Spotify premium Mod Apk-Download Spotify MOD APK Premium Alternative free for Android {2023}

Spotify premium Mod Apk-Has your use of Spotify Premium cracked your AndroidProbably there is notice that I left the oggi the program does not work properly.

Spotify premium Mod Apk

Spotify has started to block all the app moddate and crack for Android. From today Spotify MOD APK app for Android has stopped working. Here are the alternatives to get Spotify Premium Free on Android

O meglio, Spotify MOD APK for Android It continues to work, but don’t allow me to say I will access con il tuo indirizzo email e la password.

in practice The app that you can use for free Spotify Premium on Android If blocking in the login phase and seeds will not work, even if the name is valid and the password is wrong. Even trying to log in with Facebook doesn’t change. true? And magari has also received an email from Spotify in which it comes from that your account was used in non-official applications and potentially pericolose. nice?

If you are unaffected by this problem and do not risk solving it, feel free: I’m not the only one. Indeed, it is happening to all users who aperando have Spotify Premium free forever thank you to a moddata version of the program available for Android. And instead your dream and that of millions of other users has been shattered.

da qualche ora infatti Spotify, own eat aveva anticipato, has blocked give remote tutte le modified version of the app che permettevano di see the functions Premium for freewho will not pay regularly for the bonus.

Spotify premium mod apk Cracked Version download For free

If your usavi Spotify cracked your Android, from any time to that part I can’t get it done (or it will happen shortly). And probably non riuscirai to speak for similar tempo, since Spotify has decided to make life last a pirate blocking all the app moddate and crack che in pratica permettevano di scroccare illegalmente l’abbonamento.

If you are the article in which we spoke this news, I found it as follows:

Se invece da oggi non riesci più ad I will use Spotify MOD APK for Android for free Spotify Premium, Say I’ll find any alternative very interesting that you will allow me to continue ad ascoltare music streaming for free and without limit of yours android smartphone.

I am sure that I will find an alternative to pirati to add to the Spotify blog (or at least rough) and quindi will find one crack for avere Spotify Premium free, but at the moment the situation is in stallo, quindi bisogna necessarily ricorrere to alternative solutions.

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It will not come properly to have Spotify Premium APK Free, but we will come very close.

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Spotify MOD APK does not work: thing fare?

Come early, ormai da qualche ora All the versions of Spotify for Android that offer no Premium features for free are in the state block.

Ora sei costretto a Download the original version of Spotify from the Play Store, uninstalling from your smartphone the non-original version of the app. Otherwise your Spotify account will remain blocked and successively will eliminate dall’azienda, With consequent loss of data, save the songs, create the playlist and all the rest.

Or until hackers can get around Spotify Premium APK free I can try and use the alternative, which is very valid. Here are the ones I recommend.

Spotify Premium Free Android: the alternative

At the moment there are 4 test solutions for see Spotify for freeChoose the one that seems most interesting to you.

1 – Alternative version of Spotify

Come first solution, I propose to say I will use a second version of Spotify that sows are not state blocks of society. Dovrai but I will login with a new user, your neighbor will be in blacklist and will not work.

I DO NOT guarantee that it works this first method. I can tell you to try it, it works a lot, ad altri no. If you try this road, follow this path:

  • Uninstall all versions of Spotify present on your Android
  • download THIS file and install it manually with file manager (it’s an old version of Spotify)
  • create a a New user of the Spotify website online (non dall’app!)
  • Verify the new user by confirming the email
  • I accessed the new one, use your Android to download the app and install it in advance

Try and know if this first method works or less.

1 – BIS

sow che QUEST This version also works with the account that I have been “reported” from Spotify (that have sent me the suspicious activity alert mail basically).

You can download this APK file, install it on your smartphone and log in with your “next” account and do not have any problems. In this way you will not lose music, brani and playlist save yourself.

I don’t prove it personally.

1 – TRIS – Update 9 March

With QUEST versione sono riuscito a fare il login with my old account and still have all the Premium functions.

ATTENTION: With this version, if the account is at risk, it is locked and kept forever.

For now, but it works alla grande in Italy SENZA dover will have a new account. Test personally.

2 – Deezer MOD premium Android

NOTE: give comments of many items Sow that this version is NOT Premium. The lascio communicates as an alternative solution in which case you will test it.

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Deezer is one of the main competitors of Spotify And, as such, allow yourself to download free music in streaming your smartphone and tablet. Nello stesso tempo, però, offers a paid version that offers aggiuntive functionality.

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Own as per Spotify, also Deezer MOD APK allows you to have all the Premium functionality of Deezer in completely free mode (tranne il download offline delle canzoni).

with this cracked version of Deezer for Android potrai dunke:

  • I will remove the Deezer advertisement
  • Listen to songs in the highest quality
  • Select the songs that you want in the order that you prefer, disabling forced casual playback
  • freely choose which songs to play in the various playlists and albums

Come early, hai tutte The functions of the Deezer Premium app, but free.

And in più Deezer allows me to see also the testi delle canzoni In easy mode and speed directly from the smartphone screen, unlike Spotify.

In short, until there is a new way to get Spotify Premium cracked and free on Android , this is a great alternative. Come early, only have the possibility of scaring the song to escort him offline.

NOTE: To use this moddata version of Deezer, I will necessarily create a new account all’avvio del programma.

You can Download Deezer MOD premium Android APK file from HERE.

The installation should be processed by a qualified file managerdirectly on your Android device, come with any other APK file.

In the case in cui birdsi I have installed other versions of Deezer On your smartphone, cancel the first install of this modded and cracked APK.

3 – MusicAll

The third alternative that I recommend to overcome the Spotify Premium APK Android block is called MusicAll.

MusicAll is a sort of YouTube, but please allow me to say:

  • scaricare canzoni MP3 for free on Android
  • Transform video into free MP3 songs on your Android
  • I will create a personalized playlist
  • so much other anchor.

I will tell the truth MusicAll does base its YouTube: close to the songs that you are interested in on the famous portal of streaming video and you can reproduce it in MP3 format, without necessarily touching the film or lasciando all in background.

As anticipated, the advantage of this app is here works both online and offline : You can therefore download all the MP3s you want for free to listen to them on your smartphone even without being transferred to the internet.

A very simple program powerful and complete that I’m sure will be appreciated by users who used Spotify Premium cracks your Android before.

You can download MusicAll for free from HERE . If you always install with file manager any.

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Try it and let me know what you think!

4 – Amazon Music

al pari di Deezer and Spotify, also Amazon Music is a paid streaming music service. Its catalog is very rich and complete and the program offers practically all the functions available on its app and its portal of the concurrence.

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The great advantage of Amazon Music is represented by the fact that you offer 30 days of Premium in free mode. Puoi duque activare Amazon Music gratis per 30 giorni, aspettando che At the same time, there was no way to start Spotify Premium MOD APK on Android.

Certainly, it is not a definitive solution, but it is totally legal and you ensure that The Amazon Music catalog is davvero vast!

Amazon Music è surely an’alternativa da tenere in consideration if I felt the stain of Spotify Premium cracks your Android.

Features Amazon Music

  • offline
  • 30 days free with disactivation
  • No ads or limits
  • Playlist and personalized suggestions
  • Listen on as many devices as you like
  • Can share the account with friends and family

come activate Amazon Music FREE for 30 days

  1. go your THIS PAGE of Amazon music
  2. Click your Sign up, it’s free for 30 days
  3. Ora scegli tra i due tipi di abbonamento: personale o familia (will communicate free of charge for 30 days) and click on your Sign up, it’s free for 30 days
  4. Now is activated free of charge l’abbonamento ad Amazon Music. Goditi the music in free streaming!

How to turn off the automatic renewal of Amazon Music

To avoid having money deducted from Amazon Music after 30 days without your consent, turn off automatic renewal now! I will continue to use the service after 30 days, but I will not pay the bonus. For now I followed these steps:

  1. From the home page of Amazon Music, go to the left on your name and click on it Amazon Music
  2. You will be directed to a page where you will find the word Cancel Subscription in the centre, to the left . Click above
  3. Click again on your I will not continue Written in yellow, so as to block automatic renewal and pay nothing after the 30-day trial.

Ecco fatto! Ora ti puoi godere Amazon Music free for 30 days No need to pay at the end of the return.


We concluded with this article.

At the moment this is the migliori alternative per avere Spotify free Android. Aggiorneremo l’articolo in case of novità, in the hope that soon any scopra will share the moddata and cracked version of Spotify for Android.

Do you know other mods for free Spotify on Android? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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