iOS 14.5: Spotify can be used as the default music player

With the upcoming iOS 14.5 update, Spotify can be set as the default music player. This is already the second distinctive feature in iOS 14.5.

An innovation that will certainly please many music fans. In iOS 14.5, the favorite music service is set as the default application. For a long time, Apple had resisted opening the required interfaces. Spotify can currently be started by voice command. So far, however, with another additional command. And this is exactly what should be gone now.

Own standard: Spotify under iOS 14.5

But how is Spotify actually set as the default music player? With the first voice instruction to play music, Siri lists the installed audio apps as well as those that are generally available. The desired service is then selected as the future standard. When a music request is spoken again, Siri is said to have noted the previously selected music service. This also applies to the podcasts app, the procedure here is the same as for the music app.

We can delete the Apple Music app if you wish. Then Siri starts the music directly from Spotify or an appropriately installed music app. However, the respective music apps cannot (yet) be defined as standard from the system settings. This may change in the coming beta versions of iOS 14.5.

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