How to pre-save on spotify mobile {Updated 2023}

Your favorite singer’s new single will be out in a few days and, following his updates on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve come to know about the possibility of pre-save to Spotify the piece in question, in order to be immediately notified when it is released. This intrigues you a lot but, not being very experienced in using this very famous music streaming service, you don’t know how to proceed.

Don’t worry: if this is actually the case, I’ll be happy to help you achieve your goal. Pre-save a song or album on Spotify, you need to know, it’s really simple and, in the course of this guide, I will explain in detail how to do it. I will also explain to you what are the essential preliminary steps to take to achieve your intent, such as downloading Spotify and creating a free account on it.

How to pre-save on spotify mobile

Are you eager to know more? I can imagine! All right, then let’s not waste any more time chatting and get right to the action. Sit comfortably in front of the computer or pick up the device you intend to use to listen to music on Spotify (the song pre-saving procedure can be performed in the same way both from a computer and from smartphones and tablets) and follow the my directions. All I have to do is wish you happy reading and happy listening!

Download and install Spotify

pre-save on spotify

Before explaining in detail how to pre-save on spotifyI have to tell you how to download and install the official client of the service, which is available for free on Windows and macOS, as well as being available as an application for Android and iOS and as a web service accessible via a browser.

The download and installation procedure is very simple on all the operating systems mentioned: to install Spotify on Windowsfor example, you have to connect to the appropriate download page and wait for the file to download automatically SpotifySetup.exe. At the end of this procedure, run the executable you just downloaded by double-clicking on it and then wait for all the components necessary for the client to function and be extracted and downloaded. The program will then start automatically.

pre-save on spotify

Alternatively, you can also download Spotify on Windows 10 through Microsoft Store; to do this, click on this link which takes you directly to your computer’s virtual store and then, as soon as the Microsoft Storepress the button Install. At the end of the download and automatic installation, press the button Start to start Spotify.

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To install Spotify on macOS, instead, connect to this Internet page to download the file Install After the download is complete, launch this file by double-clicking it; then wait a few minutes for all the packages necessary for the software to be downloaded automatically, and it will then start automatically.

pre-save on spotify

Finally, to install the application of Spotify on Android or iPhone/iPad, you must refer to the default virtual store of your device, then to the play store if you use android and atApp Store if you use a terminal iOS.

On Android, after locating the application of Spotify in the Play Store search engine, press the button Install and then up I accept, to download and install automatically.

pre-save on spotify

On ios, instead, identified the application of Spotifypress the button Get and then up Install, then, if requested, authorize the download by placing your finger on the Touch ID of the device or using the Face ID as an authorization tool. Alternatively, type the password of your iCloud account, again for confirmation purposes.

pre-save on spotify

In case of problems or doubts about carrying out these download procedures, refer to my guide dedicated to the subject.

Create a free Spotify account

pre-save on spotify

To use Spotify on your device, you need to create a free account first. To carry out this procedure, you can act through the application you have just installed on your device or through the official website of the service.

In both cases, the procedure to perform is practically the same. So press the button Sign up for free, create account or subscribe (Wording may vary slightly depending on whether you are using the mobile app, Windows or macOS app, respectively, or if you are registering from the official website).

Then choose whether to perform a quick procedure via Facebookby pressing the button Sign up with Facebookor whether to manually enter all the required data and that is address e-mail And password, username, date of birth And sex.

Then put the check mark on the items that refer to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of Spotify, as well as those related to the privacy policy and, to finish creating the account, press the button subscribe.

Pre-save a song to Spotify

After you finish creating an account, you can start using Spotify free of charge and thus have the possibility to pre-save a song (or an album) in the output. It is a totally free operation that serves to be notified of the arrival of content within the application.

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All you have to do is locate the link to the pre-save of a song or album, which will surely have been shared by the singer or his record company: check his page Facebook or his profile Instagrambecause usually the announcement is given on social networks or in articles on the Web.

Then pre-save a track to Spotify it is a very simple procedure, which can be carried out in the same way from computers and mobile devices. All you have to do is visit, via a browser, the website that refers to this possibility.

pre-save on spotify

Then press on the link indicated by the artist or record label and then press the button Spotify Connect or Login with Spotify or on Pre-save to Spotify (the wording may be different but still refers to login via account Spotify). In a nutshell, what you are required to do is to log in with your account Spotify to the pre-rescue service.

pre-save on spotify

Then use the button Sign in to Spotifyenter your account details (email address or username And password) and press the button Log in. You can also log in faster by pressing the button Log in with Facebookif you have created an account Spotify via Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

Once logged in, if required, authorize the pre-rescue service so that it can access your account data Spotify. This procedure is used precisely to be able to save the song in advance in your music library. To proceed, press the button Okay you see on the screen.

By doing this you should have successfully completed the pre-save procedure for a song. In some cases, pre-saving also unlocks some additional preview content. For example, by pressing the link I used to write this guide, pre-save the song, I was able to preview the teaser for the music video.

pre-save on spotify

Furthermore, if required, you can indicate a playlist (among those present in your account Spotify) in which to save the song. For example, you can add it to your favorites playlist by pressing the menu item Choose a playlist (or Choose a playlist)or, if available, use the text field corresponding to the wording Create a new playlistto create a new playlist on the spot.

In both cases, to complete saving the song, press the button Add/Save to playlistspossibly put the check mark on the item that refers to the possibility of receiving communications from the singer’s record company (usually it is optional and is used to stay up to date on news) and finally press the button Okay.

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How to listen to a pre-saved song on smartphones and tablets

pre-save on spotify

Pre-saving a song is simply to get a notice from Spotify as soon as the song is available on the platform. When the song comes out, to listen to it, start the Spotify application on your device and log in to it with the account data you used to pre-save. Then locate the section Your library and tap on it.

Now, from the tab Playlistsfind the list of the playlist you created: the song or album you pre-saved will be available in one of the pre-existing playlists or in a playlist created or on the spot, depending on the options you indicated when pre-saved. rescue.

Then tap on the playlist where the song is located and then press on the item I listen to shuffle or Shuffle Playbackif you are using Spotify for free. If, on the other hand, you have subscribed to a Spotify Premiumdirectly tap on the song you are interested in playing, as there are no restrictions relating to playback.

In this regard, if you want to know more about the functioning of Spotify, read my tutorial dedicated to the other features of this streaming music service or the one in which I explain how to subscribe to a Spotify Premium subscription. Also, in case of further problems or doubts, consult the other guides I have written regarding Spotify.

How to listen to a pre-saved song on Windows and macOS

pre-save on spotify

If you have pre-saved a song or album, once it is available you can also listen to it through the application Spotify for Windows or macOS. To do this, start the service client and then log in with the data of the account used for pre-saving the song.

After that refer to the left sidebar Your library to select the playlist or album that contains the pre-saved multimedia element, click on the song or album and press the button play. The client of Spotify for Windows and macOS it is not bound to the shuffle mode, so you can listen to all the contents present within the platform at any time.

Using Spotify for free, however, listening could be interrupted by advertising banners, which can be removed by subscribing to Spotify Premium. In this regard, I therefore refer you to the information contained in my guide on how to subscribe to a Spotify Premium subscription.

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