Spotify vs Apple One

The Cupertino-based company announced its latest all-in-one package, Apple One, at its last keynote. This combines the previous services Apple Music, Apple TV +, Arcade and iCloud storage in one package. In primarily English-speaking countries, News+ and Fitness+ are added. European countries will have to do without the latter two for the time being.

Competitor Spotify accuses Cupertino of exploiting its market leadership with Apple One and thus discriminating against consumers and competitors. The streaming service from Sweden is therefore asking the respective competition authorities to take action against it. These complaints are not surprising, since Spotify has been trying to fight the California company for some time. In 2019, Spotify had already sued Apple in the EU.

Apple defends itself with a statement

Apple, of course, is not giving in and has already issued a statement on these allegations. Of course, every customer can use the services of other providers at any time. However, Apple One offers the possibility to use all subscriptions of the group. This overall package also offers the advantage of being able to use all services more cheaply than booking them individually. Individual services can even be accessed via smartphones that do not come from Apple. Apple’s subscriptions can be canceled at any time. The conflict between the two opponents is hereby one facet richer and will probably continue for some time.

New Mac Pro behind schedule - For good reasons


New Mac Pro behind schedule – For good reasons

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