Spotify: polls in podcasts to improve interactivity

It is a strategic choice that she is not ready to regret. For a few years now, the Spotify platform has decided to bet on podcasts by investing in creators and it ends up paying off. The latter make it possible to retain a solid base of listeners without the company having to spend colossal amounts.

However, the Swedish giants do not hesitate to invest. Thus, Spotify has obtained the exclusivity of the most downloaded podcast in the United States: The Joe Rogan Experience. For this, the company would have paid more than 100 million dollars.

Video podcasts are emerging

In addition to these headliners, the platform intends to focus on all creators. It has just announced the implementation of a new “Polls” tool intended for them. Podcasters will be able to set up surveys for their listeners. These will appear on the app. As on Twitter and other social networks, it will be necessary to answer beforehand before seeing the results.

In terms of confidentiality, the company claims that the answers will be fully anonymized. The idea is to give the podcast host a way to better understand their audience and to provide an opportunity for listeners to express their opinions. For example, we can imagine questioning them to find out who should be the guest of the next podcast or asking their opinion on a debate that took place during the show.

According to TechCrunch, this new feature was currently only available to a limited number of beta testers, but it will gradually be rolled out to most users of the platform.

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Last April, Spotify rolled out new playlists dedicated to podcasts. These are not created by algorithms but are well maintained by its teams. Recently, we also learned that some creators will now be able to upload video versions of their podcasts.

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