This new Spotify podcast should delight League of Legends fans

Between Spotify and video games, a beautiful love story is being born. A few days ago, we presented the ranking of the 20 most listened to video game soundtracks on the streaming platform. Today, a new milestone has been reached with the very first e-sport partnership between Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends and even more recently Valorant.

But it is indeed a partnership concerning League of Legends (which will celebrate its 11th anniversary in October 2020) that Spotify has concluded with Riot Games. This partnership primarily aims to create a podcast exclusive to the streaming platform to relay all the latest news from the famous online game.

League of Legends arrives in official podcast!

League of Legends and Spotify partnership


It is therefore a small event in the world of streaming and music given that Spotify, the music streaming giant, has become the official broadcaster of many news that will be dedicated to League of Legends a few hours ago. Spotify thus announces that it is a multi-year partnership that has just been signed with Riot Games for the distribution of audio content around “LoL” with also series of exclusive podcasts.

Although we don’t have an actual launch date, we do know that Riot Games and Spotify are already working on the first series which will be called ‘Untold Stories: Top Moments from World’ and will be cut in nine episodes and whose content will aim to lead us to the 10th League of Legends championship this fall.

We can therefore think that the series will be launched between October and November. The month of October to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the game would be ideal. Spotify also announced the creation of new playlists with new music from the game, as well as the integration of the official lists “Official League of Legends” and “This Is League of Legends”. Everything will of course be regularly updated. For the true purists, they will be delighted to learn that Spotify will take care of celebrating the anthem of the world during a special day.

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Fans of the series will also have the pleasure of discovering a lot of things behind the scenes around League of Legends, such as the creation of the music, the special launch days of the LoL World Championships and more!

With more than 21 million subscribers, the official LoL channel on YouTube is one of the most followed and listened to by players. The Spotify account of “League of” counts more than 154 million plays. This partnership therefore seems perfectly logical and promises great moments for fans of online gaming. Small downside, it is really not certain that this playlist and these different shows are available in several languages, including France. In any case, at the time of writing these lines to you, nothing has been confirmed.

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