Spotify on Android may not load, streaming service is investigating

There is an annoying bug on the side of Spotify on Android, with the app may not load. The streaming service says it is aware of and is investigating the issue.

Spotify Logo

“We are getting reports from Android users that upon launch the app gets stuck on the Spotify logo and refuses to load any further. This issue is under investigation.”, indicates the platform on its forums. She invites people who have the problem to vote on this page and gave some details: smartphone model, Android version, Spotify application version and the tests that have been done to try to unblock the situation.

For those affected, the Spotify logo remains stuck on the screen and users can no longer start playing their music or podcasts or consult their library. A user said that the problem appeared when he tried to use the SD card and it persisted even after uninstalling the app. Another user discovered the bug after logging out.

It is not known if the problem is widespread or which versions of the application it affects. But if you are in this situation with a blockage, then the best is to wait. It’s anything but ideal, unfortunately. It will be interesting to see if this bug will cause some to switch to competing services like Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

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