How to Upload Podcasts to Spotify

After talking about it with your best friend, you agreed that some topics you covered in written form on your blog would be more successful if published in podcast form . For this reason, you have decided not only to create a section of the website dedicated to audio content and also to publish the podcasts in question on Spotify , the famous music streaming platform which, among its contents, also hosts podcasts, giving them remarkable visibility. However, since this is an operation that you have never done before, you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to succeed in your intent and, therefore, you wonder if I can give you a hand. Of course yes, there would be more!

If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to upload podcasts to Spotify by showing you all the solutions available to you. First, I’ll list some platforms that allow you to automatically upload your audio content to Spotify, then I’ll show you the detailed procedure to publish a podcast on Spotify through Spotify for Podcaster, the platform for publishing audio content on the famous streaming service music, which uses RSS links.

How to Upload Podcasts to Spotify

If you agree, therefore, let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s immediately move on to action. Make yourself comfortable, carve out five minutes of free time to read the next paragraphs and carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you. I assure you that by putting my “tips” into practice, you will be able to upload your podcasts to Spotify and try to get an ever-increasing number of listeners. There’s nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and good luck for everything!


Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining how to upload a podcast to Spotify , it is necessary to make a necessary premise. In fact, you should know that on the famous music streaming service it is not possible to directly upload the audio file of a podcast but only the RSS feed of the podcast is allowed.

This means that, in order to publish a podcast on Spotify, it is first necessary to create an RSS feed that contains it, choosing one of the possible solutions available.

  • Create the RSS feed manually : it is the solution for those who have their own website on which they upload their podcasts directly. Through programs or online services (e.g. Feedburner), it is possible to create your own RSS feed to be subsequently uploaded to the Spotify for Podcasters platform.
  • Using platforms to create podcasts : it’s the ideal solution for those who want to easily publish their podcast on Spotify. Some platforms allow you to automatically distribute your podcast on Spotify without having to submit your podcast through the Spotify for Podcasters platform.

If you are wondering what the costs are to upload a podcast to Spotify, you should know that it is possible to publish content on the famous music streaming service without putting your wallet in hand. However, it must be said that some online platforms for creating podcasts require the activation of a paid plan for the automatic distribution of the latter on Spotify.

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Upload a podcast to Spotify automatically

As mentioned above, uploading a podcast to Spotify automatically by relying on one of the podcast creation platforms is the most practical and fastest solution for promoting your content on the famous music streaming service.

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Via Podomatic

Submit Podomatic Podcasts on Spotify

Podomatic is a platform dedicated to podcasts, which allows you to both upload your audio files from your computer and create live events. Its free plan allows you to have a storage space of 500 MB, a monthly traffic of 15 GB and the possibility of automatically sending your podcasts to external platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

To create a podcast on Podomatic, connect to the official website of the service and click on the Login button to access your account. If you don’t have an account yet, choose the Join us option , click the Sign up with email button , enter your details in the Name and Email fields and press the Next button .

On the newly opened page, create a password to associate with your account by entering it in the Password and Confirm password fields , put the check mark next to the item I’m not a robot and click on the Done button to complete the registration.

To publish your first podcast on Podomatic, then press the Create item visible in the main menu of your account, click the Add files button and select the audio file to upload, then choose the Start upload option to start uploading, and wait the progress bar reaches 100%.


In the Enter a title and description section , enter the title and description of the podcast in the appropriate fields, click on the Choose file button to upload an image to use as the cover image of your audio content and select one of the available options between Talk and Music , indicating the type of podcast you are uploading (whether talk show or music show).

After entering all the required information, click on the Publish this episode and No thanks, just publish buttons to publish the podcast on Podomatic. Then click on the Create item , select the Manage option and choose the  Settings item . On the newly opened page, select the Directories tab , locate the Spotify option and click the Submit to Spotify button .

Therefore, make sure that all the data indicated in the Submission Checklist section have been entered correctly and press the Submit podcast item to submit your podcast: as soon as the latter is approved by the Spotify staff, it will automatically be available on the famous streaming service musical.

Via Spreakers

Submit Spreaker podcasts on Spotify

If you’re willing to dip into your wallet to upload a podcast to Spotify, I recommend trusting Spreaker . If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a free platform that allows you to publish your podcasts on the Net. By activating one of the paid plans, you can also set up automatic sharing of your podcasts on Spotify and other dedicated platforms (e.g. Apple Podcasts , Google Podcasts, iHeartMedia, TuneIn etc.).

If you think this is the solution that best suits your needs, connect to the Spreaker main page and click on the Register button , located at the top right. In the new screen that appears, enter your data in the Name , Email and Password fields , put the check marks required to verify your identity and accept the terms of service and press the Register button .

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To complete the registration, access your e-mail box, locate the e-mail sent by Spreaker and click on the Verify your e-mail address button . Now, select the Plans and prices option (top right) and choose the plan of your interest from those available.

  • On air talent (7 euros/month or 5.50 euros/month with annual billing) : has an archiving limit of 100 hours/month and allows you to make live podcasts with a maximum duration of 45 minutes. In addition, it also allows for podcast monetization and customization of RSS feeds (essential feature for manual publishing of podcasts to Spotify via Spotify for Podcaster).
  • Broadcaster (20 euros/month or 18 euros/month with annual billing) : in addition to allowing the monetization of podcasts and the customization of RSS feeds, it allows access to a section dedicated to advanced statistics. It offers 500 hours of storage per month and allows for up to 3 hours of live podcasting.
  • Anchorman (50 euros/month or 45 euros/month with annual billing) : offers all the benefits of the Broadcaster plan with storage space equal to 1,500 hours/month and the possibility of making live podcasts for a maximum duration of 5 hours .

Once you have chosen the plan that best suits your needs, click on the relevant Switch to pro button , choose whether to activate monthly billing or annual billing , enter your credit card details in the appropriate fields and press the Proceed button to complete the purchase .

Alternatively, if you prefer to pay with PayPal , select the option I prefer to purchase the selected plan with PayPal visible at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the activation of the chosen plan.

You are now ready to upload a podcast to Spreaker. But first, you need to create your first show (which is nothing more than a podcast container). To proceed, click on your photo located at the top right (or on the little man icon if you have not customized your account), choose the Control Panel option , then click on the Create a new show item and enter the data requested in the fields  Title , Language and Category ( News , Sport , Culture , Technology etc.).


If you wish, enter a description of the show in the appropriate field, upload an image and a cover image and press the Create button to create the show. In the newly opened page, click on the Upload episodes item , choose the audio file of the podcast to upload and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%.

Now, click on the pencil icon to edit the information of the podcast you just uploaded and enter the data in the Title , Description and Tags fields , then make sure that the Publish option is selected in the Visibility section and click on the Upload a new image button . to associate an image with the podcast.

To publish the podcast on Spreaker, click on the Publish Now and Yes, Publish buttons, then select the Distribution option that appears in the left sidebar, press the Spotify arrow icon and click the Submit button . If all went well, you’ll see the message Your show has been submitted to Spotify and is awaiting approval .

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As soon as your podcast is approved (usually within a few hours, but it could take a few days), you’ll be able to view the URL in the Spotify box under the Distribution section .

Upload podcasts to Spotify manually

Spotify podcast

If you have opted for the manual creation of an RSS feed or you have relied on a platform that allows you to obtain and customize the RSS feed of a podcast, to upload it to Spotify you must access the Spotify for Podcasters platform .

Then connect to the Spotify for Podcasters official website, click on the Login button located at the top right, enter your Spotify account data in the Email address or username and Password fields and press the Login button .

If, on the other hand, you don’t have a Spotify account yet, choose the Subscribe to Spotify option , fill out the registration form by entering your details in the fields Email , Password , What should we call you? (with your name) and Date of birth , specify your gender , placing the check mark next to one of the available options between Male , Female and Non-binary . Then put the check marks required to verify your identity and accept the terms of service. To complete the registration, click on the Sign Up button .

After logging into the Spotify for Podcasters platform with your account, press the Get Started button , enter the RSS link of your podcast in the Link to RSS feed field and click the Next button .

Upload podcasts to Spotify

In the newly opened page, press the Send code item to receive an 8-digit code to the email address associated with the RSS link of your podcast. Then access your mailbox and locate the email sent by Spotify, then copy the code contained therein (it is valid for one hour), enter it in the Verification code field and click on the Next button .

On the Tell us more about your podcast screen , select the Italy option (or in any case the option relating to the country of your interest) from the Where your podcast is made? , specify the language of the podcast by pressing the Select language item and select the platform you used to upload your podcast ( Anchor , Castos , iVoox , Podomatic , Spreaker , Other etc.) via the Select hosting provider drop-down menu .

Now, specify the category of the podcast by selecting the one of your interest ( Educational , Music , Games , Comedy , News and politics etc.) via the Select category drop-down menu and press the Next button . Finally, make sure that the data visible on the screen are correct and click on the Submit button to submit your podcast.

The message Nice! We got your podcast will confirm that your podcast has been successfully submitted and, if approved, will be available on Spotify within hours. Easier than that?

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