Spotify is said to be interested in acquiring SoundCloud

Apple Music competitor Spotify could soon incorporate another streaming service, according to information from the Financial Times. The newspaper reports that Spotify is in “advanced talks” to acquire SoundCloud. SoundCloud primarily serves as a platform for indie artists to bring their music to listeners.

Spotify declined to comment on the rumours, and SoundCloud was unavailable for comment. It is unclear what Spotify could intend to do with SoundCloud. The service could continue to exist after a takeover or be integrated into Spotify. The Swedes may be interested in the social features – an area where Apple Music is still lagging behind.

Apple Music with top customer satisfaction

Meanwhile, market watchers at JD Power have released their first customer satisfaction survey for music streaming services. Apple ranked first with 834 out of 1,000 points – ahead of Rhapsody (826), Pandora (825) and Spotify (824). The average of all streaming services examined was 822 points. The study surveyed 4,482 people who had paid for a streaming subscription in the past six months.

Via 9to5Mac & MacRumors

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