How to upload music to Spotify

The catalog of Spotify it’s really huge, containing albums from every major major label, as well as a huge array of artists promoted by independent labels and distributors; sometimes, however, it can happen that you are unable to find a song that you are particularly fond of and that absolutely must not be missing from your favorite playlists.

Fortunately, the problem can be easily solved thanks to the presence of the precious function of listening to local songs integrated into the popular music streaming service, which allows you to upload songs from a PC or smartphone / tablet and listen to them in Spotify even if they are not are officially contained in its official catalogue. This option is also available for Free accounts; the only condition to respect is that the contents are not downloaded from illegal sources.

How to Upload Music to Spotify from PC

So if you want to know more about how to upload music to spotify, for example the MP3s you have transferred to your computer from CDs, you just need to dedicate just a few minutes of your free time to reading the next chapters. So, are you ready? Perfect, in that case I just have to wish you good continuation and, above all, good listening!

Add local files to Spotify from PC

To upload local songs to the desktop version of Spotify (the Web reader, in fact, does not include this possibility), all you have to do is tell the program where the files of your interest are located; this operation, as anticipated in the introduction of this guide, can be performed regardless of the type of subscription subscribed and, therefore, is also open to those who, having a plan available Spotify Freethey want to learn how to upload music to spotify for free.

If you don’t know how to add a local folder to Spotify library, do this: launch the official Spotify client Spotify on your computer and, if your PC is equipped with windowsclick on the symbol located at the top left, then presses on the menu Edit > Preferences. If you use a Macinstead, you have to click directly on the menu Spotify > Preferences always located at the top left.

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At this point, scroll down the screen that opens, locate the section Local files and move up ON the lever relating to the function Show local filesthen choose whether to enable the sources related to the folder downloads and to music library of your PC by activating, also in this case, the appropriate switches.

If the songs of your interest are found in different paths compared to those listed above, instead, press the button Add a source below, then use the window of File Explorer that is shown to you to select the folder in question and press the button Okay to confirm the operation.

Access to local files playlist in the desktop version of Spotify

Mission accomplished! Now, just make sure that the toggle located next to the name of the asset you’ve added to Spotify is also set to ONthen tap on the entry Your library in the left panel and, in the related screen, select the tile Local files: Inside you should find your favorite local songs ready to listen.

Also note that if setting the Fade is enabled, Spotify will perform this effect between local files that use the same sample rate and the same number of channels (mono/stereo).

How to upload music to Spotify from smartphones and tablets


Also in theSpotify apps for Android (also available on alternative stores) and iOS/iPadOS it is possible to set the option that shows the local audio files stored on the smartphone/tablet. The only difference to how the PC client works is that source cannot be selected: the system will then refer to the default audio resources present in the device.

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To discover how to upload music to Spotify from smartphones and tabletsfirst start the app in question, then press the menu Home located at the bottom left, tap on the symbol ofgear located at the top right and scroll down the next screen until you see the section Local files.

Now, simply press the voice stick Show audio files from this device to place it on ON, And that’s it. On iPhones/iPadsyou will have to perform a further tap on the option Local files in order to access the button in question.

Next, press on the item Your library placed in the menu at the bottom, and you will find the one named among the various playlists you have created Local Files. If you don’t find it right away, you can search if necessary by pressing the symbol magnifying glass located at the top right and typing in the field that will show you the wording “local files”.

Inside it will already be present the audio files that the app will have taken steps to detect in the memory of the device in use. If you are going to add new songsI think you will find my guides dedicated respectively to how to upload music to Android and how to upload music to iPhone particularly useful.

If you have a Spotify Premium account and the songs in question are on your PC, you can also perform an alternative procedure that will allow you to synchronize them directly in the app.

After performing the activation of the function Show local files in the PC client, as explained in the previous chapter, proceed to create a playlist with your favorite songs included in the section Local files: to make it short, just select them, do right click and press the item Add to playlist > Create playlist. You can then easily rename the new element by pressing on its title (by default the name is applied New Playlist) and typing in the appropriate field what you want.

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Next, make sure that both the PC and the smartphone/tablet are registered on the same network Wifithen go to the section Your library of the Spotify app for mobile devices, locate the playlist you just created and press the symbol arrow pointing down placed under the title. In this way, the songs will be downloaded locally at the same time.

How to Upload Music to Spotify as an Artist

Spotify site page for verifying artist profile

You are a artist and you would like to know more about how to upload your own music to Spotify? In this case, you must know that you must first contact a distributor that respects the standards set by the platform: I suggest you start with those suggested by Spotify itself on this page of its official website.

In essence, these are companies that deal with the concession of the necessary ones licensesof the distribution of the songs and, of course, the payment of royalties accrued as a result of reproduction by listeners. Some of these services are for a feeso I advise you to check the prices on the official page of the provider to which you are referred by pressing on the wording visit.

Once agreements have been made with the distributor, the latter will also take care of creating a artist account on the popular music streaming service, after which you will have to go through a simple procedure of verify to prove that you own that profile.

As you can easily imagine, each provider has different operating logics, but if you want to get a more precise idea of ​​the procedure to follow, in these tutorials of mine dedicated to how to create a Spotify artist account and how to publish your music on Spotify you will find also some practical examples to refer to.

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