How to update spotify on PC Windows 10

How to update Spotify-A friend of yours recently made you listen to some playlists he created directly from the Spotify application installed on his smartphone or computer: the fact is, as soon as you saw its interface, you immediately realized that, both from a graphic and functional point of view, this one had many differences compared to the one you use.

You have therefore realized that it has actually been quite some time since you downloaded Spotify, and now you certainly need to update your software to switch to the latest version. The problem is that you are not particularly accustomed to this type of operation and, therefore, you need some indications to understand how to update Spotify .

How to update spotify on PC windows 10

Don’t worry, you know that for this kind of thing you can always rely on me! All you need to do is spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the following paragraphs, and in no time at all you will have the latest version released by the developers of the famous music streaming platform of the app for mobile devices or the desktop version for pc. So, what do you think? Well, I see you are in favor! In that case, I just have to wish you good continuation.

How to update Spotify on PC

update spotify from pc

If you intend to check that the version of Spotify installed on your Windows or Mac computer corresponds to the most recent one released with the aim of subsequently proceeding with a possible upgrade, start the software in question as usual and, if prompted, log in ( if you have problems, find out how to recover your Spotify password by following my dedicated guide).

Once this is done, if you use a PC with Windows click on the symbol of the three horizontal dots located at the top left and select the Help (or Assistance ) item from the context menu and, subsequently, About Spotify . If, on the other hand, you have a Mac , you will find this option in the Spotify menu located at the top left.

In the window that opens, therefore, the current version of the program will be shown to you: if it is not the latest release, you will also find the wording A new version of Spotify is available with an indication of the release. At this point you will not have difficulty understanding how to update Spotify on PC : in fact, just press the function Click here to proceed with the download , which will start automatically, and you will only have to wait the time necessary for the new version to be downloaded.

As soon as you see the notification that the update has taken place, press the word Restart to install : the application will be instantly closed and, after a few moments needed to prepare the new version, it will be opened again, already updated. If you want to make sure that everything has happened correctly, repeat the operation previously described to consult the software version.

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For some older versions, you may also see a blue dot located at the top right next to the arrow symbol pointing downwards : by clicking on it, you should see the Update function available. Restart Now , which will allow you to do the same thing as above.

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spotify update microsoft store

If you want to update Spotify on Windows and you have installed Spotify from the Microsoft Store , you can update the application through the latter. To do this, just visit the Spotify page on the Microsoft Store (or search and select the application in the latter) and press the Update button , if available.

If, despite following the various procedures set out to the letter to the letter, something does not go your way, you can eventually proceed manually by uninstalling the program, and then downloading and installing the new version made available on this page of the Spotify site: the platform will be able to automatically recognize the operating system on your PC and will consequently offer you the most recent correct version.

How to update Spotify on smartphones and tablets

update Spotify android apps

If you are wondering how to update Spotify on smartphones and tablets , you will be pleased to know that, also in this case, the solution is particularly simple to implement: in fact, all you need to do is access the reference store of your device, search for the Spotify app and press the Update button which will only be displayed if the version is not actually the latest available.

For example, if you use an Android device , access the Google Play Store by pressing the colored triangle icon on the Home Screen , then press the search field at the top of the next screen and type the word Spotify (or visit this link directly). Then press the Update button (if the most recent version is already installed, you will find the Open button instead ) and wait for the update procedure.

I advise you, on the occasion, to activate automatic updates , so that you no longer have to worry about periodically checking for new releases. To do this, press the three dots symbol located at the top right of the screen in question and touch the Update option. auto . to place a check in the check box.

If you have an Android device without Play Store , I advise you not to download APK packages from third-party sites (which could easily lead you to run into malware), but to opt for reliable third-party stores, such as Amazon ‘s . I explained everything to you in my tutorial on how to update apps without Play Store.

update Spotify iOS/iPadOS apps

In case you have an iPhone / iPad , the same goes: just look for the Spotify page in the App Store and press the Update button .

Also in this case it can be decisive to enable automatic updates on iOS / iPadOS , an operation that you can easily perform by accessing the iOS / iPadOS Settings (just press the gear symbol from the Home Screen), pressing the App Store item present in its internal and positioning the lever relating to the App Updates function to ON .

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How to update Spotify on other devices


Spotify is also available on devices such as Smart TVs, game consoles, etc. To update the application on the latter, generally, you don’t need to do anything in particular: the upgrades are detected and installed automatically when available.

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In case of problems, you can search for the app in the reference store of the device you are using and press the update button , if available. Alternatively you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. For further information, my tutorial on how to install apps on Smart TV may be useful.

How to update Spotify payment

update Spotify payment method from PC

Do you need to change the payment method previously set when signing up for a Spotify subscription because, for example, the current one is no longer valid? No problem, I’ll explain immediately what to do.

First of all, you must know that this operation can only be done via browser (both from mobile and from PC), by accessing this page of the Spotify site which contains the information relating to your account, logging in to the service where required .

Next, scroll down the screen and locate the Your plan section , then press the Update button located below the indication of the current payment instrument and choose whether to use a credit card (in this case you will have to manually add the related data and, at the end, press the Change payment data button ) or your PayPal account (after pressing the Continue with purchase button you will be redirected to the site of the platform in question to complete the transaction).

If you wish to refer to more detailed instructions on how to update Spotify payment , I refer you to reading this dedicated guide of mine, in which you can also find a detailed explanation of the various supported payment methods .

How to update location on Spotify

update country on Spotify settings

You have organized a nice trip abroad, and you are now close to departure: to make everything perfect, you would like to be able to listen to your favorite music that you have carefully selected on Spotify, and it is your intention, therefore, to make sure that it is also possible to use the service outside the Italian territory.

As you probably already know, in fact, the country associated with your Spotify account is based on the position detected at the time of registration : this setting can easily be changed, but before proceeding, I would like to let you know that if you have a Premium plan you can travel anywhere without having to make any changes .

If, in any case, despite having a Premium subscription, you want to learn how to update your position on Spotify , consider that you will need to enter a new payment method issued in the new destination country : therefore, you can easily refer to the instructions set out in the previous chapter to proceed in this direction.

Conversely, in the absence of a paid plan, there is a 14-day limit on the use of Spotify abroad , following which you will need to select the country in which you are using the Edit profile function , located in the left panel of the page account management: here there is a drop-down menu called Country or region which, however, becomes editable only when the presence in a country other than that of origin is detected. Simply put, you must already be in a foreign country to be able to change it. Finally, to record the new position, just press the Save profile button .

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How to update the firewall for Spotify

Spotify proxy settings

Are you having problems using Spotify, and does the error you encountered indicate a streaming problem due to your firewall settings ? First, if you use the Desktop app, I suggest you check that the related network settings are configured properly.

To do this, press on your account located at the top right, then click on the Settings item and scroll down the next screen until you find the Proxy settings section : the best solution is to apply the option Detect settings automatically via the Type drop-down menu of Proxy , but if you use a particular configuration it may be necessary to select a different protocol and fill in the fields below Host , Port , Username and Password with the relevant information.

If the problem persists, check that the firewall integrated in your operating system is not for some reason blocking the transit of incoming or outgoing packets on the ports used by Spotify. For example, if you have a PC with Windows , type Windows Firewall in the search field at the bottom left, then click on the Windows Defender Firewall result in the Control Panel .

add spotify in windows firewall

As soon as the window of the tool in question is opened, press the item Allow apps or features through Windows Defender Firewall located in the left menu. In the following screen, therefore, scroll through the list of allowed apps and features until you find the Spotify item and check that the types of network used are selected. For more information on how to disable Windows Firewall for a program , please refer to my dedicated guide.

enable spotify firewall macos

As for the firewall integrated in macOS , however, to access it click on the Apple menu located at the top left, then select the System Preferences item from the context menu and, in the window that appears, press the Security and Privacy tool . Next, press the Firewall tab , then, if the service is active , press the padlock at the bottom left and enter the system password to change the related settings.

Once this is done, click on the Firewall Options button and, in the new window that opens, click on the [+] button present there, then select Spotify from the list of applications and press the Add button : in this way all connections will be allowed incoming and outgoing for the service.

Even the router could be involved in the anomaly: if you have set particular traffic routing rules in your network device, consider that TCP ports 443 , 4070 and 80 must be enabled .

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