How to loop a song on Spotify

How to loop a song on Spotify-Music is your passion and you just can’t live without it, so use it whenever you can Spotify to satisfy the desire to listen to your favorite songs. In particular, you would like to listen to one or more songs on repeat, over and over again, to distract yourself or to accompany your daily activities.

You probably still haven’t quite figured out how the most popular music streaming platform allows you to activate this function and you were wondering if there’s a way to do it from the official website or app. Well, if so, you couldn’t have come to a better place, because today I want to talk to you about how to loop a song on spotify.

How to loop a song on Spotify from PC

You’ll see, it’s much simpler than you thought and, after reading my quick directions, you’ll be able to do it on any device and operating system. In addition, I will show you how to listen to not only individual songs on repeat, but also entire playlists or albums. How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? So let’s ban the talk and let’s get down to business. Happy reading and have fun!

Spotify loops from PC

Let’s start right away by talking about how to loop a song on spotify from pc. Whether you prefer to use the Spotify desktop application for Windows, macOS or Linux or the web browser version, the only step to listen to your songs on repeat is to click on the dedicated button.

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Then, log into Spotify, play a song you know you want to loop, and press twice the button Repeat album, playlist or song (the icon Repeat), making sure the number is on the icon 1. Once the first performance of the song has finished, it will be played again continuously (ie in loop).

How to loop a song on Spotify from phone

Spotify loops from phone

Spotify is also available as an app for Android (also on alternative stores) and iOS/iPadOS, so let’s see how to loop a song on spotify on phone And Tablet.

That you want to know how to loop a song on spotify android or up iOS/iPadOSthe procedure is the same: start playback of the song to be looped and expand the player. At the bottom right you will find the button Repeat album, playlist or song (the icon Repeat), Therefore press it twice until a little one appears “1” on it. At this point, when the song is finished, it will start playing again and repeat it.

If you don’t see the icon and therefore the dedicated button directly in the player, press the button Options top (i three dots) and look for the function there.

How to loop a song on Spotify from TV


If you use Spotify on TV, via the Smart TV app, console or devices such as Chromecast, Fire TV Stick or Apple TV, you can follow the same procedure: start a song to loop, move with the remote control to Repeat album, playlist or song (the icon Repeat) And press the confirmation key twice until a baby appears “1” on the screen icon.

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Alternatively, you can open the Spotify app on another device connected to the same Wi-Fi network, press the button Spotify Connect (the icon with the screen and the smartphone) and control playback on the TV via the latter.

How to loop a playlist on Spotify

Spotify loop playlist from all devices

Finally, I want to let you know how to loop a playlist on spotify from any device. The method is identical even if you want to restart a looping album once finished listening to all the tracks, and also in this case consists in pressing the same key to repeat the single track.

Then, launch your favorite playlist or album that you want to listen to on repeat and press the button Repeat album, playlist or song (the icon Repeat). The difference is that you will have to press it once and not twiceso the number “1” must not appear on it.

Et voila! Now you know all the ways to loop your songs from any device where Spotify is present. In case you want to know even more in detail how to use this famous music service, check out my tutorials on how to download playlists, the best playlists to listen and download, how to add individual songs and how to play them offline, as well as of course my general guide on how Spotify works.

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