Spotify allows downloads to the Apple Watch – finally!

It took a long time but now the time has finally come. Spotify now allows all users (with slight restrictions) to download songs to the Apple Watch.

Bit by bit, streaming providers are also taking on the Apple Watch. What has long been possible for Apple Music is now also supported by other streaming services. On the one hand, streaming songs directly on the Apple Watch – LTE provided. On the other hand, the offline download to be able to listen to titles without an iPhone.

The long road from Spotify to the Apple Watch

The largest streaming provider was previously missing on the Apple Watch. Spotify announced the integration in May, and it has been rolled out step by step since then. According to many letters from readers, the feature is now available across the board.

Premium requirement

Of course, there is one limitation – the function is only available if you pay for Spotify Premium. You also need the current app version, which is To start the download to the watch, click on the three dots in the top right corner of albums or playlists. The “Download to Apple Watch” function will appear there. You can also use this menu to remove the downloads later.

Via reader letters and press release

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