How to Listen to Spotify while we play on PC

Want to stream music on Spotify while playing games on PC? Let’s find out how.

Spotify has quickly become the most used streaming service by young and very young people, since it allows you to access many songs for free and with the Premium account you can also unlock the highest sound quality, as well as remove advertising and other limits present in the service.

Since many young users love listening to music while playing their favorite video game, Microsoft has decided to integrate the audio of apps such as Spotify into the game bar in a simple and immediate way, so you can change songs on the fly, discover the title of song playing or pause.

Let’s see in this guide how to use Spotify while playing games on PCby configuring the Game Bar built into the latest versions of Windows 10. If we do not see this bar or Spotify-related functions appear, we are probably using an outdated version of Windows 10 and we will have to fix it before we can apply Spotify in the game bar.

Listen to Spotify while playing games on Windows

This function is only present on Windows 10: if we play with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 we will have to update the operating system, switching to the latest version supported by Microsoft.

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If, on the other hand, we already have Windows 10, it is still advisable to check if we are using the latest version released by Microsoft, since the Game Bar is frequently updated with each release. To carry out this check, open the Start menu at the bottom left, look for the app Settings let’s go to the menu Update and Security we open the menu Windows Update and press on Check for updates.

The search for updates for the operating system will start immediately; if we are advised to install a new version of Windows 10, press Download and install or up Install to complete the version update.

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How to integrate Spotify into Game Bar

After checking if there were Windows 10 updates on the gaming computer, let’s go to the Spotify configuration in the Game bar. As a first step, we install the specific Spotify app for Windows 10; we can get it by searching for it in the Microsoft Store or by accessing the official application page.

After downloading the app, open it and log in with the Spotify account that we usually use from a smartphone or tablet, then move on to configuring the Game Bar by pressing the Start menu at the bottom left and opening the app Xbox Game Bar; alternatively, we can also press on the keyboard shortcut WIN+G or press the key Xboxes of the Xbox controller (available on Amazon for less than €60).

As soon as the game bar appears on the screen, press the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top, press the Spotify widget and, in the new window that will appear, press on Link accounts and press up Allow when prompted to link the account present in the Spotify app (configured above); after the addition we can switch the Spotify icon to the foreground of the bar by pressing on the star next to the widget.

From now on, the list of songs listened to will appear immediately and we will also be able to quickly recall our favorite music, simply by calling up the Game Bar and pressing the Spotify icon at the top, which will also show a mini player in a small window where you can put pause, go forward, go back and view the information of the song being played.
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A famous service like Spotify could only be integrated into the Microsoft game bar, so as to please the most hardened gamers: now we can also minimize the volume of the music in the game and insert our personal music (by intelligently adjusting the volume).
Many games will play better if our Spotify music is played, without having to replace the sounds of the game or the speech of the players present on the screen.

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