Spotify: the Android application has bugs (no more player, audio cuts)

A recent update to the Spotify app on Android caused more bugs than anything else, including the player disappearing and audio dropping out for no apparent reason.

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Spotify’s Latest Android Update Has Bugs

The player bug concerns the progress bar which disappears at some point, so it is impossible to move forward/backward, pause or access the other options. Control from Notification Center is also unavailable. A temporary solution is to completely close the application and then relaunch it… until the bug returns.

The other problem concerns sound cuts. You start the music and suddenly the sound cuts out even though you haven’t touched anything. Again, completely closing the application and then restarting it helps to regain normal listening, but the bug will come back later.

Spotify has acknowledged that there is a problem with its Android app, at least as far as the player is concerned. On its forums, the streaming service says it is investigating to see what is stuck. It seems that this mainly concerns users who have Android 12, in particular people with a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or OnePlus.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do right now except wait. A first patch seems to have been deployed, but several users indicate that the bug is still present. So we have to wait for a fix that actually works.

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