Spotify Lite for Android -Download Spotify Lite for android {2022-2023} Latest Version

On paper, Spotify Lite is very interesting because the application consumes much less mobile data and works on almost all smartphones, even the less powerful ones. In practice, this is just a very simplified version with little interest in France.

For several months, Spotify has been testing a “Lite” version of its Android mobile application. It allows in particular to consume less data for the user, ideal for small packages. The app is still in beta after many months, but what is it really worth?

Why offer a Lite version?

Available in certain countries only, this Lite version of Spotify allows access to the service despite a small connection. It will thus consume much less data on your mobile, ideal for plans with little data.

Additional point: this application is lighter and more fluid in order to work on all phones, even those that are older or that can be described as “entry-level”. The application is therefore only 10MB and can run on all devices running Android 4.1 and above.

What is this Lite version worth?

Like its competitors who offer their services in a Lite version (like Facebook did with Messenger Lite for example), Spotify has therefore chosen to also offer a lighter version.

Who says lighter version necessarily says some compromises. On the program, a much more simplistic application than before. The menu in particular goes to the essentials with only the main categories remaining accessible.

In order to control your data consumption, there is also an option to indicate a maximum limit. You can also from this page of the application, check how much you have consumed so far.

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To be able to consume less data, Spotify then made the choice to reduce the audio quality of its music. It sounds a little bit, it must be said. So we end up with titles with more than average listening quality, which can be a little disturbing for some.

The app is not compatible with all smartphones, nor is it available in all countries. You will therefore have to go through the installation of the APK of the application if you wish to take advantage of it for the moment.

The impossibility of downloading its offline library

Another feature that has disappeared and is essential to say the least: the possibility of downloading music to listen to it offline without a connection. Here it is simply impossible in this Lite version. Spotify must indeed judge that the application consumes very little data, it does not require the integration of this functionality.

As you will have understood, this light version keeps its promises. Unfortunately to the detriment of certain options and features that we know well in the classic version. We only regret that offline downloading of music is impossible as well as sometimes average audio quality.

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