What are the 20 most streamed video game soundtracks on Spotify?

Among the many playlists available on the Spotify platform, many are beginning to concern the soundtracks of films, series, but also video games. We can thus find a lot of high quality compositions from recent games, but also from slightly older games that are gradually joining the various streaming platforms.

Spotify has just listed the 20 playlists that are currently the most listened to on the streaming platform. And you will see that we find very interesting music.

Top 20 – 16: Skateboards dominate

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Spotify

For this first part of the ranking, we find four games in the same field… Skateboarding! Two licenses which dominate this end of the ranking and which accumulate between 21.9 million and 25.8 million readings! Playlists composed of essential music with AC/DC, Motorhead, or even Jet.

20 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 – 21.9 million plays
19 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 – 24 million plays
18 – Madden NFL 2004 – 24.1 million plays
17 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 – 24.7 million plays
16 – Skate – 25.8 million readings

Top 15 – 11: The sound of the West Coast

Grand Theft Auto V - Spotify

In the continuation of the top, we find the good US sounds of the West Coast and California. We also find more calm sounds from narrative games. Among the greatest hits, we find great classics from Guns n’Roses, Travis Scott, or David Bowie.

15 – Alan Wake – 28.4 million reads
14 – Life is Strange – 29.4 million reads
13 – Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX – 29.5 million plays
12 – Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – 30.6 million plays
11 – Grand Theft Auto V – 33.3 million plays

10 – GTA Vice City (47.6 Million plays)

GTA Vice City Spotify

Released in 2002 on PlayStation 2, GTA Vice City is a game from Rockstar Games and Rockstar North. Its presence in this top 10 is not really a surprise given that it is one of the best soundtracks in video games! The 80’s atmosphere, Michael Jackson, Talk-Talk, Laura Branigan, or even The Buggles, it’s more than 7 hours of incredible music!

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09 – Madden NFL 2005 (48 Million readers)

Madden NFL 2005 spotify

In ninth position of this top 10, we find a sports game from 2004 with Madden NFL 2005 and its playlist offering Alter Bridge, Earshot, Green Day and Franz Ferdinand among others. Good pop-rock sound for more than an hour for a very popular dynamic game at the time.

08 – FIFA 98 – Road to the World Cup (68.9 million readings)

FIFA 98 Spotify

We continue to go back in time with the soundtrack of FIFA 98 – On the way to the World Cup which totals nearly 69 million plays on Spotify. A half hour soundtrack consisting mainly of Blur and The Crystal Method.

07 – Madden NFL 10 (69.3 million plays)

Madden NFL 10 Spotify

In seventh position we find again the Madden license with the NFL 10 version which has accumulated more than 69 million readings! A quality soundtrack of more than an hour and a half with 2 Pac, Iron Maiden, Korn or even P.Diddy.

06 – Guitar Hero 2 (79.5 million plays)

Guitar Hero 2 Spotify

There had to be a music game, and it comes in sixth with Guitar Hero 2 released in 2006 on PS2. A pure pop-rock soundtrack! Nearly 4 hours of music with iconic bands like Kiss, The Police, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Van Halen and The Rolling Stones!

05 – NBA 2K13 (84.9 million plays)

NBA 2K13 Spotify

We enter the top 5 with basketball players and NBA 2K13. The game from 2K Sports in 2012 offers a hell of an hour and a half soundtrack with a lot of things on the program like our French from Daft Punk, Coldplay, U2, Kanye West or Jay-Z. The playlist totals nearly 85 million plays!

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04 – Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock (87.9 million plays)

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock - Spotify

In fourth position, the game that fails at the foot of the podium is Guitar Hero III — Legends of Rock! Just like the second opus which comes sixth in this top, Guitar Hero III offers us more than three hours of happiness with big names in music Slipknot, Santana, Muse, Kiss, Metallica or even The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith!

03 – Rock Band 3 (94.5 million plays)

Rock Band 3 Spotify

The duel of music and rhythm games was of course Guitar Hero against Rock Band. And in this top, Rock Band 3 wins by being third, on the last step of the podium! A soundtrack of more than five hours featuring Marylin Manson, Queen, Slipknot, The Doors, The Beach Boys or The Who. A playlist listened to more than 94 million times!

02 – Rock n’Roll Racing (136.5 million plays)

Rock n' Roll Racing Spotify

In second position, we find Rock’n Roll Racing, a 1993 game on Super Nintendo. The game’s playlist has over 136 million plays! We find a very dynamic playlist which is hugely successful on the streaming platform!

01 – Metal Gear Solid V (143.8 million plays)

Metal Gear Solid V Spotify

Finally, in first position we find the soundtrack of Metal Gear Solid V. A soundtrack of more than two hours which allows us to find mythical hits Take on Me by A-ha, but also The Final Countdown (Europe), Friday I’m Love (The Cure) or True (Spandau Ballet). The playlist has over 143.8 million plays!

Top 20 most listened to video game music

As for the 20 songs that are the most listened to, we find no less than 12 titles in GTA games (between Vice City, San Andreas and GTA V). Seven songs are from the game Grand Theft Auto V while Rockstar’s game only comes in eleventh position on the top of Spotify.

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20 – Killing In The Name in grand theft auto san andreas – 392.5 million streams
19 – Everybody Wants to Rule the World in Rock Band 3 – 405 million streams
18 – The Next Episode in Grand Theft Auto V – 431.3 million streams
17 – Paint It Black in Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock – 442.9 million streams
16 – Fortunate Sound in Grand Theft Auto V – 475.6 million streams
15 – Power in Saints Row The Third – 493.3 million streams
14 – Welcome to the Jungle in grand theft auto san andreas – 496 million streams
13 – Midnight City in Grand Theft Auto V – 499.8 million streams
12 – Still DRE in Grand Theft Auto V – 542.5 million streams
11 – Feel Good Inc. in Grand Theft Auto V – 542.7 million streams
10 – Moves Like Jagger in Grand Theft Auto V – 553.9 million streams
09 – I Want It That Way in Grand Theft Auto V – 600.4 million listens
08 – Highest In The Room in Grand Theft Auto V – 604 million streams
07 – Take on Me in Metal Gear Solid V – 676.7 million streams
06 – Billie Jean in Grand Theft Auto Vice City – 692.1 million streams
05 – Viva la Vida in NBA 2K13 – 709.2 million streams
04 – All The Stars in Forza Horizon 4 – 738.1 million streams
03 – Sweet Child o’Mine in Guitar Hero 2 – 767.5 million streams
02 – Africa in Grand Theft Auto Vice City – 807.6 million streams
01 – Bohemian Rhapsody in Rock Band 3 – 1.240 billion streams

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