How to Make a Blend on Spotify

Lately, you’ve been hearing a lot about the ability to enable su Spotify an interesting feature named Blendwhich, from what you have been able to learn, would be able to mix your musical tastes with those of your friends and thus create a shared playlist in which your affinities with regards to songs and artists are highlighted.

You already have in mind a couple of people with whom you would be particularly curious to confront, but unfortunately at the moment you have not been able to identify this option among the various tools made available by the famous music streaming service.

How to make a blend on spotify

Well, if that’s the case, I can show you how to blend on spotify: just spend no more than a few minutes consulting this guide of mine and follow the simple instructions contained therein to quickly create your first playlist in this mode. How do you say? Can’t wait to find out more? Excellent, in that case I’ll leave you immediately to read the next chapters and I wish you a lot of fun!

What is Spotify Blend ?

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Before explaining yourself how Blend Spotify worksI think it is appropriate to give a brief overview of the features of this unique and fun feature developed by the hugely popular music streaming service. First of all, you will be pleased to know that this option is available for any profile and, therefore, also those who have an account Spotify Free they can use it.

As you probably already know, Blend essentially allows you to combine your favorite songs with those of friends and contacts who in turn have a Spotify account (up to a maximum of 10) creating a single “automatic” shared playlist and in no way editable manually, which is updated daily by the system with new songs based primarily on each other’s listening activities.

Even if your — or your — listening partners love musical genres that, on first inspection, might be particularly dissimilar (if not diametrically opposed), Blend’s algorithm is able to detect any contact points and propose songs, at least in intentions, compatible with the preferences of all those who have joined.

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In addition, the technology that mixes the songs also provides an estimate of the degree of affinity of the various participants, contextually determining the most representative pieceand displays the result in a prompt history in the form of a short video, easily shareable on the main social networks.

Before you try your hand at making your first Blend, I also want to let you know that each participant can in turn invite new friendsand that they will be able to view yours nicknames and yours profile picture within the playlist.

To conclude, you must know the participation in at least 3 individual Blend playlists allows you to activate a further named mode Friends mix: it is, also in this case, a shared playlist that combines your musical tastes with those of all the friends who, together with you, have joined the aforementioned Blends.

Spotify has provided, in addition to this, the possibility of creating a Blend with a selection of artists to discover the affinities with the musical tastes of the latter. If you are interested in finding out which ones they are, connected to this page of the Spotify site, then click on the respective ones names to automatically generate the shared playlist.

Blend Spotify: How to create a blend on spotify

Having made these appropriate premises, the time has come to show yourself in practice How to Blend Spotify. For your convenience, I have divided this section into two chapters dedicated respectively to procedures from app for mobile devices and from PC.

how to make a blend on spotify From app

Blend playlist creation from Spotify app

If you usually listen to your favorite music on the go, you can easily activate Blend directly from the Spotify apps, which is available for Android (also on alternative stores) and iOS/iPadOS, by following a few simple steps. Furthermore, through this solution, it is possible to use all the functions provided by the service in question.

Once you have started the application and logged in with your account, press the symbol to begin magnifying glass located at the bottom of the main menu, then type the word in the appropriate search field “Blend”. Next, tap the first named result One in two (shows the image of two intersecting circles) and, in the next step, press on the function with the symbol [+] and the wording below Create a Blend playlist.

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As mentioned in the preliminary chapter, it is possible to invite up to a maximum of 10 people: to proceed, therefore, touch the button Invite on the following screen and choose the tool you deem most suitable for completing the submission of the participation request. You can use, for example, a messaging service like Whatsapp or Telegrama social network such as Facebook or Instagram or again, send an email or a SMS to the contacts in the address book.

Those who receive the message will simply have to press on to participate embedded link in the same: they will thus be redirected to a specific subscription screen on the Spotify app or website, and it will be sufficient to press the button Join to complete the operation.

The new Blend playlist will be automatically created by the system within a few moments of joining, and will be visible in the section My library of the app. Pressing on it you will immediately be able to consult the list of songs proposed by the system based on the listening preferences of each of the participants: in this regard, next to each song you will see theprofile picture of the person to whom the algorithm referred to make the choice.

Blend playlist functions from Spotify app

Of course, you can start it reproduction as usual and carry out various operations using the appropriate tools placed under the title of the playlist and, if you have a Spotify Premium account, download it locally to be able to listen to it also offline.

Furthermore, by pressing on the outline symbol with the + symbol alongside, each of the participants will be able to add new members in turn, while touching the function marked by three vertical dots it will be possible to access a series of additional options. Among these, I point out the function View Blend’s storythanks to which you can view the affinity percentage with the other friends and the indication of the song that unites you the most.

If, at any time, you wanted to remove your membership to the shared playlist, you can do it by pressing the dei symbol again three vertical dots and selecting, this time, the function Exit the Blend playlist.

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how to make Create a blend on spotify From PC

Blend playlist creation from PC

Also from PC you can invite your friends to join one blended playlistseither through the clients for Windows and macOS that since Web playerbut I have to warn you right now that some features, which I will tell you more about later, are not usable in this mode.

Having said that, the operations to be performed are basically the same as those illustrated in the previous chapter relating to the procedure from the app. Therefore, it is simply necessary to press on the function Near mail in the left menu, type the word “Blend” in the appropriate field, click on the first result that is proposed named One in two and, subsequently, on the option Create a Blend playlist.

Once this is done, press the button Invite present: this operation involves the creation of a invitation messageincluding linkswhich you will automatically find stored in the notes Of computer. All you have to do is choose the communication tool you want to use (for example via e-mail), select i contacts to whom you want to deliver it, paste the aforementioned invitation in the body of the message and proceed with sending.

The playlist will be created automatically by the system as soon as one of the potential participants joins the request, and will be immediately visible in the section Your library.

Now, although the general functioning of the play, download and other options is basically identical to that of the mobile app, as I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, at least at the time of writing both the PC client and the Spotify Web player show some limitations in the features: in particular, they do not allow you to view the history which brings back the affinity stats with your friends, nor of add more members to the playlist. Also, there is no option for exit the Blend playlist.

For these specific occurrences, therefore, I advise you to operate from your smartphone/tablet, and I refer you to reading the dedicated chapter to consult the relative procedure from the app.

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