Spotify’s free offer should be severely restricted

Spotify’s ad-supported free offering is about to undergo a major upheaval, as reported by Digital Music News. The website has learned from multiple sources that some content will soon only be available to paid premium subscribers. How exactly the offer should look like after the restructuring is not yet completely clear. However, certain albums should be reserved for paying users or only available for a limited time in the free model. It would also be conceivable that free users could only stream one or two songs from prominent albums.

For months it has been leaking out that the big record companies are a thorn in the side of Spotify’s free offer. The existing contracts with Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group are due to expire at the end of September. The “Big Three” are said to want to lead a larger proportion of Spotify users to the premium model and increase streaming sales of the music of coveted superstars. “They want the free users to feel like they’re missing something and not just being forced to listen to commercials,” a Digital Music News source said.

The changes to the free model are to be implemented in early 2016. This should give Spotify enough time to release updates to the apps and secure deals with record labels. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, who is an avowed opponent of a limited free offer, is said to hate the idea of ​​the new model. “But he will have to accommodate them,” says one of the informants. “He doesn’t really have a choice.”

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Via Digital Music News

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