Spotify via website and where to discover playlists

Listen to music from Spotify via the web, generate and find lists of songs, greatest hits, and least known, by genre, artists and favorite singers

Spotify is the application that most of all and like Youtube, has revolutionized the world of music. Thanks to Spotify, it’s almost useless today to download mp3s by filling your computer with files or buying CDs, because all the music you want can be listened to on any PC and smartphone, free and at no cost.

Spotify via a website and where to discover playlists

As already seen, it can download Spotify as a PC program or you can use it as a web player on the site

The web version of Spotify is almost the same as the PC program, requires a Facebook account to log in and allows you to listen to songs for free and create playlists that remain saved on your account. The best part about Spotify Web Player is that of the section Navigate where you can discover the most listened to and most successful playlists or those linked to a particular moment of the day or a state of mind.
Favorite songs can then be marked with the + button and found in the section Your music.

The only problem with Spotify is that if you let it decide for itself, you end up listening to the same old songs all the time.

Speaking of the web version, this can be improved thanks to some sites that take advantage of the large database of the most famous streaming music app and allow you to use it in a better way.

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Below we see what they are best web apps that help to find playlists and songs in Spotify, to be listened to online of course.

1) is an American website that revolves around shared playlists in Spotify. In practice, it is possible to search for the best playlists created by users for a specific singer so that you can listen to and save the playlists of your favorite artist’s songs as favorites. While it works well for international singers, it is poorly found when looking for Italian authors. In addition to searching for Playlists, it is also possible to select a musical genre, choose a “mood”, i.e. a state of mind to hear songs that reflect it and scroll through various charts or charts. On the site you can create a profile linked to your Facebook or Twitter account and share your own personalized song lists.

2) Spotibot is a site for creating random playlists based on the name of a singer, artist or band. The application also works for Italian singers so just write, for example, Vasco Rossi, to have a list of songs (not all by Vasco) that you can listen to on the Spotify program. If you search for a singer like Miley Cyrus in Spotibot you can get a list of songs from similar singers like Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Katy Perrry. Pressing up More Options you can choose to favor the most famous songs and the number of songs to include. If you are not satisfied with the generated playlist, you can press the button to make another one. If, on the other hand, you want more songs in the list, you can press the key Add more.

3) MagicPlaylist is a simple site that, based on the title of your favorite song, creates an automatic playlist of songs for Spotify. The site is as simple as it is useful and convenient.

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4) Moodify App is a site connected to Spotify that allows you to listen to music based on parameters of your mood, thus generating appropriate playlists depending on how you feel, with the possibility of saving Spotify playlists with a click.

5) Genre Map it is instead a site that divides Spotify into musical genres and allows you to listen to playlists directly online. The list of genres is very long (1200) and sorted by popularity. If you click on Mapyou get a map of genres where you just press on one to start the music.

6) On another page there is the Ranking of the 50 most played songs of the week in Spotify

7) Musical Map of Spotify instead it is an official page that allows you to see the music collections for every city in the world.

8) Pet playlists is the playlist for your puppy, cat, iguana, bird or any pet, based on your ratings.

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