Telekom will also throttle Spotify data traffic in the future

Telekom offers Spotify users a bonus in their contracts – the data traffic is (roughly speaking) not deducted from the data credit. This will not be changed, but there will be a change after the data volume included in the contracts has been used up. So far, Spotify could then continue to be used at full speed, but from April 28 Telekom will also throttle Spotify data traffic to 64 kbit/s.

In other words: Spotify can no longer be used after the high-speed data volume has been used up. Telekom cites an EU regulation on net neutrality as the reason. Experts have long criticized Telekom’s preference for Spotify due to the violation of net neutrality. Put simply, advocates of net neutrality demand that all data flows be treated equally – no matter where they come from, no matter where they are delivered.

Last year we published a commentary on Telekom, Spotify and net neutrality that caused heated debates in the community.

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