How to see plays on Spotify {Updated 2023}

You just listened on Spotify a song that has left you positively impressed and you want to see how many people have been able to enjoy the same song? Curious about which songs you’ve listened to the most on Spotify but don’t know how to do it? Then you’ll be happy to know that you’re in the right place at the right time, as I’m going to delve into the subject in all its facets.

In fact, I will explain to you shortly how to see plays on spotify through various procedures of very simple application: as a final result, you will be able to see how many listens your favorite songs and artists have generated on Spotify and what your musical choices have been since you signed up for the service (also with a look at what has been listened to by your friends, so maybe you can find new songs you might like).

How to see plays on Spotify

How do you say? Can’t wait to understand how many listens a certain song on Spotify has generated? Excellent, because below you can find all the necessary information for this too. Whether you’re working from a computer, smartphone or tablet, just take a few minutes of free time and follow the instructions. Happy reading and have fun!

How to see how many plays a song has on Spotify

Spotify allows users to take a look at the total monthly plays of their favorite artist, as well as the number of people who have listened to a single song. This feature is very interesting for brands, but also for ordinary users. In fact, everyone is curious about see plays on Spotify and the procedure to follow is very simple: below you will find explained how to proceed both from your computer and from your smartphone and tablet.


How to see plays on Spotify PC

Spotify allows you to view the number of plays of any song in its vast catalog. You don’t even need to be a Premium user, just use a computer or a portable device and logged in to your account.

To proceed from PC, just search for a song through the function Near that you find at the top left of the Spotify client and press on thealbum icon in which it is contained (or on the icon of the single). Some time ago there were bars here that indicated how many people had listened to the song, but then the platform decided to change the interface and make it faster to find this type of information.

Simply put, just take a look at the column REPRODUCTIONSin which there are i numbers what are you looking for. Perfect: now you can finally discuss with your friends the ratings recorded by your favorite song and maybe decide if it was a success or not!

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Alternatively, by opening the page dedicated to an artistyou can see a list of his greatest hits on Spotify with the download counter total listens get recorded from each song. Furthermore, at the top you will find an indication of the number of monthly listeners by that artist. In short, as you can see, it’s all public and even easier to “find” than some time ago.

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Smartphones and tablets

How to see plays on Spotify Android

How to see Spotify plays from smartphones and tablets? Well, in this case you have to go through the appropriate official application for mobile devices (Android (also available on alternative stores) or iOS / iPadOS), so you may be interested in consulting my guide on how to download Spotify for free.

I assume, however, that since you’ve come this far, you already have this application at your disposal. All you have to do, therefore, is to start it, possibly run the login with your account (you don’t need to have Spotify Premium to see the plays), press on the option Nearpresent at the bottom, find theartist of your interest, tap on theprofile icon and take a look at the number of monthly listenersindicated above.

Unfortunately however, it is not possible to view the number of plays of the individual tracks from this platform, which is why I advise you to follow what was indicated above for computers, if you are curious to discover the results of albums and songs. It must be said that, taking advantage of Spotify on certain Tabletit turns out possible, from artist pageconsult the numbers registered by 5 best-known songs.

However, well understand that there are more than a few limitation compared to what happens on PC. For the rest, you are now aware of what you can do to get all the information you are looking for. It’s not that difficult, as explained.

How to see your listening history on Spotify

You’re not so interested in finding out which songs are most listened to on Spotify, but you are curious to know what they are the last plays you have made on the platform? Would you like to have statistics on your plays over the last few months or the last year? Just follow the instructions below: I’m in fact about to explain how to access the Spotify history.


How to see listening history on Spotify Computer

“How to see what I listen to on Spotify?” It’s a question I’ve been asked quite a few times. Well, Spotify has a feature that allows you to view your play queue and the history of songs listened to. On computers, anyone can take a look at this data and add songs to the queue, even without having any type of subscription (just be registered for the service).

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To view your listening history from pcjust click on thethree horizontal lines icon present at the bottom right in Spotify and select the item Recently listened on the screen that appears on the screen. From here you can see all the details of the tracks that you have recently listened to.

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If you want to view the playback queue, however, you have to click on the writing Tailwhile to add a song to the queue you just have to press on thethree dots icon present near it and select the item Add to queue. Great, now you’ve learned how to access the listening history on Spotify from computer and you are also able to manage the song playback queue.

Smartphones and tablets

How to see listening history on Spotify Android

Many users also use Spotify on smartphones and tablets and therefore you may want to view the listening history even on the move.

Don’t worry: the procedure to follow is very simple and, in less than no time, you’ll find out which songs you’ve heard in the last period. In fact, you just need to move to the section Home of the application, using the appropriate icon at the bottom left, then pressing on theclock icon located in the upper right.

Through the latter you will access the section Recently listened to, ergo to the listening history. Great, as you can see it’s not that difficult. The only thing I would like to point out is that everything is constantly evolving and there are many variables at play, therefore there may be slight differences, for example, between one device and another. However, by following what is indicated here you shouldn’t have too many problems in achieving your goal.

In any case, if you are wondering how to get learn more about your use of Spotifyfor example because you want to understand how to see listening time on spotify or how to see listening minutes on spotify for androidI refer you to my specific tutorial on how to see listening minutes on spotifywhere I explained everything you need to know about this possibility.

Also, if you are asking yourself questions similar to “How to see how many times I’ve listened to a song on Spotify?”in this case you might want to delve into the existence of as well Spotify Wrapped. The latter is an initiative that allows you to obtain a usage summary you’ve made of Spotify over a certain year. The information relating to your listening that emerges from this type of initiative may vary, but I wanted to let you know of this possibility (also due to the closure of, a service that allowed further statistics on listening to be obtained).

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How to see the plays of your songs on Spotify

How to see plays on Spotify

Spotify doesn’t just think about listeners and obviously has an eye for the artists who populate its platform. In fact, the service is available for the latter Spotify for Artists, which allows you to publish your songs and access the related statistics. If you’re an artist, you can’t afford not to know about this service.

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To use it, you must necessarily have a artist profile on the platform. You should therefore try to contact a record company or go to a company that can contract directly with Spotify. Among the companies approved by the platform we find DistroKid and the like: for more details, I suggest you consult my tutorial on how to create an artist account on Spotify.

For the rest, just connect to the official Spotify for Artists website, press the button Log inlocated at the top right, run the login with your account and move to the item Publicso you can have a look at all the statistics of the case.

How to see your friends’ plays on Spotify

How to see your friends' plays on Spotify

In conclusion of the tutorial, I think it might be interesting for you to further explore the possibility of see your friends’ plays on Spotifyso maybe you can find new songs that could potentially brighten your streaming sessions.

In this case, on computer there is a function called Friends activity, which allows you to understand what they are listening to on the platform. You can proceed from computer to use it and you just need to press on thedown arrow iconlocated at the top right next to yours usernamethen selecting the option Settings to reach the page from which to manage everything.

Here you will indeed find both option Find out what your friends are listening to (under section Show) than that Share my listening activity on Spotify (in the area Social). In any case, you will see the activities of your friends who have decided to share this type of information in the card Friends activity present on the right: in short, there is nothing complicated in this case either.

However, if you have any doubts about the matter, you can refer to my specific guide on how to see what friends are listening to on Spotify, as well as the official guidelines of the platform. Net of this, I just have to wish you good fun again, as now you know how to get to know essentially all types of plays on Spotify.

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