart TV

Well, to configure the application for the first time you will be required to log into your Spotify account (or create one). If you choose to press the ACCESS button , all the methods that allow you to log in will appear on the screen .

In particular, the recommended method on the screen is to open the Spotify app for mobile devices , making sure that the smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV, start a song and tap on the device icon , in up, then select the TV and start listening to music. To take advantage of the Spotify Connect feature that allows you to switch the playback of a song from one device to another, however, a Spotify Premium account is required .

Alternatively, by pressing the ACCESS WITH CODE button , you can scan a QR code with your mobile device or connect to the Spotify website from your browser, log in with your profile , typing the code on the TV screen and clicking tap twice on the MATCH button to complete the procedure. Another possibility is the classic one, accessible by pressing the LOGIN WITH PASSWORD button .

In short, there are several possible login methods and I am therefore sure that you will not have too many problems accessing your Spotify account in some way even from the TV. For more information, you can check out my tutorial on how to connect Spotify to TV.

Either way, once you’re logged in, you’ll be greeted by the classic Spotify home screen , which already features recommended playlists and the like. From here on, using the service is child’s play, since everything is almost identical to the other versions of the app, i.e. those for mobile devices and computers. For more details, you can refer to my guide on how Spotify works.

How to connect Spotify to Android TV

For the rest, clearly there are many different televisions on the market and therefore there may be some slight variations in the procedure to follow. However, following the instructions I have just provided you shouldn’t have too many problems in achieving your goal, as in any case these are simple steps that can be easily implemented even by those who are not tech-savvy.

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In any case, if you have not fully understood some issues or if your TV does not work exactly as described, you can easily learn more through my generic guide on how to install apps on Smart TV.

How to Download Spotify to LG Smart TV

How to Download Spotify to LG Smart TV

If you have an LG Smart TV , you can easily go to the LG Content Store , which is the official digital store pre – installed on the webOS operating system .

To proceed, you just need to have a remote control and press the house icon button , so that the TV’s smart menu appears on the screen. At this point, select the LG Content Store tile (which has the shopping bag icon), use the search function (magnifying glass icon) and type “spotify” .

Then press on the most relevant result and select the Install button . Perfect, now the download will start automatically and you will then find the Spotify box , which will allow you to start the app, in the smart menu that I explained how to access earlier. In short, even in this case everything is very simple and, among other things, the available login methods are exactly the ones I indicated in the chapter dedicated to Android TV (so you might be interested in taking a look at the latter).

In short, as you can see, it is absolutely nothing complex and if in doubt, you can refer to my tutorial on how to download apps to LG Smart TVs.

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How to download Spotify to non smart TV

How do you say? Do you have a TV that does not have any smart features or have you tried, as suggested in the previous chapters, to search for the official Spotify app within the official digital store integrated on your TV but have not been successful? No problem, I’ll immediately go into some alternative solutions that can come in handy in these cases. Of course, in this case we refer to the use of external devices , but I can assure you that it is nothing too expensive and that there are tons of possibilities out there.

Video game consoles

How to Download Spotify on PlayStation 4

An intriguing solution that you may already have at home if you are a gamer (or someone in your family is) is represented by video game consoles . Did you know that generally the latter, which are clearly already connected to the TV via the HDMI port, support not only the installation of games but also of entertainment-related apps? These also include the official Spotify application .

In fact, on PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S (in simple terms on the eighth and ninth generation of Sony and Microsoft home consoles) it is possible to download directly from the integrated digital store, i.e. the PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store , the Spotify app . In other words, everything is extremely similar to what I explained in the chapter dedicated to Smart TV, only in this case the console and its smart features are used .

The procedure for doing this is completely similar to what I have already explained above, but to give you a concrete example, I’ll immediately explain how to proceed from PlayStation 4 . Well, once logged into the PlayStation Network (therefore after connecting the PS4 to the Internet and possibly creating a special account), just press the X button on the pad above the PlayStation Store icon (the shopping bag), present on the main screen of the console.

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Now, use the search function and type “spotify” , then selecting the app box . Finally, you just have to press the Download button , in order to start the download and then be able to start the application using the appropriate box that will appear on the Home screen . In short, the procedure is essentially identical to the one described in my guide on how to download games on PS4, since no difference is made in this sense between games and apps. A similar procedure can also be performed on Xbox consoles .


How to install Spotify on Chromecast with Google TV

One of the most important “representatives” for HDMI dongles , i.e. keys that connect to the TV’s HDMI port to add smart features to the latter, is certainly Google’s Chromecast . There are two Chromecast models on the market: the basic one, which allows you to play multimedia content at Full HD resolution with only the ability to send content from smartphones, tablets and PCs connected to the same wireless network, and the one called Chromecast with Google TV , which offers the possibility to install apps such as Spotifydirectly on the device, play content in 4K with Dolby Vision and HDR and control everything with a dedicated remote control. For more details, you can refer to my guide on how Chromecast works.

Amazon Fire TV Stick/Cube

How to Download Spotify to Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon also offers HDMI dongles, called the Amazon Fire TV Stick , as well as a TV box, called the Fire TV Cube instead .

In other words, the Amazon Fire TV Sticks are “keys” to be connected to the HDMI port of the TV, with a remote control and dedicated app store, in order to take advantage of smart features such as the official Spotify application .

There are various types of Amazon Fire TV Stick, which differ, to make it short, as well as for the price, for available functions and supported resolution. For all the details of the case, I suggest you refer to my tutorial on what Amazon Fire TV Stick is and how it works, in which I went into a bit of detail about everything there is to know about this type of products.

Apple TV

Apple TV Spotify

In case you missed it, since the end of 2019 it has also been possible to use Spotify via Apple TV , which is the official multimedia box of the Cupertino company.

Indeed, the official Spotify application is available for Apple TV through the App Store , so if you are wondering how to download Spotify on Apple TV , simply follow my guide on how to download apps on Apple TV to reach your objective. In any case, you should know that there are two versions of the product: the basic 32GB one which allows you to play content in Full HD and the 4K version available in 32 or 64GB memory sizes, which obviously also supports 4K content. Both have remote control and dedicated App Store, but also support mirroring from iPhone, iPad and Mac via AirPlay.

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