How to move playlists between music streaming services

Want to transfer our music playlists from one account to another or from one online music service to another? Let’s see how to do it

The various music streaming services available (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music etc.) offer a trial period in which to evaluate the entire library and the sound quality, so as to finally choose the service to pay for in order to listen to streaming music. If we also create our playlists during the tests, we seriously risk losing them if we often switch from one service to another, given that there is no communication of any kind between the services.
If until now transferring music playlists between streaming services seemed impossible to you, you will have to think again: in this guide we will show you how to move playlists between music streaming services via a completely free online service. Thanks to it we can take the music to any account used, without having to repeat everything from scratch every time.

5 programs to add extra features to Spotify that can be used with a Spotify Premium account on Windows PC and Mac

The best way to listen to music on PC today is using the Spotify program which is used to listen to streaming music by searching for artists and song titles.
However, Spotify lacks extra functions, has many limitations and is very minimalistic, lacking many of those possibilities that are usually included in the best programs for listening to music on the computer.

Those who use Spotify on PC and especially those who are Spotify Premium subscriberswhile on smartphones it can enjoy the integrations between the various music applications, to get more features (since the additional plugins are no longer available), it can today change program to listen to streaming music using a free alternative client to connect to your account.

1) Soundbounce is a program available for Windows, Mac and as a Chrome app that allows you to create collaborative playlists in listening rooms where users can also chat with each other in real time and add new songs. However, a Spotify Premium account is required to use Soundbounce.

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2) Fidelify is a program for Windows that allows Spotify Premium users to further raise the quality of the music when listened to from the PC.

3) X potify is an app for Windows 10 that can be used instead of the classic Spotify player, with a much better design and interface.

4) Djay is an app (that you can try for free only for a short time) for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone that allows you to mix music and DJ with the entire collection of Spotify Premium songs, using two virtual turntables and all the tools of a mixer, including automix to make switching between songs automatic.

5) ClementinesFinally, it is a real gem among programs for listening to music, similar to Tomahawk, which allows you to listen to music from your computer and also in streaming from different sources and also from cloud archives such as Google Drive and Onedrive.

How to move streaming playlists

The online service that we can use to transfer playlists between various streaming services is TuneMyMusic.

The site, completely free, allows you to move libraries from one service to another, even taking the trouble to look for the same songs that we have inserted in the playlist on our own (an operation that on paper would be very difficult to do manually) .
TuneMyMusic currently supports importing and exporting from the following music streaming services (at least in Italy): Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, TIDAL, KKbox, and Napster.
Its use is really simple and within everyone’s reach: we open the service site and click on the button let’s start, present in the center. A new screen will now open, where you can choose the “starting” streaming service, i.e. the one we want to abandon or from which we need to extract our already created playlists.

The last two buttons at the bottom right; Free Text and Load a file allow you to write the names of the songs in the playlists by hand and load a previous playlist file exported from other media players (for example we can load the playlist files generated with Windows Media Player or VLC). Remaining in the streaming area, we choose the service from which to start and type the access credentials to the service, which is essential to be able to recover the playlists from our account.

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After entering the credentials and confirming the warning window, we will have access to all the playlists of our old account: we select the playlists we wish to import one at a time, then click on Keep on.

In some cases we can also avoid entering credentials: it will be sufficient to enter the URL link of the playlist (possibly shared as public, otherwise it will not be visible from the service).

In any case, a new window of the site will now open, in which to choose the service to which we want to move the selected playlists.

As visible from the image, we can both choose another Spotify account and choose one of the other supported services.

If we want to obtain a CSV file with the playlists (to be imported manually later), we use the button Export file; if instead we want to share the playlist on social networks or in chat, we use the button Share.

After choosing the destination service, we will be asked for the new credentials of it in order to effectively transfer all the playlists.

In the last screen that we will see appear, we will be shown a summary of the moved playlists; to start the process just click on Start moving my music.

Now let’s sit back and wait: the process can be slow, given that the service looks for the songs associated with the playlist also in the new service (and it is not certain that they are all present).

At the end of the process we will be shown how many songs have been correctly important and how many have not, so as to know in advance if there is any “missing” song.

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How to move playlists from Spotify to Spotify

In this chapter we will instead show you one of the most common scenarios in which to use the service, namely how to move a playlist from one Spotify account to another.
The need can arise for many reasons: we want to move playlists to a friend’s account, we have multiple Spotify accounts and we want to transfer songs to those in which Premium is active, etc.
Below we can find all the steps to perform:

  • We open the browser in anonymous modeopen the site and click on the Spotify icon, then enter the login credentials of the account from which to take the playlists to transfer.
  • We select the playlists to be transferred from those present on our account. When we get to the destination selection screen, click on Export fileso as to create a CSV file with all the data relating to the songs in the playlists.
  • Once the CSV file has been downloaded, close anonymous mode and reopen it again.
  • Let’s go back to the TuneMyMusic site, click on the icon Upload a file.
  • We select the previously downloaded CSV file, then select the Spotify icon as the destination.
  • Now enter the credentials of the new Spotify account and wait for the process to finish.

In a few simple steps we will have transferred all the playlists from one account to another, without too many headaches.
If, on the other hand, we want to transfer the songs and playlists from our smartphone to the PC (and vice versa), we invite you to read our guides 4 Ways to Transfer Music to iPhone And Sync iTunes with Android to transfer music from PC to mobile.
Do we want to create our own cloud space to listen to music?
In this case, we invite you to read the guide below, which will allow you to take advantage of the Google Drive space to take music everywhere.

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