Spotify for iPhone/iPad

Direct competitor of Deezer or Apple Music, Spotify opens access to an impressive catalog of music and artists. A free version gives the opportunity to discover the application, while a subscription opens access to extended functionalities.

Why use Spotify?

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Upon registration, we are asked to select at least three artists. This allows the algorithm to establish the bases of the types of pieces that will be offered to us initially. Podcasts are also offered. News junkies will turn on push notifications, to get news from their favorite bands. The recommendations of the day reserve their share of beautiful surprises and give the opportunity to discover new musical styles.

The design, ergonomics and presentation of titles are particularly successful. Titles divide the different parts of our screen. To start, these are mixes inspired by our favorite artists that appear. You can then change styles or access pre-established playlists. The four icons in the lower part facilitate research and access to our own music library.

You can find everything on Spotify!

At least the entire production of mainstream artists! The choice is absolutely impressive. The Swedish streaming giant thus provides us with more than 60 million titles…one lifetime is not enough to listen to their entire catalog. The listening quality in the paid version reaches 320kbit/s. It stagnates at 160 kbit/s without an active subscription.

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Our searches are simplified thanks to an intuitive interface, with a very successful design. If the service is accessible via a web browser, it must be recognized that it is on a smartphone that it takes all its interest. You can walk everywhere with thousands of titles in your pocket, accessible in a few clicks. Streaming via AirPlay or Bluetooth is easy to implement. Nearby devices are quickly detected and recognized. When available, videos adorn the background of the broadcast window. We appreciate the possibility of subscribing to our favorite groups or, on the contrary, being able to ban others.

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It is possible to discover the musical tastes of other users and to share our own playlists with the community. Podcast enthusiasts and radio lovers will also appreciate the extensive catalog of accessible shows and stations. The free version of the application imposes certain constraints: advertising breaks, reading in random mode, possibility of zapping a maximum of six titles per hour. Also, the sound quality remains basic and offline listening is not available. Quickly, we realize that the game is worth the candle. The subscription is almost compulsory to listen to your music in good conditions.

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