How to listen to Spotify on two devices simultaneously

Lately, you have heard some of your friends talking about being able to listen to music from Spotify on different devices simultaneously: the idea of ​​being able to share your musical preferences and your beloved playlists in real-time with other users actually excites you a lot, but unfortunately, you haven’t “understood” well how this is possible.

Actually, as I’ll show you in more detail shortly, you can easily accomplish this how to listen to Spotify on two devices at the same time taking advantage of the various solutions made available by the famous music streaming platform, which include the possibility of creating a remote group session or joining one of the multi-account plans dedicated to couples and families.

If you want to know more, I urge you to continue reading the next paragraphs: I’m sure you’ll find what I have to tell you particularly interesting! How do you say? Are you all ears, and have you taken some free time specifically to delve into the subject? Perfect, at this point I just have to wish you good continuation and, above all, have fun!


Can I listen to Spotify on two devices at the same time?

Spotify Duo presentation

Before showing you the procedures to enable listening to Spotify on multiple devices at the same time, I think it is appropriate to clarify the circumstances in which the famous music streaming platform allows you to take advantage of this opportunity.

First of all, keep in mind that to take advantage of the features made available by Spotify you need to have a premium accounts: if, therefore, you currently use the service in modality freebut you are interested in testing the paid service, bear in mind that as a new user it is always possible to take advantage of one free trial.

The trial consists, depending on the promotion in progress, in a variable period from 1 to 3 months Of free use of the plan Standard Spotify Premium: at the end of the trial period you can choose whether to renew or deactivate the subscription at the cost of 9.99 euros/month (or 4.99 euros/month for university students).

Although this is an individual plan which, by definition, does not allow simultaneous playback on multiple devices, a new feature has recently been integrated, currently only available on mobile deviceswhich allows you to start a remote group session.

Basically, this way you will be able to share in real time what you are listening to with others 7 friends possess, in turn, a premium subscription (the extension to free accounts is, at the time of writing) under development), in a very similar way to what happens with some movie and TV series streaming services that allow you to watch movies together remotely.

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Each participant will therefore have the possibility to control the playback of the songs, choose the playlist, start or pause the streaming, add new items to the listening queue, but also, of course, decide independently when to leave the session.

I must warn you, however, that the function in question – at least at the time of writing – is in beta and, therefore, may not be available for some users or on some types of devices. Furthermore, since it is a test phase, certain features may undergo changes until the final version is released.

How do you say? Not quite what you were looking for as you actually wish you could listen to music simultaneously but independently, choosing different songs and playlists than from your Spotify “partner”, and without device limitations? If so, I recommend that you consider activating a multi-account plan as Spotify Duos (ideal for a couple living together) or, if you are part of a larger family unit (up to 6 people), Spotify Family.

By joining one of the above subscriptions you will be given the opportunity to associate separate accounts for each member by paying a single subscription: to be precise, Spotify Duos it costs 12.99 euros/monthwhile the price of the version Family amounts to 15.99 euros/month. You will certainly be pleased to know, moreover, that these plans also usually provide for a 1 month free trial.

To conclude, I would like to inform you that, should you choose to join one of the aforementioned plans, in both cases taken into consideration, it will be necessary to demonstrate when activating the subscription that the accounts sharing the subscription actually have the same residence.

Listen to spotify from two devices at the same time

After clarifying the conditions that allow for listen to Spotify from two devices simultaneouslyin the following paragraphs I will show you the respective procedures: in particular, therefore, you will find the instructions for starting a remote group session and those for upgrading to a multi-account Spotify plan, as well as some advice on alternative solutions.

Start a remote group session

function to start a remote group session on the Spotify app

If you chose to test the new feature for start a remote group session and, therefore, you already have a Premium account (otherwise, as indicated in the preliminary chapter, you will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity) you will necessarily have to use theSpotify apps For mobile devicesand for starters I suggest you check that this is updated. If you have no idea how to do it, in this dedicated guide I’ll explain in detail the procedure to get the latest version available.

If, on the other hand, you have not yet done so download itconsider that the app is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have Google services) and iPhone/iPad.

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After launching Spotify and logging into your account, press the dei symbol devices placed within the playernext to the title of the song being played, after which, as soon as the list of compatible devices detected appears, select the last option Start a remote group session and, in the next step, press the button Invite friends.

Next, select the channel with which you want to invite the other participants – you can, for example, use Whatsapp by pressing the respective icon and then selecting the contacts to whom you wish to forward the linksor send a traditional SMS to those in yours address book.

Alternatively, you can opt for the feature Otherwhich will give you the opportunity to choose between the messaging, email or social apps on your device, or the mode Copy link which, on the other hand, will allow you to independently send the invitation by reporting the relative link in the way you prefer.

how to join group session on spotify

As soon as the user receives the invitation message, all he has to do is press on it: the Spotify app will also be opened on his device at the same time, and all he has to do is press the button Join the session to start participating in the “group”.

At this point, he too will have complete control over all playback features until he independently chooses to abandon heror its creator will not decide to terminate the session: in both cases it will be necessary to press again on the symbol of the device seen above and press on the appropriate button located at the bottom of the screen, confirming the intention in the subsequent notification.

Subscribe to a multi-account Spotify plan

Spotify site plan change screen

If you are considering the possibility of subscribe to a multi-account Spotify plan and, therefore, you want to join the subscription Spotify Duos (2 accounts for 12.99 euros per month) or Spotify Family (up to 6 accounts at 15.99 euros per month) so that each user can also listen to their respective playlists simultaneously on any compatible device, I’ll explain immediately what you need to do to upgrade.

First of all, the best way to manage your account is to use your browser to connect to this page of the Spotify site, which, after logging into your account, shows an overview of your profile.

Then press the button Change Plan located below the box Your planthen locate the subscription you wish to subscribe to and click on the button Select present there: on the next screen you will see a summary of the modification, and you will have to press on the button Change plan below to upgrade.

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At this point, in order to add another account you must also set thehome address by pressing the appropriate button shown on the next page, and then clicking on the function Enter your home address: you will need to enter the information in the relevant field on the following screen and select the correct option from those proposed.

invite a second account to Spotify Duo

Once this is done, press the button Find address and, if this matches the one reported in the notification, click on the button He confirms and wait for the data to be saved. Finally, click on the indication Invite the chosen person and define whether to forward the invitation on messengers, Whatsapp or e-mailor whether to proceed independently copying the link on the messaging tool you want.

The other user, at this point, will only have to do access the link delivered to him, press the button Accept invitation on the page that will load, run theauthentication (or, if necessary, proceed to registration of a new account) and enter theresidential address (which, of course, must match that of the main account). After a brief check, you can immediately start using the service.

In case you want to proceed from smartphones or tablets via the Spotify app, after starting it, press the symbol ofgear located at the top right, select your name on the following screen floorthen press the entry Switch plans on the web: you will be sent back to the Spotify website page in the mobile version that I have shown you just now, and you will be able to continue editing exactly as shown above.

Wireless connection

multi room speaker

Another solution that you can implement, for example to listen to music in the various rooms of a house, is to take advantage of the wireless connection that may be integrated in the audio diffusion devices that you usually use for this purpose, thus creating a multi-room system composed of speakers compatible with this technology connected to each other via Bluetooth.

If you want to learn more about the subject, you can get a more precise idea of ​​how to proceed by reading my guide on how to connect two Bluetooth speakers. Consider that a solution of this kind is also applicable to Amazon Echo devices that support this technology.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in learning how to connect two Bluetooth headphones to a PC or mobile device to share listening to your favorite music from Spotify, I suggest you consult the guide I just linked to you.

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