How to see Spotify password {Updated 2023}

You have decided to use Spotify on a new device but, when you tried to access your account, you realized that you did not remember the password that you decided to use some time ago. Quite a problem, right? Don’t worry, it’s not as serious as it seems and there’s a solution that doesn’t necessarily require you to set a new password.

During this tutorial, in fact, I will show you how to see the Spotify password by checking all the “computer places” where it could be saved and, if you can’t find it, how to set a new one so as to access the Spotify again your account. Either way, it’s nothing too complicated. The procedure is within everyone’s reach and is quite simple and quick to perform.

How do you say? Do you feel a little more confident now and can’t wait to get started? Well, then make yourself comfortable, read carefully what I am about to tell you and follow the procedures I will show you step by step. You’ll be able to find your lost password in no time, shall we bet?


How to see Spotify password

See Spotify password PC and smartphone

The first piece of information that I have the duty to communicate to you is that, unfortunately, there is no way to see what the password is to access your account through the Spotify applications for PCs, mobile devices or from the web version of the service.

The good news, however, is that you can check the section dedicated to saved passwords on the various devices in your possession on which you have already logged in to Spotify and, with a little luck, find the credentials there to access the famous again music streaming service.

In the following lines, you will therefore find explained how to go and see the passwords saved on your computer (be it a Windows PC or a Mac ) and on your smartphone/tablet (whether you have an Android device or an iPhone/iPad ) .

By computer

Google Chrome password manager

If you use a Windows PC or a Mac , the first thing you can do is check the password manager of the browsers you normally use to surf the Internet. There, in fact, the passwords to access the different accounts are saved and stored. If you have saved your Spotify access password, it is certainly there, but if not, do not despair, later I will show you different methods to try to recover it.

  • Google Chrome — open the browser by clicking on the relative icon, press the three vertical dots icon and then select the Settings item from the menu that is offered to you. Now, on the new page that has opened, press the Password option located under the wording Autofill and scroll down the new page. In the section Saved passwords , scroll until you find the word Spotify (or Facebook , if you have logged into Spotify through the latter and do not remember the password) and press the eye icon to view the relevant password.
  • Microsoft Edge — open a browser window by clicking on its icon, then press the three horizontal dots icon (top right) and select the Settings item from the menu that opens . Now on the page that has opened (called Your profile ) click on the Password option and scroll down the new page that has opened, until you locate the item Saved passwords . To view the password you need, all you have to do is press the stylized eye icon , enter the password you use to normally unlock the PC and press the OK button .
  • Mozilla Firefox – once the browser home page is open, click on the icon of the three horizontal lines (top right) and select the item Password from the list that opens . Once this is done, you will see the Firefox Lockwise window open and on the right of the screen you will be able to see the list of saved passwords.
  • Safari — open the browser and click on the Safari item (top left of the screen) then, from the menu that opens, press the Preferences… item, go to the Password tab and enter the password you normally use to unlock your Mac. A at this point you can access the window relating to saved passwords, locate the service you need (in this case Spotify , or Facebook ) and click on this wording to view the password.
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Couldn’t find anything useful in any browser’s password manager? Then you can check that you have saved it directly on your PC, using the native tools of Windows and macOS.

If you use a Windows PC you can write in the search bar (located next to the Start button , i.e. the flag icon) “Credential management” and click on the first item that appears in the list, to open the appropriate Control Panel space . Or you can follow the path Control Panel > User Accounts > Credential Manager . Now, in the newly opened window, you can view your saved Web Credentials .

On the Mac , however, you can check that the password is saved in Keychain Access , a utility that saves and secures various types of passwords entered on the Mac. To do this, click on the Launchpad icon , press on the Other folder and select the Keychain Access icon .

At this point the program will open and you will be able to see the passwords saved in the various keychains: check the login and Login items sections . If you are unable to view the keychains, press the Window item and select the Keychain Viewer item from the list . For additional information, I leave you with my tutorial on how to see saved passwords on Mac.

From smartphones and tablets

Chrome smartphones

Do you want to know how to see the Spotify password through your smartphone or tablet ? Then, also in this case, you can see if it is saved in the password manager of the browser you normally use or in that of the device.

So, if you use an Android smartphone or tablet , to find your Spotify password saved in a browser, you can follow the instructions I gave you in the previous paragraph. In fact, you should know that the procedures are very similar and differ only in the names of the menus and options.

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Chrome , for example, works identically on mobile devices as well. Alternatively, you can reach the section of passwords saved on your Google account (via the Google Smart Lock service about which you can find further information in this guide) also by touching the Settings icon , then choosing the Privacy item from the list and pressing on the Google Autofill entry . In the new screen that has opened, then, tap on the item Password to access all those saved in the Google account.

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If using the Mozilla Firefox browser , just follow the path Settings > Credentials and password > Saved credentials and enter your smartphone unlock codein Microsoft Edge the path is Settings > Save Password . Easy, right?

To see the passwords saved on Safari for iPhone/iPad , instead, you have to tap on the Settings icon (the gear you find on the Home Screen), scroll the screen down until you find the Password item and press on it. Then use Face ID , Touch ID or passcode to allow the device to display the password screen. Once this is done, you will be able to see all the saved passwords and check for the presence of that of Spotify (or Facebook , if you registered with Spotify with the latter).

How to see Spotify email and password

Spotify email and password

Can’t remember which email address you signed into Spotify with and would like to find out? In this case, then, you can act through the app or the Web version of the service (provided your access is active or, if not, use the password managers I listed above). However, in the following lines you will find everything explained in detail.

By computer

Spotify email computer

The first solution that I propose is to go and search for the email address used to access Spotify directly from the Spotify client downloaded on your computer or from the Web application .

Then, all you have to do is click on the Spotify icon to open the application (or go to the Spotify Web Player), click on your name located at the top and, from the menu that opens, press on the item Account .

This will open a page in your default browser containing a summary of your Spotify account. In it, scrolling down, you can find your email next to the item Email .

If you want to find the password or you don’t have active access, you can check in the password manager as I showed you in the previous chapter dedicated to recovering the Spotify password from a computer. You must know, in fact, that in addition to saving passwords, password managers also perform the same operation with usernames and emails useful for accessing sites and applications.

From smartphones and tablets

Spotify emails from smartphones

Do you use Spotify from your smartphone or tablet using the appropriate Android app , downloadable from the Play Store (or from alternative stores in the case of smartphones that don’t use Google services), or for iPhone/iPad available on the App Store?

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Then unlock your device, tap on the aforementioned icon and once the app has started, press on the gear icon to access the settings. In the new screen that has opened, under the Account item (or by pressing on it in the case of an iPhone ) you can see your email address used to access Spotify.

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If you don’t have active access because you logged out of your account, or if you want to recover the password linked to your profile, you can follow the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter dedicated to how to see the Spotify password from smartphones and tablets. Through the password managers, in fact, you can also trace the email address used for access.

How to recover Spotify password

Recover Spotify passwords

Searched everywhere for your Spotify password but just couldn’t find it? What is left for you to do is set up another one to be able to access your account again. In the following lines you will find explained how to restore it using the PC or by doing everything via smartphone or tablet.

By computer

Password recovery from PC

If you use a computer, regardless of whether it is a Windows PC or a Mac , you can set a new password in Spotify in this way: start the Spotify application or connect to the Spotify Web Player main page, press the Login button and then on Reset password/Forgot password? .

At this point, in the new browser page that has opened, enter your email address or your username in the space provided , confirm that you are not a robot by ticking the relevant box and press the Send button .

Now check your email box : inside you will find a new Spotify message containing a link to press in order to set a new password. You just have to type, in the new browser page that opens, the password you intend to use, rewrite it for the second time in the space provided, press the Enter key and you’re done! The new password will be set up and immediately working instead of the old one you forgot.

From smartphones and tablets

iPhone Spotify Password Recovery

Do you want to set a new password from your smartphone or tablet ? No problem, you can use the Spotify app for Android or iPhone/iPad. First, touch the relevant icon, press the Access key and then touch the Access without password key . In the new screen that opens, enter your email address used or the username of your Spotify account, then tap the Request link button .

In this way, a message will be sent to the email address entered with instructions for setting a new password, which consist of a clickable link that takes you back to a new browser page where you can enter the new password and confirm it. Then press the Open Email App button and proceed to set a new password. Simple, isn’t it?

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