How to scan spotify code on iphone {update 2023}

scan spotify code on iphone-Your friend really wants you to listen to a song he just discovered and so he sent you a screenshot containing a Spotify code. You’ve already had the app of the popular music streaming platform installed on your phone for some time and you use it regularly to listen to your favorite songs, but you’ve never heard of Spotify codes.

Your friend just told you that you just need to use the screenshot in the app in question but you have no idea how to do it and you’re looking for information about it on the Net. That’s the way it is, right? In that case, if you allow me, I would like to help you and explain briefly how to scan spotify code both on Android and on iPhone and iPad (on computers it is not yet possible to do this). I assure you that it is a very simple operation. You will be able to do that in a moment.

How to scan Spotify code Generate on Android Ios Iphone laptop keychain computer

Secondly, if it interests you, I will also show you what are the other ways to share the contents of the popular music streaming platform. So? Are you ready to find out how to immediately listen to the song that your friend recommended to you? Yup? Great, make yourself comfortable then and continue with the lines below. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good listening!

How to scan spotify code with-without spotify

Spotify codes

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial and showing you, in practice, how to scan spotify codeI think it is useful to provide you with some brief information on this sharing method created by the developers of the famous streaming music service.

THE spotify codes generator essentially, are small images, similar to a barcode (or sound wave reproduced on a graph) and can be associated with any content in the Spotify catalog: songs, albums, users, playlists, podcasts and artists.

Therefore, each code identifies the individual elements found in the app and can be used to quickly share them with other users. The same codes can sometimes also be found on flyers, posters and other advertising content.

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I must inform you, however, that Spotify codes cannot be assimilated in any way to the classic QR codes, with which you are probably already familiar. This means you can’t scan a Spotify code with the same apps you use to scan QR codes. To do this you will need to use theSpotify official app for mobile devices.

If the latter is not already present on your smartphone or tablet, I invite you to take a look at my dedicated tutorial in which I showed you how to download it. If, on the other hand, you already have the application of the famous streaming service, you are ready to continue and scan the codes you have received/found.

How to scan Spotify codes

Now that I’ve cleared your mind a bit about this content sharing system on Spotifyif you agree, I would go on to show you how to find the codes of songs, albums, playlists, podcasts, users and artists on the famous streaming platform and how to scan them both on Android be on iOS/iPadOS. I will then show you how to find the codes in question also in the Spotify application for computer (where, as already mentioned, however, they cannot be scanned). Here are all the details.

How to scan Spotify code on Android

Scan Spotify code

The first step for scan Spotify codes on Android is, of course, to open the app of the well-known streaming platform by pressing on the relative iconwhich you can find in the Home screen or in drawer of the apps (the “virtual drawer” with all the applications installed on your device).

Once the application is open, tap on the icon magnifying glassat the bottom of the main page. After that, press on compilation field on which the wording appears Artists, songs or podcasts and click on the icon camera top right.

So tap the button Run scan and give Spotify permission to use your device’s camera by pressing the button Allow. Now all you have to do is frame the Spotify code with the lens, taking care to make it fit within the frame rectangle. Once you have done this last step, you will immediately be shown a list of results.

If, on the other hand, the code was sent to you in the form of screenshotsjust press on the item Select from photos on the camera screen. Then explore the folders on your device and, once you’ve found the image you’re looking for, tap on it preview, to allow the app to scan it. See how simple that was? Enjoy your favorite tunes!

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Do you want to know how to find the code of content (e.g. a song, an album, a podcast, a playlist, a user or an artist) on Spotify to share it, in turn? Well, I’ll tell you right away how to do it.

Just locate the content to share on Spotify and press on its preview. When the item is displayed in full screen, then press the relative icon of three vertical dots located in the upper right. The code will be shown to you right below the cover photo of the selected content, in the center of the screen, ready for you to capture via one screenshots and shared.

If you don’t know how to take a screenshot on Android, consult the guide I have dedicated to the subject.

How to scan Spotify code on iOS/iPadOS

Spotify iPhone

Would you like to know how to scan a Spotify code on iPhone or iPads? I’ll settle you right away, it’s really simple. First, open the Spotify app by tapping on theicon of the latter in the Home screen of your device or in the app library (to open the latter, just go to the last page of the Home screen and slide your finger to the left).

After accessing the main page of the Spotify app, tap the icon magnifying glass located at the bottom, press the icon camera located at the top right and give permission to the app to use your device’s camera.

Then aim the code you want to scan with the camera lens. As soon as the app has identified it, it will immediately offer you a list of results. How do you say? Was the code sent to you in a screenshot that you stored in your iPhone or iPad photos? In this case, on the screen where you can frame an object with the camera, tap on the item Select from photos. Then authorize access to the Gallery, browse your albums and press on thepreview of the image you want to scan. Easier than that!?

To view the Spotify code of a song, an album, a playlist or an artist, instead you just need to locate it in the app and press on the relative icon three vertical dots. The code you’re looking for is placed under the cover photo of the artist, song, album or playlist you’ve searched for, ready to be shared via screenshots.

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If you don’t know how to take a screenshot on iPhone or iPad, take a look at the guide I have dedicated to the subject.

How to scan Spotify code on computer

Spotify computer code

As you may already know, you have the option to download Spotify on Windows and macOS as well. Also available in this version are the codes which I told you about in the previous chapters, however, there is no possibility of scanning them with a camera as it is possible to do in the case of mobile devices.

To find the Spotify code for a song, album, playlist, podcast, user or artist, locate it in Spotify, then tap on its preview and click on the icon ‌… placed under the cover photo.

In the context menu that opens, click on the item Share and, from here, click on the entry Spotify code. The screen with the code will immediately appear on the screen and you can scan it with a smartphone or tablet, as I showed you in the previous chapters. Child’s play, right?

More ways to share music from Spotify

Spotify WhatsApp sharing

THE Spotify codes that I’ve told you about so far are just one of the many methods that the music streaming service makes available to share the content it hosts. To find out what the others are, just open a song, an album, a playlist or an artist’s profile (from any platform) and press on the relative icon of the three points.

From here, select the item Share and you will have access to all available sharing options. These vary according to the platform in use and the applications installed.

For example, if you press on the entry Copy linkyou can automatically copy the link of the content and share it as you see fit (via email, social network posts, and so on).

If, on the other hand, you tap on the item relating to WhatsApp, you will be able to choose a contact from the list of available ones and share the link of the content directly with the latter. The same goes for Instagram and Facebook Messenger (which also allow you to create stories with the content chosen by Spotify) and other messaging apps

Some social platforms, such as Facebook, if you share a Spotify link via post, even show a small media player with the cover of the chosen element and an audio preview of the same.

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