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Spotify Plus for iPad-Spotify finally launches an iPad application, thus putting an end to the rumors and impatience of many users. In return, Spotify for iPad benefits from specially designed ergonomics, and not from a simple adaptation.

Spotify plus for iPad

Spotify even jokes about these points in its presentation video. The iPad app is not an enlarged replica of the iPhone app. Rather, it uses the ergonomics of the application for Windows and OS X, while drawing inspiration from the concept of panels introduced by the Twitter application.

All features of the on-demand music service are accessible, including crossfading and continuous playback (gapless), which is adorned in passing the iPhone version. We still find a “Listening” view specific to the latter, displaying the cover in high definition and, in this case, supporting gestures.

The Spotify application is therefore now a universal application, suitable for iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad. It supports both Retina screens and therefore has a certain weight: 12.5 MB. A Premium account billed at 10 euros/month is still necessary to take advantage of the on-demand music service on the move.

It remains to launch a similar version of the Android application, which recently adopted the standards of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Spotify plus for iPad-How to download music with Spotify ++ for free ios 9  no jail Break


Spotify welcomes the Discover section on iOS


Spotify’s new Discover section is gradually taking hold of the various customers of the subscription-based on-demand music service. Inaugurated a month ago on the web player, it recently joined the desktop software, through a routine update.

Then it landed the day before yesterday on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, through an update of the application. The side menu of the new version, therefore, hosts a “Discoveries” section (note the lack of unity), which in turn presents personalized recommendations based on the user’s history and the profiles to which he has subscribed. .

This version 0.7.1 also brings various aesthetic improvements. To begin with, it inaugurates a new icon. It will eventually feature new bars and playlists, which are still being rolled out and will automatically activate shortly. Finally, it fixes some problems.

Spotify 0.7.1 for iOS is therefore available now from the App Store. Unfortunately, no date has been communicated regarding the update of the Android application, but we have contacted the publisher about it.

Spotify plus for iPad-Spotify redesigns the interface of its iPhone application

While waiting for him to finally launch the Discovery section and its Web interface, expected in” early 2013 “Spotify released a significant update to its iPhone app yesterday, which mainly brings an interface overhaul.

The main lines remain, but the Spotify 0.6.0 application is inspired by the latest interface trends. It adopts to begin with the principle of the side menu, which can now be accessed at any time with a gesture from left to right. A welcome contribution as the application had so far sub-levels. Sometimes it took half a dozen taps to get back to the main menu.

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When browsing a reading list or search results, a new “…” button next to each title now allows access to a “title menu”, which advantageously replaces the set of icons that was displayed when swiping. It presents functions allowing to put a song in the queue, to add the song to a list or to its selection or to easily access the page of the artist or the album.

Finally, a playback bar appears. It completes the “current reading” screen by being permanently displayed as an overlay when browsing through the interface. It displays the cover of the song, its title and its author, has a play/pause button and allows you to move from one song to another with a lateral gesture.

The interface for iPad meanwhile, much more recent, does not change.

Anyway, Spotify plus for iPad reinforces the appeal of its mobile application, which is undeniably one of the main motivations for subscribing to the Premium offer.


Spotify plus for iPad-Spotify makes up for the mistakes of its new iPhone application

Spotify released a new version of its iPhone app yesterday, a routine update but one that brings much-needed improvements. The iPad application, on the other hand, is still not up to date.

Spotify 1.4 for iOS is available since yesterday afternoon. Three months after the advent of the library and the redesign of the applications, the editor finally fills the main gaps of the iPhone version.

The Artists, Albums and Titles sub-sections of the My Music section initially host the sorting functions that the software and the web player for computers benefit from. We therefore find the alphabetical classifications, by order of addition and by number of listenings, essential to navigate in large libraries.

In the same spirit, we now have a search field in each of the subsections of the library, to search for an item not in the entire catalog but in our personal selection of artists and albums or in a list reading for example.

A filter making it possible to display only the elements available offline is also appearing.

Finally, from the playback screen, we can finally access the queue and manipulate it.

Spotify plus for iPad-Still no redesign for the iPad

To conclude, we regret that the iPad application (integrated into this universal application) is still not entitled to the redesign. The interface therefore remains an evolution of the one launched two years ago. It’s certainly neat but it doesn’t provide access to the My Music section, which is a problem for users who have replaced their album playlists with the library select feature.

Spotify plus for iPad-Spotify 1.4 for iOS is however available now on the App Store.


Spotify is now entitled to its dedicated widget under iOS 14

With iOS 14, iPhone owners benefit (or not) from the joys of widgets.

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Today, it’s Spotify’s turn to become a widget on iPhones and iPad.

Spotify in widget mode on iOS 14

Since the launch of iOS 14 last month, more and more applications are available in the form of widgets, to be placed directly on the home screen of your Spotify plus for iPad. Today, it’s Spotify’s turn to give in to temptation.

No revolution in perspective, since we find here a widget relatively similar to that of Apple Music. In particular, the tool allows you to quickly return to the last 5 songs recently listened to on the platform.

To add the widget, just long-press the iPhone home screen and select the Spotify widget. It is then necessary to define the desired size (1 x 1 or 2 x 1), then validate the order. Obviously, for this, you must have the latest version of the application.

Spotify opens up to paid podcasts: how does it work?

A few days after Apple, Spotify announces the launch of premium subscriptions to access certain podcast episodes. The apple brand had presented it during its last keynote, now its main competitor in music streaming and podcasting was quick to align. Important news for the sector.

At Spotify as at Apple, podcasters will soon be able to offer some – or even all – of their episodes by paid subscription. Listeners will not be able to listen to the audio if they have paid for the program beforehand. A way to finally open the middle to remuneration, when he had not yet fully found a balance for his business model.

What are the differences between Spotify and Apple?

Spotify announced the news on Tuesday, two months after raising the subject in a more global conference on the company’s goals. That said, unlike Apple, which plans to deploy the feature as early as May for everyone, Spotify will take longer. Only the US and partner podcasts will be eligible for the feature launch, and the rest of the rollout “will take several months”.

An Anchor exclusive on Spotify

The streaming platform does not host the podcasts it broadcasts. The operation of podcasts is different from that of videos with YouTube for example, where channels upload their videos directly to the platform. Here, each podcast is hosted on the web, on a dedicated platform or a personal server, then its stream is offered on streaming platforms.

Thus, in order to be able to offer paid podcasts on Spotify, it will be imperative to use the hosting platform Anchor, which Spotify acquired in February 2019. In a press release, it is specified that the teams would work on a system so that other hosts may offer the option, but nothing is clear on this point yet.

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Conversely, Apple does not specify a particular platform. The objective seems to be all the more to satisfy all podcasters rather than just new ones who would be looking for a platform to host their podcast, like Spotify with Anchor. In addition to reserving certain episodes for paying subscribers, Apple Podcasts also offers ad-free content, early access to episodes, samples to discover the content, etc.

Platforms Committee

On the question of remuneration, Spotify will not take a commission on subscriptions paid to podcateurs. At least, not before 2023. At that time, Spotify announces that it will take 5% commission. To avoid having to pay a portion of future commissions to Apple, on in-app purchases on iOS, Spotify will ask its users to subscribe via the Anchor profile of their favorite podcasters.

Apple, for its part, is much more rigid. 30% of subscriptions will come back to the brand during the first year, then this commission will be reduced to 15%. On top of that, podcasters will have the option of signing up for a subscription for $19.99 per month in order to access detailed statistics about their audience.

Spotify presents libspotify 9, an exportable player for iOS applications

With libspotify 9, Spotify offers a library for iOS developers. They can now use an embedded reader within a third-party application. This initiative could indirectly lead to an unofficial deployment on tablets where there is currently no dedicated application.

Spotify is the music streaming platform that is on the rise. After a fanfare launch in the United States, its creators compete in ingenuity to find new functionalities like this library, shared with all interested developers, which makes it possible to integrate an embedded reader into other applications under iOS (limited to iOS for now). Remember that Spotify does not have a web interface accessible from the browser (like Deezer), but requires the installation of a third-party program regardless of the system used (PC and Mac included).

Spotify is currently available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android, but does not have official support for tablets which have to make do with the smartphone app. The arrival of the libspotify 9 library could therefore change the situation with the possibility of seeing applications exploiting the Spotify ecosystem appear. Everything will depend on the enthusiasm of the developers for this famous library. The game does not seem to be won, however, with the upcoming arrivals of iTunes Match from Apple and even Google Music (currently in beta with the Americans). It only remains to hope for a rapid deployment of the exportable Spotify player in order to consolidate the growth of the Swedish firm.

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