Spotify Lyrics 2023-How to see lyrics on spotify {Updated 2023}

Admit it, you made a bad impression at karaoke last night in front of all your friends by proving you don’t know a word of the songs you listen to. No, you don’t have to be ashamed, it can happen, but you absolutely have to remedy the situation and be more than ready for the next occasion.

As? Simple, by studying well the lyrics of the songs you listen to every day through Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or Windows Media Player. Just install a free software called  Musixmatch  and that’s it: you’ll have all the lyrics you want at your fingertips without having to deal with annoying searches around the big Net. How do you say? Do you listen to music mainly from smartphones? No problem. Musixmatch is also available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

In short, you really have no more excuses for making a bad impression at karaoke: regardless of the device and operating system you use to listen to music, you can put lyrics into a song in an extremely simple and fast way without spending a single cent. Give me five minutes of your free time and let me show you how to proceed: I assure you that it really is child’s play. Happy reading and have fun!

How to See lyrics on spotify

Musixmatch Windows

If you want to add lyrics to a song and you use a Windows PC , you can rely on the Musixmatch desktop client , the largest song lyrics portal in the world (with thousands of lyrics available, also thanks to user contributions), thanks to which it is possible to automatically display the lyrics of the songs played in Spotify , iTunes (thus also Apple Music ) and Windows Media Player .

To download the Musixmatch desktop client you have two ways at your disposal: use the Microsoft Store (only if you have Windows 8.x or Windows 10) or download the classic program installation package in .exe format.

In the first case, all you have to do is open the Microsoft Store, press the application download button and wait for it to be downloaded first and then installed on your computer. In the second, however, you have to click here to download the Musixmatch for Windows installation package, then you have to start the Musixmatch.Setup.xx-ia32.exe file obtained, click on the Yes button and wait a few seconds for the client to be installed on the computer.

how to show lyrics on spotify

Mission accomplished! Now all you have to do is leave the Musixmatch client running, start Spotify , Windows Media Player or iTunes and start the song whose lyrics you want to know: if this is present in the service database, you will see its lyrics in time ( like karaoke) in the program window, otherwise you will be told that the lyrics are not available. By clicking on the icon with the three horizontal lines located at the bottom right you can switch from viewing the text in karaoke style to the complete one, by clicking on the button ( …) you can edit the text or synchronize it.

I also point out that by clicking on the little man icon located at the top right of the main Musixmatch window and selecting the Settings item from the menu that opens, you can adjust the program settings, choosing for example whether to launch it automatically at startup of Windows ( Launch on startup ), whether to display notifications when changing songs ( Notify on song change ) and whether to keep its window always on top ( Always on top ).

In the Musixmatch menu there are also the options for logging in and registering for the service ( Sign up ), but creating an account is only useful if you want to contribute to the service community and insert lyrics in the latter’s database. You don’t need to register to view the lyrics.

Musixmatch Windows

When you have finished viewing the lyrics of your favorite songs, to close Musixmatch completely, right-click on the program icon located in the notification area (next to the Windows clock) and select Quit Musixmatch from the menu opens.

Note: If you’re using the S version of Windows 10, the Musixmatch client will only work with Spotify but not with iTunes or Windows Media Player.

How to show lyrics on spotify on Mac

Musixmatch Mac

If you’re using a Mac , you can view song lyrics with the official Musixmatch client which, just like its Windows counterpart, can automatically recognize songs played in iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify (not Windows Media Player because, like easily understandable, Windows Media Player is not available for macOS) and to display the lyrics in time, like karaoke.

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To download the Musixmatch client for macOS, connect to the official website of the program and click on the Download for OS X button . Then open the dmg package you just downloaded on your computer, copy the Musixmatch icon in the macOS Applications folder and start the program.

Musixmatch installation

Mission accomplished! From now on, every time you start playing a song in iTunes or Spotify , Musixmatch will analyze it and, if available, show its lyrics in its main window. Just like on Windows, by clicking on the icon with the three horizontal lines located at the bottom right you can switch from viewing the text in karaoke style to the complete one, while by clicking on the button (…) you can edit the text or synchronize it.

To access the program settings, log in and register with Musixmatch (operation not necessary for viewing the lyrics of the songs), click on the little man icon located at the top right of the client window and choose one of the available options in the menu that opens.

When finished listening, to completely close the Musixmatch client, highlight its window and press the cmd + q combination on your Mac keyboard. Alternatively, select the Quit item from the Musixmatch menu located at the top left.

how to add lyrics to spotify on YouTube

Musixmatch YouTube

Would you like to view the lyrics of the songs you listen to on YouTube ? No problem, thanks to the Musixmatch extension for Google Chrome , you can do that too. All you need is, precisely, the Google home browser (which you can easily install by following the instructions in my tutorial on how to install Google Chrome) and the add-on in question.

To download the Musixmatch add-on for Chrome, connect to this page of the Chrome Web Store and click first on the Add button and then on Add extension . Once the installation is complete, open a new Chrome tab, connect to YouTube and start playing a music video: if the song is present in the Musixmatch database, you will see the writing Lyrics powered by Musixmatch appear in the upper left and you can activate the visualization text by simply clicking on the subtitles icon of the YouTube player, which is located in the lower right corner.

To change the appearance of the texts, click on the gear icon located at the bottom right of the YouTube player and first select the Subtitles item and then the Options item from the menu that opens. You can choose the color and size of the subtitles, the color and opacity of their background and much more.

To view the lyrics of the songs on YouTube also on mobile, you need to install the Musixmatch app for Android, which thanks to its floating widget (not available on iOS and Windows 10 Mobile), allows you to view the lyrics of the songs on YouTube as well and on the home screen of the device: to find out more, consult the next chapter of this tutorial.

How to view lyrics on spotify


Do you want to put the lyrics of a song on Spotify ? In this case you will be happy to know that the famous music streaming service integrates an ad hoc function that allows you to do this both from a mobile and from a computer. Just search for the piece of interest, play it and then call up the box containing the text of the same (if available).

From mobile , launch the Spotify app on your Android or iOS/iPadOS device, log in to your account (if you haven’t already) and play a song. To search for it, tap the  Search button at the bottom, type the title of the song you want to play in the Artists, songs or podcasts field  (above) and press on the  song of your interest.

Subsequently, tap on the ▶︎ button to start playback and tap on the bottom bar with the title of the  song being played  and press on the wording  Lyrics  (at the bottom). By doing so you will see the lyrics of the song reproduced simultaneously with the audio (if there is no box with the lyrics, obviously it is not yet available for the song being played).

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On the other hand, from a computer , after logging into your Spotify account from its client for Windows and macOS or from its Web version, click on the Search item located on the left, write the song of your interest in the search field at the top and then click on it. Then start its playback by clicking on the ▶︎ button and then press the microphone icon (bottom, on the right), so as to see the box containing the text of the song being played (if you don’t see the icon in question, the text may not be available yet).

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How to look at lyrics on spotify on Android

Musixmatch Android

As already highlighted above, Musixmatch is the world’s largest portal dedicated to song lyrics and is available on all major hardware and software platforms, including Android , where its official app allows you to view the lyrics of songs played in Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud and other music apps and read the translation in real time. Furthermore, the support for the FloatingLyrics function should be underlined , thanks to which it is possible to have a transparent window with the lyrics of the song being played, which can be viewed in any app and on the device’s home screen.

To download the official Musixmatch app on your Android smartphone or tablet, open the Play Store (the colored play symbol found on the home screen), search for Musixmatch in the latter and proceed with the installation of the app by first tapping on its icon in the search results and then on the Install/Accept button .

Once installation is complete, start Musixmatch and choose whether to register for the service (operation only necessary if you want to contribute to the community by adding lyrics yourself) or whether to skip the step by pressing the appropriate item located at the top right. Then tap the Enable Now button and move the lever located next to the name of Musixmatch to ON to grant the application all the permissions it needs to “capture” the songs played and display its floating window with the lyrics.

Musixmatch Android

Once this step has also been passed, you must decide whether to grant access to your music library (therefore to the Music app of the device) or whether to connect Musixmatch to Spotify by pressing one of the buttons displayed on the screen. Once paired with your favorite apps, you’re ready to roll!

Then start playing the song for which you want to display the lyrics and you should see the Musixmatch floating window automatically appear on the screen. The window can be moved freely on the screen (using the finger), displayed in all the apps in use (including the Android home screen) and configured to display the translation of the text in various languages ​​(via the drop-down menu located at the bottom left).

By pressing the icon with the horizontal lines located at the top left you can set the color and size of the floating window and choose whether to display the text in compact or complete format, while by pressing the three dots located at the top right you can save the text offline, view it in the Musixmatch app and add it to your favourites. The offline text display function is only available after subscribing to a Premium subscription, starting from 0.99 euros/month, which also ensures greater speed in obtaining texts and the removal of advertising banners from the app. At the end of listening, you can close the Musixmatch window by pressing on (x)located at the bottom left and delete its widget by dragging it with your finger towards the bottom of the screen.

Musixmatch Android

To change the app from which to “capture” the songs to view the lyrics, open the Musixmatch app, select the Music tab located at the bottom left, press the button with the three dots located at the top right and select the item Change music source from the menu that opens.

I also point out that by going to the Identify section you can identify a song using the microphone of your device and view its lyrics, while by going to the Search tab you can search for a song “manually” and view its lyrics. Through the Music tab you can access your music library (of the app you’ve chosen to pair with Musixmatch) and start playing your favorite songs directly from there.

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How to see the lyrics on spotify on iOS

Musixmatch iPhone

If you have an iPhone or an iPad , you can view the lyrics of your favorite songs using the Musixmatch app, which integrates perfectly with Spotify and Apple Music (therefore with the iOS Music app) and allows you to view the lyrics also in the iOS lock-screen thanks to a practical widget (which however, unlike what happens on Android, cannot be moved freely in all the apps or on the device’s home screen).

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To download the Musixmatch app on your device, open the App Store (the letter “A” icon on a light blue background), select the Search tab at the bottom and search for Musixmatch . Once the search results are displayed, tap the Musixmatch icon , press the Get button and confirm the download of the app via Touch ID, Face ID or entering the Apple ID password.

When the download is complete, start the Musixmatch application , follow its initial presentation and choose whether to connect it to Apple Music or Spotify by pressing one of the two available buttons. Subsequently, you can change the service to which the app is associated by starting the latter, selecting the Music tab (bottom left), pressing the Edit button (top right) and choosing whether to connect Apple Music or Spotify .

Musixmatch iOS

Once you’ve paired Musixmatch with Apple Music or Spotify, you’re ready to go. So go to the Music tab of the app, browse your Spotify or Apple Music library through the latter and choose the song to play: the lyrics of the song will automatically be shown on the screen. If you prefer, you can also achieve the same result by opening the iOS Music app or Spotify , starting a song to play, and then opening Musixmatch.

In addition to the text in the original version, a translation will also be shown (bottom left). Then by pressing the button (…) located at the top right, you can choose whether to add the text to your favorites or download it offline (function reserved for Premium users, from €3.99/month). To adjust the text display style, however, you can tap on the circle located at the bottom right.

To view the Musixmatch widget on the iOS lock screen, go to the widget menu (by swiping from left to right) on the first page of the iOS home screen, press the Edit button located at the bottom of the screen that opens , click tap on the (+) button located next to the Musixmatch entry and move the widget to the position you prefer. Once this is done, press the Finish button to save the changes. From now on, all lyrics displayed in the Musixmatch app will also appear in the widget.

Finally, I point out that by opening the Musixmatch application and selecting the Identify tab , you can identify a song via the iPhone/iPad microphone and view its lyrics, while by selecting the Search tab , you can search for the lyrics of a song based on the its title or to the artist who performs it.

Sites to view song lyrics


If you are not interested in visualizing the lyrics of songs in time, so you don’t want to practice karaoke, but simply want to read the lyrics of a song, you can rely on many websites that allow you to do this: here are some of the most interesting.

  • Musixmatch – impossible not to start from the Web version of Musixmatch, which allows you to read the complete lyrics of the songs and also their translations in multiple languages. The translations, unlike what happens in other services, are quite accurate as they are the result of the work of human users and not of automatic translation systems.
  • Angolotesti – one of the most popular Italian sites in the sector. It allows you to read the lyrics of Italian and international songs, including their translations. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices.
  • MTV Testi Canzoni – the MTV Internet site also allows you to view the lyrics of the songs, their translations and the music videos associated with them (if available).
  • Testimania – another made in Italy site that allows you to view the lyrics of Italian and international songs (including translations). Of note is the ability to browse songs by category, such as “Songs of the commercials” and “Neapolitan songs”, or by popularity.

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