How to grow on spotify {Updated 2023}

How to grow on spotify-You have never been so curious and willing to do it. You have had an online artist account for some time and you think you have all the credentials to make it: talent, patience and perseverance. And now you want to get serious. Yes, I know: you’ve ended up here because you want to find out how to grow on Spotify and you’re looking for advice that can somehow inspire you and, at the same time, guide you to achieve your goal with practical examples. You’ve come to just the right place!

The road to success, regardless of the path, is tortuous and fraught with obstacles: this means that the goals you set for yourself may not necessarily be achieved on the first try, and that more often than not you should expect failure . It’s not rhetoric, be careful: if it were so easy to become a star in the music world or on the Web, why isn’t everyone able to do it? Think about it, but don’t be discouraged… on the contrary, use the awareness of how difficult this undertaking is to prepare yourself in the best possible way and plan all your next moves correctly.

How to grow your podcast on spotify

What is needed is not only talent, which is the basis of everything anyway, but also determination: if you fail the first time, it doesn’t matter; if you get the second one wrong, likewise. Each time you will have to correct what went wrong, until all the corrections, step by step, will bring you to the finish line. And this tutorial on Spotify , made up of many practical examples and instructions to follow, could be really useful for you. Try, therefore, to follow the advice below and you will not regret it. I cross my fingers for you!

How to grow fast on spotify 2023

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In the course of this guide, he will give you some advice on how to increase followers on Spotify and how to increase plays which – it should be emphasized – are not the same thing: you can have many followers but less plays than those who perhaps have fewer followers than you.

So let’s start with this: make an effort to get to know the medium you’re using, try to understand the dynamics with which Spotify gives visibility to artists and try to understand why those who follow you don’t listen to your music or your podcasts.

Clearly, you will find an explanation – at least partial – to these questions in the course of the guide, but, I repeat, it is important to start from here: understand what you don’t know about Spotify and find ways to improve your online presence, once you have reached the level of knowledge needed. Difficult? Perhaps. Possible? Certainly.

The rules of success are always talent and perseverance , it’s true, but it’s equally undeniable that there are precise strategies to use to make a name for yourself on Spotify as well as on social networks; these strategies have to do, on the one hand, with the increase of followers ; on the other with the increase in audience . By improving both variables, Spotify will be able to understand that you are much loved and the internal algorithm will begin to give you visibility and consideration: it is a virtuous circuit which is difficult to enter but which, once “hit”, will give you a lot of satisfaction.

How to do? To simplify matters as much as possible, we can say that everything revolves around three “p”: “product” , “public” and “advertising” , which I will tell you about in detail in this tutorial.

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How to get followers on Spotify

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You should already know everything about the first “p”, since it is essentially about creating quality content with the right tools : in fact, you can also have many followers, but if your content doesn’t work because it is poor or approximate, no one will give you credit and you will get nothing but criticism.

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Below you will find lots of tips to put into practice regarding the other two “p’s”, but I’ll tell you right away that by “advertising” I don’t just mean paid sponsorships: there’s a lot you can do for free. Curious to learn more about the matter? Well then let’s get started!

How to understand the target audience

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Any artist who has been successful has undoubtedly discovered in his own way how to increase followers on Spotify , that is, he has identified the right strategy for his audience and his content.

Well, the second “p” concerns exactly the profile of your potential supporters, of what will be your fan base in the future : who are you talking to? What is your music about? And what are the topics of your podcasts? Perhaps you may find these questions trivial but, in reality, everything starts from here.

Only once you have a clear target , in fact, will you be able to understand how to behave. I’ll give you an example right away: if your music is Italian, it is useless, at least in principle, to adopt strategies or think of initiatives that have an international market as their target. Clearly, the situation changes if you also want to reach potential fans abroad.

I can give you many other examples: what kind of audience would your songs appeal to and in what period could they be most listened to? If you think you’ve recorded a beautiful song about a relationship or love in general, you could also set up a sponsorship campaign (as I’ll explain later) in Valentine’s week. Don’t turn up your nose: you will certainly know that establishing yourself on the market means not only having the right product but also promoting it at the right time .

To better understand your audience, I recommend creating a Spotify for Artists account. This will allow you to achieve two important objectives: on the one hand, you will be able to certify your artist profile , and this allows you to differentiate yourself from others who have not yet been certified; on the other, you will be able to access content statistics , thus fully understanding how your audience behaves (for example, which songs are listened to most, what their musical preferences are, and so on). Never underestimate all the tools that allow you to know who follows you!

How to take care of your online image

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Speaking of your profile, don’t forget to take care of it down to the smallest detail because it helps to create your image on the Web , and it will be that image that your followers will associate you with. When I talk about profiles, I am certainly referring to Spotify, which you will have to complete in all its parts, with photos, important dates and so on, but also to all other accounts open on social networks. What does it has to do with it? I’ll explain it to you right away.

Each social network has its strengths and operating mechanisms, which you will need to fully understand: it is clear, for example, that on Instagram you will have to focus on images or videos, creating stories or reels , and that on Facebook you should focus on other types of content (posts, longer and more articulated comments, etc.); on Twitter you’ll need to use shorter messages and catchphrases, and so on. In that regard, I think you might find the guides I’ve prepared on gaining followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter useful.

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What you have to do is take advantage of the success you have on other social networks to divert followers to your Spotify profile : nobody forbids you, for example, from creating stories on Instagram that refer to your latest musical works, to then link to the end just your profile. And what about the links in bio ? Have you released a single with a cover that you think is beautiful? Try advertising it on all your profiles in various ways: on Facebook, for example, you could go on and on explaining how the job came about; on Instagram you could publish a photo collage, on Twitter a short sentence that identifies your product and link to your profile.

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Obviously, I can’t recommend precise strategies because I don’t know the content you want to advertise, but it is certain that every social network contributes to creating your online image: that’s why you mustn’t underestimate any aspect of your presence on the Web!

Just imagine if a fan of yours found your Facebook page abandoned or, again, how a new Spotify follower would react if they saw your Instagram profile that hasn’t been updated for a long time. You have to be constant and present to appear serious and genuinely interested. And, then, do you think it possible to leave fans without content or in any case present yourself with a poorly maintained account, expecting everyone to follow you without saying anything? Such an approach is undoubtedly wrong.

How to choose the right playlists

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Once you have identified your audience and taken care of your profile in the best possible way, you will have to start looking for the right playlists , that is, those compatible with the musical genre of your content; in other words, it’s useless to be accepted into a playlist of a million followers who are passionate about metal or electronic music, if your genre is pop. And the same goes for podcasts, of course: if you’re talking about music, there’s no point in appearing in playlists that have football-themed content. Rather, you will have to look for well-targeted playlists and you will see that, even if they are small, you will gradually get good results.

As? Want to appear in a playlist but don’t know where to start? Calm! What you have to do is look for Curators , as I have explained to you in detail in this guide. I advise you to read it carefully, even if here I can immediately advise you not to be insistent, long-winded and not to spam : once you have found the editor, be kind, tell him in just a few lines about your piece or your project and offer him your content; He’ll decide whether or not to include you in a playlist, and if he doesn’t, thank him anyway, since he doesn’t have to help you, and it’s counterproductive to leave a bad impression about yourself.

In the event that you manage to get yourself included in playlists, you will see that the followers will increase, especially if they are well “targeted” playlists and if there are many who follow them. What to do now? Do you really want to miss the opportunity to show everyone this little achievement? Obviously not! As I explained to you earlier, take advantage of your social networks to publicize what you have achieved and let your fans know that you are achieving success: it’s nice to be humble and always keep your feet firmly on the ground, but you also need to be smart and show your goals when needed; this applies to both playlisting and any other goal.

Being included in a Spotify playlist will also allow you to increase the ratings of your songs, and that’s why, speaking of ratings, I can only return to the subject below, albeit briefly.

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How to increase streams on Spotify

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I know: it’s not easy to understand how to increase plays on Spotify , but the playlist certainly makes the difference, and the approach you need to adopt is always the same. I remind you briefly: identify your target , and make sure it’s the same as the playlist you’ve been eyeing, as I explained when talking about the target audience; this is because you can also find a curator willing to publish your song, but, if his audience is different from yours, this inclusion will hardly lead to an increase in listens and, consequently, to a strengthening of your fan base.

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Apart from playlists, are there other ways to increase Spotify plays? Of course yes! Make the most of your social profiles in this case as well: don’t disdain, for example, to organize initiatives that perhaps seem silly or unfeasible to you, but which, in reality, could surprise you. What exactly am I talking about? Of the classic Spotify day , for one thing! I’ll tell you how you could do it.

First of all, organize a live Instagram with your fans , tell them that you need great support to get noticed by Spotify and that you have organized a Spotify day, that is a day in which they will have to listen to your piece continuously to make them climb the rankings. At the end of the day, you won’t have to forget to thank them through Instagram or with the social network you use the most, perhaps by talking to them again live: your fan base will be enthusiastic and will bond even more with you (and loyal followers are very important for a musical project as for any other project).

So far I have explained to you how to increase listeners for free but I remind you that Spotify’s paid sponsorship service, Spotify Ad Studio, also exists . Did you know nothing about it? I can only tell you, then, about the third “p”, i.e. the “advertising” of the contents , starting right from the official service of the platform.

In reality, the service is not yet open to everyone, but those who are admitted can use Spotify to promote their music and, more generally, their work: this means that you can set up advertising campaigns based on the profile of your audience ( age, musical tastes, etc.) and that you will be able to invest your savings well to make yourself known faster. I tell you about it in detail in this guide.

Clearly, not everyone who listens to your music through advertising will decide to become your followers: when you invest in advertising you take it for granted, and what matters is that the campaign you created has attracted a good number of users. It will be up to you to evaluate whether the investment has paid off, perhaps by comparing yourself with experts in the sector or with those who have already used the service.

In all cases, I advise you to be wary of anyone who promises you to increase your followers and ratings in no time: in some cases they are scams; in others, of services that are based on bots, therefore on false accounts that are of little use to you. Be careful: I know you’re eager to reach your goal, but haste could really play tricks on you.

At the end of this tutorial, I think it will be clear to you that creating a sort of family must be your main goal : a devoted fan will hardly abandon you, and over time it will be the many fans attached to you and your music that will decree the success of your project . Good luck!

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